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    Boss-Arena scaling

    Boss-Arena scaling Greetings! I know ARK is designed for mega-tribes (20 Players+), but i my opinion most of the active players, play with a lower tribe member base. Could we get a scaling for boss-arenas so even smaller tribes can achive the harder bosses? A scaling (per player-count) like: 1-5, 5-10, 10-15 and 15-20 would be fine tho
  3. Emergency Situation Character: Juggernot Tribe: The Entitled Few Server: Fria (mobile) Location: 72 latitude/ 14 longitude (approximately) This iPhone that I am currently using is going in for some minor repair at my local Spectrum store due to some hardware problems with audio syncing throughput lag. It will take 6-8 days to be fixed. During this time I will be without access to ARK as I only play on mobile. What I am concerned about is base decay and tamed pets survival as I donโ€™t want all the time, effort, energy and most of all the actual money invested in said progress into this game. I would like a reprieve from any sort of decay protection to my base and tames for a minimum of 9 days to be on the safe side. I would also be willing to pay for said protection when I finally login in the days to come. I cannot lose this base and the current overall design as it would be impossible to duplicate including its location and the topography management as well. I do hope that this protection is available or for a method of payment. I am also the only member of my tribe by the way. Sincerely, Juggernot I tried to email support but the mailbox is currently full. I need help with this as I will be handing the iPhone over to Spectrum in less than 3 hours
  4. VALGUERO MAP 20MODS ExtinctionCore IS ON HIGH XP! In order to find server is on Unofficial channel MAP: VALGUERO Server Name: Bravemania Cluster ArkWorld ExtinctionCore+MODsXPx20 Check on UnOfficial Servers! ARK SERVER IP ADDRESS: **20 MODS: ** ๐Ÿ’ EXTINCTION CORE ๐Ÿ’ (Automated Ark 2.51) AA Mod ๐Ÿ’ ACM ๐Ÿ’ Unlock Haircuts & Emotes ๐Ÿ’ S+ ๐Ÿ’ Awesome Teleporters ๐Ÿ’ Element bench ๐Ÿ’ Castles keeps and forts ๐Ÿ’ Ultra stacks ๐Ÿ’ Upgrade station ๐Ÿ’ XP Potion ๐Ÿ’ Eco wonderland ๐Ÿ’ AWESOME SPYGLASS ๐Ÿ’ Automated Ark 2.151 (AA) ๐Ÿ’ Dino Storage v2 **New Ones** ๐Ÿ’ Gaia ๐Ÿ’ Wild Dino Wipe Auto Schedule ๐Ÿ’ Death Recovery JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER FOR BEING MEMBER & CONTACT https://discord.gg/WctQBSe JOIN OUR STEAM GROUP BE BRAVEMANIA MEMBER Note: Send Join Request we confirm daily! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bravemaniawarriors
  5. Im well aware of how breeding works, the point being is the highest melee you are going to find on a 150 is going to be between 240 and 270 if you are extremely lucky. There is literally no point wasting your time breeding for mutations on anything lower than 300 percent melee and even that is pushing it.
  6. Sometimes I wonder about potentially splitting Ark itself into two--PVE and PVP. Since it's now essentially defunct, Survival of the Fittest could be repackaged as Ark: PVP Mode. Split the PVP servers over to SoTF, bring that game mode back, and keep Survival Evolved as the PVE side of the game. This would enable the two game modes to be balanced individually, rather than a one size fits all solution for two types of games that have wildly different needs and issues. Personally I'd love to see the original The Island map made available somehow--either as a free DLC map a la Valguero, or as an actual game mode. Many of us early access players have a lot of fond memories of the pre-biome map days, and it could be fun for newer players to see where this game actually started.
  7. I would like to ask if Fire Wyverns are on the map? I looked in the trench and the fire part has not a single fire wyvern has anyone seen them or are they not in the dlc either cause above it said only poison and lightning where not in it.
  8. I want to ask why my game account has been banned globally. There is no reply to the appeal. I don't give an acceptable answer. I don't use the plugin in the game. Why can't I find out?
  9. You do realize that all other breedable dinos get a taming bonus that puts their max levels at around 220 after kibble taming, I think you are really misunderstanding the point everybody is trying to make. Deinonychus are basically just raptors with a climbing ability and a really weak bleed, that is no excuse for them to start a good 70 levels shorter than a kibble tamed raptor or alllosaurus(Which can also cause bleed). The only reason Wyverns are blocked from breeding is their monsterous elemental attacks, and the deinonychus is no where near a wyverns level of danger or usefulness.
