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  1. Nope it doesn't work and neither should it, you do not have to do this on Dedicated or Official servers or with any other cave. And that is the whole point of this discussion, you should not have to find a work around for something that should just work, like other modes of this game.
  2. I am saying that WildCard killed the Artifact spawning and no matter what they have not addressed it yet.
  3. Yes, but the issue I have with this is, is that it use to work. Wildcard broke it on official release, however all through Early Access it worked fine. Now they refuse to fix it or even acknowledge it.
  4. The problem is that doesn't work for me and you should not have to do this, no other cave has this issue on Single Player.
  5. I don't for sure, but as a programmer, I can say that they won't take days or weeks to find or fix either.
  6. Bu that is their master plan, to ignore every one that is not critical. They know we are addicted/hooked and will just buy their DLC, so why would they want to fix something that they perceive as not needing to be fixed. And yeah, we can live in hope, but hope is fading.
  7. I have reported about 50+ bugs over the years of very simple bugs that could easily be fixed, not one of them has ever been fixed. No matter how much noise you make, WildCard just refuse to fix anything that is not considered critical.
  8. That was a mod for tracking pets, no longer use that mod any more.
  9. Sounds like people are not using the old new trick.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO3q3ixTcIg
  10. I wish they would fix bee hives, so they don't spawn on top of one another, seen times where you cold destroy up to 20 hives in one spot.
  11. Yeah on another server I play on we had 3 people, spend 30mins in an area while we tamed and built a raft. In that 30 mins, there was like 20 scarecrows, 30 pumpkin patches and about 30 tombstones. I do that on Single player or my normal server and I got about 3 of each. WildCard need to think more about these events.
  12. And Fire Wyverns are over spawning as well, now switching them off.
  13. Raptor and Deions overspawns still an issue on Valguero We caught this in time, but it appears there is still something going on here. For now we have turned these 2 of on all maps, till this is fixed.
  14. If you mean PC mods then no you can't.
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