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  1. I am getting a disconnect, but only when transferring on my steam cluster with mods. I setup separate server cluster for cross play to test and straight away cold not connect with EGS version, but could with Steam version. So I added Multi Home and was able to connect fine. Now the stupid thing is I have removed multi home and they both work fine. Just still crossplay still wont allow transfer. But I will ask you this, you're obviously got a steam only cluster, what happens when you transfer to another map, does it work for you?
  2. Here is something of interest as well.... I have made no changes to my modem, my ISP has made no changes and yet it worked prior to June 11 and now it doesn't. Nothing you have said there is remotely going to help me... @everyone else I also did some further tests and found that even with two maps created and using -crossplay, I can join the maps no problem, but I can not transfer to them via an obelisk. And I had to use MultiHome = true and specify the IP in the cmd line, all this is done by ASM so I am not sure the correct configuration and without this mutlihome I was not able to connect to any server, whether it was from Epic Client or the Steam Client unless multi home was on. So while that worked for connecting, I still can't work out why transferring from one map to another doesn't work. I can see the other map, I can click the other map, but the join option is not selectable.
  3. Then why would it be working for years prior to the 11th June?
  4. On one of my maps that I ma getting this on, there is about 2,000 between the ports
  5. bRawSockets are not used here, Multihome I don't know how that works, so will look further into that.
  6. Exactly the same here.... So, it looks like it will be a 2+ year wait for it to get fixed then. Wildcard are great a breaking poop, but lazy as $%^&* in fixing what they break.
  7. Interesting, is that with our without using crossplay? In my cluster, nothing has changed, startup scripts are the same as what they where before EGS version was released and Steam Client can't transfer to other maps without getting a disconnection message.
  8. And what about if you use your steam client to transfer to another map in your cluster?
  9. Won't help me, because my disconnection issues has got nothing to do with the EGS version.
  10. Good to hear I am not alone then, I have them on both Official maps and Unofficial maps in a dedicated server cluster and so far nothing seems to work here.
  11. Now that the game is on the EGS, there is a chance that this maybe happening after all. I probably won't hold my breath, but they have promised that mods are coming to the EGS version, so it looks like they maybe going down that rabbit hole after all.
  12. I see a lot of people saying they can't connect to their servers, but what about transferring to another map. I have no issues connecting to my servers, just when I trasnfer from one map to another.
  13. This is a known issue and one that doesn't happen very often. All I can think is that the game thinks you get stuck somehow or might be under ground or something, where it then teleports you or even just kills you. Been a number of times where I have jumped of a Giga and tried to slide down its front, to find myself high enough in the air and fall to my death. I am sure this is related some how.
  14. Join Failed when transferring to another map As the title Suggests, I am having issues transferring to another map. This seems to have only happened since the July 11th update and since then I am dumb founded as to what is causing this! I have made no changes to the start up scripts, nor has any of the ports changed or configuration files. Reading the patch notes, they talk about Client update 311.87, but my client is patch 311.81 and won't update at all. I read many posts so far having issues joining servers, but I have no issues joining a server first time, it is only once I begin to transfer to another server that this is now occurring. Any one else seeing this and have suggestions?
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