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  1. You don't have to buy anything. It is your choice to. Or not. And again, as I noted, no one lied to you about anything. I will keep coming back to this point because it is a core feature of the complaints in this thread. Buying a DLC that is optional does not mean that the Center is not free. You are objectively wrong. No one lied. And not being able to log in because the server is full does not mean you did not get what you paid for. Wildcard hid nothing from you, so my analogy works great. They told you in advance they were going to have paid DLC and additional story content you could choose to buy. Not paying attention is a you problem. There is no honest conversation to be had here. It's people going "LOL WILDCARD LIED PAY2WIN SNAIl eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil" for daring to have paid DLC. Like people work for free or something. PVP in ark has always been a joke. It's virtually unplayable due to the massive cheating and no-life requirements. Given it is isn't even an esport, there is little to care about. There is nothing pay to win about the wild west DLC lol. The cat is mediocre and has some novel utility that will be ignored a year from now once the novelty wears off and it's gone through rounds of nerfs, just like every DLC map creature.
  2. This creature won't make you that good. IF you suck at PVP, you will still suck at PVP, only with a fire cat. It's already getting nerfed anyway. If this were a serious competitive esport, there would be some grounds for actual concern, but it is not. People have made the argument that everything is OP every DLC expansion in ARk's history. Every. Single. Time. It's a canard.
  3. The vast majority of people don't play official pvp. Official is a drop in the bucket and of official PVP is about half. Not much in the end. No, ark is not a competitive pvp game. It's like singing karaoke and thinking you are a kpop star. It has no professional league. There are no major sponsored games or tournaments. tt is some kinds doing amateur hour stuff, crying about everything being OP while literally cheating most of time. World of Warcraft has a more serious, legitimate pvp and professional esport community and that's not that serious either. If you are too poor to buy it, just say so. That doesn't mean wildcard lied to you.
  4. So you are mad that you aren't able to get on because servers are full, not that the pyromane exists. Or that wildcard lied. These are two separate issues and we probably shouldn't conflate them. You got what you paid for because you own the DLC and the DLC is exactly as advertised. ERgo, wildcard did not lie. The center came free of additional charge with ASA, just as wildcard promised. Ergo, wildcard did not lie. I omitted the part about the shoulder pet because you can do all the caves without a shoulder pet as is. Nothing is required, must have, or progression blocking if you don't have the pyromane. We just got done doing two maps without them. And if you look at the latest patch notes, wildcard is already rolling out nerfs. Don't worry. It won't be amazing that long because of all the whining. Then ya'll can switch to complaining that your new toy got nerfed after you paid for it. Lose-Lose situation. And for the majority of the population that doesn't play on official, you could always use cryopods in caves. The magic of an unofficial server. The solution to most everyone's problem is stop playing official. It's always sucked. Rent a server. Play on the myriad of major server clusters like GamersGuild (arkitects), Monarky, etc. Your life will improve measurably. I promise.
  5. OP is meaningless since this isn't a competitive game. The vast majority of people play on unofficial servers with boosted rates and mods. Official is a drop in the bucket. PVP is a non-issue because it's so rife with cheating that this creature pales in comparison to the problems that already plague PVP. And given there is no prize for "winning" in ARK, as it is not an e-sport, winning means nothing. When ARK gets an "ARK LEAGUE" pro scene, then it will matter. You listed 8 things about the Pyromane. Most of them can be countered with a "so what?" and little else. 1. Poop is super fertilizer? OKay so what? Fertilizer is trivial to get already, and this is marginally better. 2. Fire bypasses wyvern fire immunity? Okay? So? 3. Fire bypasses natural armor? Okay. What exactly has natural armor? Shadowmane? Those don't exist yet, and people moaned that natural armor was too god. Now you are complaining that counters to it is op? 4. Massive heat resistance? Okay. Good thing scorched earth is not the only map that exists right? Who cares, moreover, if people have high heat resist? 5. Cooks meat and makes jerky? So do grills and preserving bins, which are infinitely easier to get. 6. Acts as a fuel for torches? and campfire? GAMEBREAKING!!!!!!! 11eleventy11 There is nothing to win. YOu don't need this creature. You will be fine. Life goes on. However, since you deflected from the counterpoint, I will reiterate. No, the pyromane does not mean Wildcard lied, as you said. That's objectively false. Center and all maps are still free. They never said additional optional DLC would be free. Getting mad at something that was never said doesn't mean they lied.
