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  1. How are they going to be obtainable after the event, do tell!
  2. Being in a Cluster or not would make no difference.
  3. I can't speak for other maps as I primarily did the Raptor Claus on Valguero. The only thing that annoyed me the most, is the high percentage of times the Raptor Claus flew out of bounds and dropped presents, how does this not get tested by WIldCard!! I know this is too late to fix for this season, but for god sake next season this had better be fixed! @ZenRowe
  4. I have got about 4 giga Chibi's from the Raptor Clause so far.
  5. I think the fact that the event ends in a few days, that literally no one has the whole set actually says something though.
  6. Yeah I thought that, but this is something I have never seen before.
  7. Fully understand and I am sure the community is grateful as well, I am just saying that Ark is different to most other games. This change was a huge changer for a lot of people and because of this change, then maybe WildCard should have updated the DevKit and ask mod authors to check it. But I guess where I am coming from is that, when Ark exports the Dino File, that index number and the Admin Commands index number still point to the right area. If what I am hearing, is that color index 14 which is Black, is seen as Black by ASB by that Index number and as far as the Admin commands go. Don't get me wrong, I sort of understand what you're saying, but I am not running any mods on my servers that change the colors that I am aware of, so why would Mods need to do that in the first place? Is that because Mod Authors had no other choice to begin with, because WildCard chose to limit things in the DevKit... I think you see what I am saying. Look, I am either here nor there, as it didn't affect me the extent that it would have affected others. I just find it hard to believe, that such a small change has such a devastating impact and going forward, this is something that WildCard can't afford to do. So how does ASB still have the right color mutations if those indexes haven't changed in the save file and Export Dino file. I don't expect you to answer it, just think that WildCard need to take more care with changes because of the nature of this game.
  8. Hang on wait a minute are you now saying the indexs in Ark no longer point to the same colors?
  9. Yeah that makes sense... And yes considering how much information is left out of the DevKit, the devs have done well to piece it altogether. Just a shame WildCard can't keep the DevKit up to date to help these tools authors out.
  10. Ark Smart Breeding gets its information from the either the save files (Using Ark Tools) or the export dino feature. That means Ark still knows the colors some how. And how the hell do you push such a ground breaking change, without running regression testing on this!!
  11. Do WildCard ever test stuff before pushing updates!!! Two major breakages in as many days almost.
  12. That doesn't work for me.... I had that initially and removed it same thing, in fact all 8 maps say The Island for me as well.
  13. Strange errors loading The Island server up So the server is fully patched and even verified all the files and I am not sure why i am seeing this message, is it anything to worry about? Set new sublevel to load: /Game/Maps/TheIslandSubMaps/LandscapeSublevel_Winter Set existing sublevel to not load: /Game/Maps/TheIslandSubMaps/LandscapeSublevel
  14. FYI, I have seen this issue with the Sleeping Pod since I was Level 131 and a half, up to that moment I was getting XP, next no XP at all. but it is just not the sleep pod, there are various items that you craft that no longer work any more either. And it was right around the time of an update that this started happening, about 3 months ago now. Let's take Sparkpowder as an example, supposed to give you .12xp, however I made 100k of this stuff and got 0.00 xp in total. There are so many crafting items that are like this, I would like to know what WildCard broke!!
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