  10. Could you link the tweet here so I can keep an eye on it? I dont have twitter myself unfortunately. Perhaps you could also add @Cedric(https://twitter.com/ComplexMinded)
  11. Hm, that sounds indeed intense. Facing all 3 bosses at the same time seems like fun. I look forward to see what abilities those 3 will use in the fight. Guess abilities like dragon breath / ape spawn etc. will be disabled or at least be nerved. Oh and for the Element... Ext. have to be designe that way. You heed hundreds of element to craft a higher mek (bp) if you want to face king titan. I dont understand the flame about the possible element farm. You can ofc. craft tek-struc. and transfer them on a nother Server and build shiny bases, but thats it.
  12. Okay Thank you โ˜บ๏ธIs there a link available for the support ticket?
  13. While I don't think official servers should be wiped, I do think they should finish "ripping off the bandaid" and migrate everyone off the legacy servers instead of continuing to draw the end out for those players. When the game was nearing the end of early access, the devs said all the servers would be wiped entirely so everyone could start fresh on the same level for the official release. The backlash from the playerbase created the legacy servers and a whole new set of issues. The longer legacy exists, the more players both old and new will continue building up on servers that are guaranteed to wipe as they are slowly converted into the new official rotation as needed. I've even seen people being encouraged to join the legacy cluster for having more land available as some legacy players are desperate to keep their server population up enough to avoid being next on the wipe list. With every "Great Migration" some players move to other legacy servers, some quit, and some finally bite the bullet and join the new officials, which aren't exactly new anymore. But there will always be those few holdouts that will stay on legacy until the very last server on that cluster is wiped. It's not fair to them to keep them playing and building up and adding new content while literally everyone knows they will wipe eventually.
  14. Marverick if you don't have anything constructive to say please just shut up, stop spamming, go away and stop being such a hateful troll matey! @Mossenstein Many thanks for the heads-up and letting me know that it's on the old kibble system (although I don't even know the new system). I will have to research into that some more and will check out season 4 as you say. Will check out Phlinger Foo too. Thank you for the advice brother , appreciated! ๐Ÿ‘
  15. Chunk1664


    I will go with July 17th, depending on what probemsthey discover on the pc mode
  16. Griffin randomly flies away and leaves you stranded So I play Ragnarok and last night I was heading to the highlands to find an Ovis. I Stopped off briefly to grab a drop where the yellow sand meets the blank sand by the volcano and, as soon as I dismounted, my Griffin just took off! I whistled follow and it registered the command but it did not turn back - just kept going in a certain direction. I clocked itโ€™s direction and followed the path, which miraculously lead me to finding it somewhere up the volcano. I whistled follow again as I approached it and it took off AGAIN! Have not been lucky enough to find it a second time. Was set to Passive, not flee.
  17. No, online mp play doesn't really interest me at all. I played quite a bit of MP in Atlas and while it's fun running a company (and hugely time consuming) I prefer to play the game at the own pace and without other people messing things up. I doubt that I'll ever get to the stage where I'm going to build a mega-base and tame 100 creatures in one place. But for what it's worth, a portable pick up and go (and pause) version I'm really quite happy playing solo. I'm just about to tame my first Therizinosaur which has been stalking me for days, although it seems to be taking me days to get it hungry enough to be able to feed it right now lol. Personally I don't mind the delay to updates on Switch as I'm really interested to learn about and simply enjoy the vanilla version - maybe one day if I want to progress to the new updates/DLC I'll take the plunge, upgrade and get it on PC. But for me and my gaming style ARK on the Switch more than suits my needs - I just can't get enough of it atm. Excellent game!
  18. And you know that it would make no sense at all, and would kill other maps? Look, what reason folks would have to move between maps if everything would be on the single map? There is, of course, a business issue too - if they would put every dino on the single FREE map, how would buy DLC? As of the map - it looks really good, but "Small Islands" spawn point is too calm, no carnivores waiting for you.
  19. Not keen for a wipe at all nor is anyone else i know on normal official or small tribes.
  20. Today
  21. Oh yeah, I'll try it there too. Thanks.
  22. I don't know if the trench is a radiation zone or not, been in there in creative and didn't get any icon (other status effects still show in creative) anyway these nodes drop blue and red gems I haven't seen them anywhere outside of the trench and haven't seen regular blue gem spawns either Edit: it is radioactive, found 2 entrances to the trench at 37 64 & 52 63 and these are the only areas I've seen these nodes, in the rest of the Ab area I've only found green gems, crystal, metal & gas nodes, hopefully I've missed something and there's some outside the radioactive area
  23. If you have twitter you can contact him here: https://twitter.com/thelilpanda seems like he is more responsive there than on here.
  24. Yeah, a bit more communication would be satisfying.
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