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  1. Consoles aren't getting mods, and now that Ark 2 has been announced I doubt it ever will get them for Ark 1.
  2. Unlike you, I do it, because I run my events longer than the official ones run for! And I did it to show the Original Author, in case he may have had the new year event as the active event!
  3. I am not sure if this helps or not, but I rolled back my servers and started them up again and it worked for me. All I can advise, is to make sure that you have something like this in your command file (AKA bat) -ActiveEvent=WinterWonderland -NewYearEvent as for the time event codes, I made sure they were at the end of the other ? list of commands. ?NewYear1UTC=1609552800?NewYear2UTC=1609639200 And make sure you use the converter to use local times, to the time you wish to start the event. The values I used above were test values on a test server, and I got it to work
  4. Listen here, I have been doing this stuff since Ark was released, and I have entered the information correctly in the commandline as suggested. If you don't have any helpful advice go away!
  5. Did you get this to work, I haven't got it to work either.
  6. Same, however I have also seen the crystals produce around 120 as well. I can't prove this, but I think it might be related to how long the crystal has been around for. On a dedicated server with crystal collectors, is my only really experience, so it could even be a mod issue for me.
  7. I haven't played on Official for so long, but I don't recall it ever taking that many Cakes to tame them.
  8. And if you think 52 in speed is luck, then you have a strange definition on what luck is! But yes, it might be rare to get it to roll in one you need, but it can happen. And I should clarify this is after taming!
  9. That's not true, that you will never see a level 50 in stats in the wild, have come across that a few times now.
  10. 5 is the default value any way, I thought you were changing the other value which is a maximum of 1.0
  11. If this is the Difficulty level that shows up at the top of the Single Player settings, anything above 1 will be ignored by the game. A bit of a history. Maps have what is known as a map difficulty, there was a time when the Island was a map difficulty of 4 and it was later changed to reflect that of the newer maps. This meant that before that change wild dino's would be a maximum of 120. Now that the map difficulty is 5, we get a max dino of 150. So how does that work. Well dinos actually spawn anywhere from 1 to 30, then the map difficulty would then make it higher, so 4 x 30 = 1
  12. Well this is Windows 10 Store version, so I was guessing with the Steam version.
  13. I doubt you can with the Steam version, as you can only have one account logged into steam at a time.
  14. Didn't see this till now, PC as in Steam version or Windows 10 Store version? There is a difference. If you mean Windows 10 Store version, it will never happen.
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