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  1. I have cleared download cache and restarted my computer twice. I also changed download region.
  2. I got the same problem, and I have 103 GB left on my SSD after my third download attempt (it was something 130+ before last attempt).
  3. Vanilla and Non-Tek servers will attract people from Legacy Vanilla servers. Primitive+ will attract mostly Prim+ and a few Vanilla and Regular Primitive players during the first few days. Meanwhile, the majority of the Regular Primitive demographic has no new servers to attract them. Basically, they have nowhere to go that is similar to their current niche. I agree that Non-Tek does NOT need PvE servers - they will still have access to all their tools on a Vanilla PvE server, they can just choose not to use the TEK stuff. Prim+, however, does have a bigger need for it, as some of the stuff on there is unique - it cannot be found on neither Vanilla nor Non-Tek. WildCard could drop the PvE Non-Tek servers and turn them into Regular Primitive servers. But they already promised to make those PvE servers, so it wouldn't look too good - and their reputation might already have taken enough damage recently for them to not want to harm it further.
  4. My bad, I made the mistake I was trying to correct myself xD. Guess I got a bit confused and mixed it with the title of the thread. I'm pretty sure the number of videos featured has increased over time compared to past crunhes, and as EXFIB0 said, it seems the competition is increasing. I think this is important, as it shows that there is a lot of people that enjoy the game, and that it continues to attract new players.
  5. The Q&A, a.k.a. the Digest: they have stated that they, at the moment, are focusing on adding in and polishing various features for the big release, such as ascension, aquatic breeding(which we now got) and the vulcano.
  6. Vargen Saphia

    Vargen Saphia

    My album. That's it, really.
  7. That would indeed be nice, especially for those that can't spam the stuff needed to get the skins. Also consider the PvP aspects: dinos with skins become raiding targets, and those that wish to keep their skins will have to put up better defenses for them. So the people on PvP servers are likely to lose their skins much faster than those on PvE.
  8. How about using a font that supports all characters? Currently, in order to read the Russian [][][][] or Chinese [][][][][] in game, you will have to launch the game in said language. This is especially annoying when there are several tribes on the same server with a [][][][] name, and you can't tell who are the friendly ones and who are the enemy. It's like having no name at all, when it comes to identifying players or tribes. My suggestion is to use a font that supports all characters, or for someone to take their tame and make one so we can at least see who is who. When it comes to creatures, I got a new idea: rats or other house-infesting parasites. They will spawn in bigger bases, and might gnaw on storage boxes (optional) and carry some diseases(optional) or disease-spreading ticks.
  9. Will there be different chat tabs? Like one for allies, one for tribe and one for global? Sometimes you want to talk to your tribe about something without filling up the allied chat log. Also, will there be any limit to how many messages can be sent in quick succession in global chat? To prevent spam. As for the creature, something mythical would be nice. Maybe not griffins, as i imagine they'd be too close in resemblance and usage as the argentavises.
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