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Best color mutation

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Hmmm. Must of been posting in a different mutation thread. This is closest to the top so I'll update instead of necroing the old one. 





My two projects are the orange mohawk Quetz with the green beak Quetz and the pink tail/forehead on the brighter yellow blue limbed Yuty. All the Yuty's are female right now though. Have to breed for one of them to be a male with stats and color. 

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On 11/10/2017 at 9:23 AM, MayaPatch said:

Unh let's see what i have xD After tons of eggs!

Yellow belly red winged wyverns(these things are hard to mutate!)


Purple wing tip poison wyvern


Red Rex, well twins! And red is my fav color. You can imagine how happy i was. I called the female Scarlet Johnson LOL


Magenta Giga, we have 2 (You can see the tail of the other one XD)


Magenta T-Birb! I have also a forest green one a blue sky body. I Love T-Birbs :3


The best ones are these. Also have a brown lighting wyvern but I can't find a decent screen for now ^^ Plus i wanna try to pass the red wings and the yellow belly to full mutate it.

How have you mutated Wyverns if they aren't breedable? 

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On 6/16/2019 at 12:40 PM, Nicoli612 said:

How have you mutated Wyverns if they aren't breedable? 

PC Mods used in Single player or unofficial servers.


The color events have pretty much killed this thread. I remember back when I bred for color mutations, before the events. I literally had 200-300 Thylas breeding them constantly, and on another map had 200-300 Argys.

I was finally able to get nearly almost every color varation. But it was a crazy task, and slowed the crap out of my gameplay.

Now with the color events, I can usually find and tame the colors I want, and then breed to mix and match as needed. Easier to do by far, but not nearly as rewarding as doing it the hard way.

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Unless you happen to miss out on every color event and still end up having to rely on mutations, lol.

Personally as neat as color mutations are, I vastly prefer working with natural animal colors and just seeing what I can do with them within the "breed limits". I take a lot of care to mix and match my colors and it's surprisingly difficult to do sometimes. Some natural colors definitely seem to be rarer than others. I've tried to start discussions about it but basically unless your animal is cyan, red or a thyla, no one cares...

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