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  1. He technically gives you 5, or 10 if you haven't done Gamma. And this update Wildcard made some Tek engrams unlock from him, they didn't specify from which difficulty though, it is in the patch notes.
  2. Not sure why this was moved, as the Breeding was done on Valguero!
  3. I just mated a couple of Maewings, and picked up the eggs. I forgot something from another server and transferred there. I grabbed what I needed and went to check my Inventory to make sure I had everything and noticed the eggs had vanished! Anyone?
  4. When they dropped the Epic version, they also changed the way it worked. There was very little information out there. But, to get it working you need to make sure the following has been setup. 1) All ports have a firewall rule and Port Forwarded. 2) You are using the MultiHome feature. I had some success without it, but you can't transfer via an Obelisk or Transmitter if you leave it off. If all these conditions are met, your maps will show up in the Lan section of the Steam Servers. I also had issues with certain ports, so if you do keep trying these ports till you get one that w
  5. On further investigation, I had to modify the Firewall rules that are generated by ASM to met my setup. In my case, I have symlinks to the one installation to reduce the space taken up on the HDD, and have normal folders for the configuration of each map. For some reason this was tripping up Windows Defender for private networks. I will double check with the guys who wrote ASM for a solution that will work. But posting here, as this seems to trip up a lot of people.
  6. I just managed to get mine working, and I have no idea why this one thing made a difference to me. But once I added -StasisKeepControllers To my bat file, I was able to again transfer from server to server with the Obelisk and transmitter. I can not see why that would make a difference, but it worked for me.
  7. And just like that they stopped working again! At least they still show up in my Lan list though.
  8. Well I have tracked my issue back the query port, I don't know why, but on my system I can only use query ports between 27015 and 27019, anything else will not work on the transmitter in a cluster.
  9. Well it generates a bat file and runs that, but it is 100% port related by the looks of it. Because I can bring the map down that works, give those ports to the one that doesn't and fire it back up and it works fine. What I don't understand is why all of a sudden is this occurring. It is almost like my ISP has started blocking ports or something.
  10. I use ASM, and not even the one that works is showing up. but I do see all these UDP *:* Works UDP *:* UDP *:* Works UDP *:*
  11. Yes I actually know that. The problem is that these ports have never changed for me, for god knows how long! All I did was use a port for Genesis 2 and all hell broke. And now nothing but the default 7777, 27015 works for me, anything else, will never show up on the Lan List. I am so lost on what is happening here. And yeah for me the cluster key matches as well, like I said the only thing I did, was add a Gen2 server.
  12. It's sad that there are people like this, who seem to think money and parts just fall out of the sky. But that person doesn't even comprehend that even server owners, hosting this map where forced to buy new slots for this map. And the question still remains, what is in this map, that warrants so much memory. Anybody can do the test themselves, fire up their own servers, and watch 9 other maps, use around 1GB of ram each, and then fire up Genesis 2 and watch it consumer almost more memory than 9 other maps combined. That is what is hilarious about these douches facepalming everything
  13. Actually I am not... I made the comment that on Single Player, I was flying for a few mins then pausing for a few mins, then flying for a few mins and the pausing. And you and everyone else has assumed I don't have the memory to handle this. I have enough memory in this machine to handle 6-10 Genesis 2 maps and still be able to do Heavy Video Editing! So my machines specs is not the issue, the question still remains.... Why!!!! And dedicated or not, 12GB for a map is insane, especially when every other map they have uses around 1GB.
  14. Why, because no one can answer why a map takes 12GB, and can't answer what is different under the hood that requires so much RAM!!!! If I was complaining about the game itself, with high settings, then you have every right to question hat I asked! But not one setting on the client, affects the maps memory and you know that!
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