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  2. Ronaar

    ark crash line 658

    Every time I get kicked or leave a server I get ark crash and have to validate my game files for 20min it always is missing two files please help I'm getting so tired of doing this poop
  3. LegendaryJae213

    Update Regarding Recent Lost Characters

    My guy. If you have more than 4 fortitude troodons do nothing. Takes 15 to knock me with 30 fort.
  4. Techsupport

    minigun needs love

    only from your helicopter? c'mon i have them mounted on my house, cars, everything
  5. ThePryBar


    I don't understand your gripes, when there is a game that's really hard and is un fun to play then play something different. Fallout 76 was advertised as a pvp experience, I found it to be incredibly dull so I just don't play it. Didn't go onto a forum to complain to the developers cause I just don't care. Was playing the new doom as well, but maybe I just suck with the controller but the found it to be too hard without a mouse "I play Ps4" so I stopped playing it. There is a plethora of games to keep your attention nowadays so maybe try something else. @Dwillpickle
  6. baitcastrepeat

    HELP! Ark textures destroyed!!!

    Hey guys I still need some help that did not help lol
  7. ArkRage

    Tamed creature, no tribe?

    Maybe whoever tamed it wasn't in a tribe. Idk how it works
  8. Eagle3387

    minigun needs love

    speaking as an american who shoots his minigun from his helicopter everyday on the way to work, I agree with the suggestion that the minigun needs TLC
  9. Lycan187u

    Tek Dedicated Storage question

    The s+version unofficial pulls from a radius of about 15 foundations
  10. Lycan187u

    Tamed creature, no tribe?

    I've seen this in pve not sure what causes it tho
  11. BTH

    How many hours have you played for?

    Funny you did the math that way, my wife saw how much time I spent on PSN with Ark and was slightly pissed as it was more than my full time job. I am probably at 6700 hours now but that is PSN and now moved to PC (870 hours since the middle of December).
  12. There is now a demo glitch between removing pillars and nearby Stone fence supports and anything attached to them getting demolished. Nearby, as in, several spaces away. I placed some pillars in one square, sunk them and took out the topmost one. When I did that I had 5 supports, 5 4x1 stone walls, and 5 ceilings atop as well as a hatch frame, ladders, and stone railings that were removed. They were approximately 4 squares away and then beyond that. The pillars and nearby structures are still intact. Also there is another glitch with the fence supports. Before, you had to crouch to place them in a straight line and it was kind of picky. Now you cannot even place them on a connecting support. The reason? It needs a nearby support. Um, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't stone fence supports a SUPPORT?? Dear Ark, instead of adding new crap that we don't really need or doesn't work, perhaps you should try working on all the glitches, and let's add crashes to that too.
  13. Lycan187u

    How many hours have you played for?

    9100 hrs between xbox an pc
  14. Lycan187u

    Anyone tested turrets with the new patch?

    I believe it was buffed due to rocket running ...
  15. DeHammer

    How many hours have you played for?

    Steam says I've played just over 1,000 hrs since I started a little more than 4 months ago.
  16. Lycan187u

    plant x doing to much damage

    Seems legit was u using prim armor? Plant x deals hp damage over time if set to players only can be quite deadly
  17. Aushegun

    Guitar engram

    I just flew past a base last night, that had a WarDrum set on top of a Bronto Platform saddle. Too funny!
  18. Aushegun

    Tek dinos

    I was really hoping someone would have said "in the Tek cave at the volcano on The Island map"
  19. My private server just expanded to more maps! We now have: -Ragnarok -Extinction (has offline raid protection) -The Island -The Center -Aberration The max dino level is 210. Drops are boosted slightly, just to match max Dino level. Maximum of 3 person tribe. The regular players mostly have a peaceful mentality, but if a tribe messes with you it’s GAME ON! All servers have the same settings and difficulty level (except extinction has ORP). 10x Experience - 20x Taming - 30x Egg Hatch and Baby Mature - 3rd person view option - Max Dino Level 210 If you are interested, you can type in Olympians and all of our servers have the same name, but you can see the different server maps.
  20. Hello, i bought these amazing super highl lvl, bred for years, mutated to infinity, terminator 2000 monster rexes. Do you think i can do beta broodmother?
  21. Today
  22. Just curious if you are talking to me mattj; what doesnt happen in single player? I know for a fact they do not consume food & starve out while you are logged out unlike in online multiplayer where food is consumed even if you arent logged in. Food does not even spoil in feeding bins while not playing logged in to local/host mode. Difficulty level is also most certainly scaleable & can be changed Now if you were talking to the OP about getting wiped in single player, I 100% agree with you. That doesnt happen. Him saying she recieved no notification of what killed the tames kinda makes me think they just starved. Im pretty sure you do not get a cause of demise listed when a tame starves or drowns. Im not sure if putting the game in sleep mode is the cause or not but when i play & then quit I always log off properly by going to main menu & then taking it even a step further & closing the game on the UI screen before putting it into sleep mode. Have yet to have an issue like hes reported in single player (thankfully)
  23. WitchesTwex

    Mantis Issues After Update

    I'd be willing to bet that the taxidermy stand stole the mantis's ability.
  24. anyone else having issues of plant x shooting super fast and doing 80 dmg ingnoring armor on players and dinos?
  25. Eglund

    Mantis Issues After Update

    Any update Cedric?
  26. Aushegun

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    PS4 - Crazy Boosted German Server - Ragnarok Logged back in last night when I got home from work. Jump on one of my Pteras, and do a quick fly around the immediate area to see what is going on. To my amazement, there is a level 280 Poop Pig walking around not far from base. As I mentioned previously, I have had the hardest time finding one of these near my base on this server, so I immediately landed, bola'd and KO'd it. As soon as it stands up, I see another level 300 Poop pig walking in the bushes nearby. Repeat, and now I have 2 poopers. I didn't have saddles with me, so I put everyone on follow, and we quickly made our way back to the base. I got the pigs set upon an sloped roof above the dung beetle pen, and now I can finally starting filling up the beetles to make fertilizer. Then I started checking my indy forge and chem bench, and saw that they had finished doing the tasks I had left them with from the night before; so I transferred the ingots and gun powder into my fabricator, and had it continue to make more turret ammo. I then got back on the Ptera and flew around the map hitting the beacons and desert + ice cave loot drops. In the end I had ASC Ptera BP, ASC Fur boots, helmet, leggings BPs, a MC scynth BP, MC Hatchet BP and a few odds and end I can remember currently. Also got a ASC Yuty saddle, MC Tapy saddle , a MC Pick, a ASC crossbow, MC Chitin Armor pieces and a ASC Longneck! I got but deposited into my unlocked public storage a ASC Procopton saddle, ASC Pachy, ASC Paracer saddle, and MC turtle saddle. Hopefully someone will find a use for them. During my travels hitting the drops, I also loaded up on Metal, Crystal, Obsidian, Chitin and Poly..... between the gather rates, stacking feature, and nearly unlimited weight options on this server, I literally brought home 10,000 or more of everything! in fact for the metal, it was closer to 100,000! Totally unrealistic and crazy boosted, but since everyone on this server has the same thing, I feel no guilt. Got back to the base, and after putting away all of the resources, I decided that I needed more dino storage, but I did not want to increase the base. So Because the base is as tall as the behemoth gates, I just added a couple layers of "shelving" around the inside edge of the base. Positioned all my flyers in these new shelves, and then decided I needed more turrets, so produced and placed those. Finally it was bed time....
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