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  1. He didn't, it is not possible.
  2. Steam has no paid membership, in fact Windows 10 doesn't either. Only the console requires you to subscribe to their Networking service.
  3. Ark on Windows 10 and Xbox are an Xbox game under the play anywhere label, steam is totally different and CAN NOT connect to the Xbox Live version or vice versa.
  4. It is called the Xbox App, it is installed by default for all Windows 10 installations and is on your start menu. If you can't find it then, you either are not running Windows 10 or you have unpinned it somehow.
  5. At least you're honest about that. But to add to what I said. When transferring a character to Ragnarok, it asks me if I want to overwrite it, but it doesn't. If I transfer that character back to The Island, it creates a new character, if I allow that to happen and transfer that back to Ragnarok, it again asks me if I want overwrite the character and again if I allow it and try to transfer that non created character back to The Island I am again challenged to create a new character. My understanding is that I should not be challenged to create a new character after transferring it.
  6. I am aware of that, that has how I have been playing on these maps for 2 years. The issue I have is that I have had to make engrams on other maps, because the character on another unlocked the engrams from boss fights. It was too messy to keep going that way. So I wanted to use the transfer character, which I am fully aware that it being over written is fine by me. What is not fine by me, is what I wrote. And I suggest you read it carefully. But I will say it again. Step 1 Load up in the map The Island, the character level is 108 and then I transfer to my other map Ragnarok, the original character on there is level 114, the game asks me to spawn and where I want to spawn and then doesn't spawn me in that place. Instead it makes me the level 114 character, not the level 108 from The Island. So if I try to transfer the level 114 back to The Island, it asks me to create a character, because that is NOT the character that came from there. I did say this explicitly already. No I am not, we went through all this getting transfer to work in my last post on getting transfers to work. I know that, which is half the problem when I transfer my character back to The Island, every transfer is resulting in being forced to create a new character. I know that and that doesn't bother me and has nothing to do with what I am asking. And again, Dino transfers have worked fine and still do. Character transfers do not and are subject to exactly the issue I have outlined. So far, nothing you have mentioned even relates to anything I have already stated. In other words, you have't read what I initially said properly.
  7. First the background. I have 5 maps setup with one instance of Ark, setup with each map separated in their own folder and within a cluster. I have just got character transfers to work and have come across an interesting issue that I can use some help with. I have back ups, so I am in the position to roll back and do any testing that can identify the actual cause. I am also seeing a similar issue with separate instance and single map per instance, but I am still doing more testing on this setup. The Issue. Each map already has a character created, with structures and tames. If I use transfer from say The Island to Ragnarok, I am challenged if I want to overwrite the character. As I am using a controller, I push the A Button and it loads up and asks if I wish to spawn. I then use spawn and it then asks me to chose the spawn point. With multiple bases I only have one bed, but when I select it, the game spawns me at the location of the other base where there is no bed and in the body of the character that I was supposed to have over written. That is the first problem. The second is when I try to transfer that character back to The Island, it asks me to create a new character. No, do you want to spawn or anything. This effectively means I have lost both characters now, because every transfer is a new character creation. So the question now is can this be fixed, without wiping everything. Now I also said the other setup does the same thing, so I am not sure it is the way the instances are setup. Any one have suggestions, clues or any more knowledge on how to get around or fix this?
  8. CyberAngel67

    Multiple servers via INI?

    Yeah, I may look further into it. I usually set it up with one instance and the maps under that with a cluster. Works well, sort of. I have come across an issue with character transfers and in the process of testing whether it was this setup or not. I have a feeling it is just Ark being Ark though.
  9. And I think you would be right, I added it again and it didn't work. When I went back to edit the rule, I noticed something really weird with the rule. So I decided to make a rule for each server and bingo, the servers showed up in the list. Even though the Nat-LoopBack rule said I could define a port range, it appears the modem doesn't work with a port range. So I really thank you for sticking with me on this.
  10. Well actually I said Port forwarding is not a solution, considering that the servers show up in the lan list It has been my experience that port forwarding would have been needed, if the servers didn't show up on the join list for the lan. And I am working entirely on my own lan. Yes, I am using ASM and it does this for me. No. Yes the Nat Box is the access point (gateway).
  11. No I never said I didn't want to try it, I have an Open Nat and I shouldn't need to port forward. On top of that I have already tried port forwarding with it not making a difference. Could be I didn't set it up right, because I tried sites to see if the ports where open and they where blocked with and without forwarding. I am willing, not sure what gave you the idea I am not. I haven't tried uploading, because no servers show up. I also have what ASM shows as being unticked for that. So nothing is ticked, so that I can transfer across the cluster. But no one outside the cluster can transfer in. I got a friend to test connecting to the servers, with which he said he can't connect. I tried checking to see if ports can be connected from outside and getting nowhere.
  12. CyberAngel67

    Multiple servers via INI?

    So why did you state Windows will never support symbolic links then! But I do like the script to reduce installation of core engine and stuff.
  13. No I didn't correct you, I was making it clear that I knew he wasn't talking about the upcoming DLC. And as for being technically part of Ark, I was assuming it was the settings defined in Ark that reset the every xx amount of days. But I stand corrected.
  14. right, which is why I asked to correct me if I am wrong.
  15. Yes I am aware he is not talking about the DLC. My comment is based on the fact that what he is talking about is technically built into Ark.