  6. No, there really isn't a difference because A requires B, whereas A is a creature/tech you don't have and B is money to access it. ASE was exactly the same. There is functionally no difference in owning a map that grants ou an OP creature and everyone owning a map but having to buy another DLC. You are creating an artificial difference so you can remedy the imaginary conundrum. There also is no marketing lie. You're just wrong. The maps indeed free. You choosing to buy an optional addition and something unrelated you can use on said map does not mean center is not free. By this logic, if I offer you a free coke but you can choose to buy a better cup, the coke is not free. It is free by virtue of you getting X for no additional money regardless of any optional expenditure. Your distinction is gibberish and your argument is pathetically bad. Crying about pay to win in a game that has no esport league, no cash prizes, and no actual thing to win is comical. Moreso when you factor in cheating is rife and more effective than any creature. Even if a creature is powerful at launch, it is 100% nerfed in every instance shortly after, rendering it not OP. Wildard is bad at balance. Every map release has had a new OP creature the PVP babies complained about. Managarmr, Shadowmane, Mek, etc. Everything got nerfed into oblivion.
  7. No, you really don't. You come off as whiny and entitled. Your argument about pay to win is nonsensical itself. That is the real trash argument.
  8. For some strange reason you can't build anywhere in the underworld on center. Except directly on pillars of rock going to the ceiling.
  9. I mean, you can say the same thing about ASE. If you weren't on the map (paying for it) you weren't going to get those creatures, even though you can come across other players having them.
  10. It would only be a scam if you aren't getting what is advertised. It's not a scam to offer something you can choose to buy or not, and then get lol.
  11. The problem is that it doesn't really matter if it is a map or not because the argument was pay to win. By that logic, buying a map is also pay to win because if you don't have that map, you don't have access to the resources, creatures that come with said map. Or the techs. So it is not any different from ASE. The abilities are going to get nerfed anyway, so this is not a real issue. That has always been the case in ark where creatures are "OP" for a small amount of time. Everything that has been released got nerfed. "A flip of assets" still needs to generate income. It is not an identical creature. It has a new skin, new mechanics. That is manhours that need to be justified with a financial return. The creature is only out of place because the third party did a crap job remaking the center's volcanic area. Otherwise, it would totally fit right in. It spawns in a lava zone. You can always choose not to buy it and it will have no real impact on you unless you are some kind of hard-core PVPer. And no one cares about PVP. This is not a competitive game. There is no prize for winning. It is not an Esport. There is no ark league. No fame or fortune, and the creature will be nerfed soon enough when the crying starts. The Center itself was never an amazing map. It is basically the island, but bigger. It was never going to provide many hours of entertainment in the first place, but now at least we get some cool creatures for later maps that are much better. Not all DLC has to be a map level "full experience." When I buy a cosmetic item from Funcom's bazaar in Conan Exiles, I am doing it because I like the item. It is really that simple.
  12. People here often seem to not understand how business works. They think corporations are charities that exist to provide free stuff. Wildcard isn't the make a wish foundation. They make stuff you can pay for. And it is not even mandatory. People also act like there is some kind of legitimate pay to win concern for them when 99% of the people aren't doing anything competitive and ark has no competitive scene. It is not an e sport. And given PVP is already garbage tier due to the cheating that goes on regularly, having access to a creature that doesn't work if it is raining is not a big deal. The entire argument line of pay to win isn't even something new to ark. It has always been the case where you pay to access stuff. Both maps and creatures. Be happy wildcard is not funcom where they got a battlepass and a store and DLC and it costs exorbitant amounts of money for like 1 shelf. Funcom was just selling a pillow set for 10 dollars lol. And you can't even sit on em!
  13. It is not just PS5. They still haven't fixed the graphical deterioration and pixel clouds since the last patch. Global Illumination also still does not work. And now, for some reason, since the last patch, I can't repair any items in anything.
  14. I don't know what the last patch did, but it runs like garbage after it. Same settings, yet FPS loss. And the clouds are still all pixelated while the lighting is off. I have to set everything to Epic and then scale back just to fix the lighting/sky box. And then as soon as I leave the game and come back, it's right back to broken. If Advanced Graphics is set to anything but Epic, nothing looks like it did pre-patch.
  15. The patch seemed to destroy the graphical fidelity of the game. Now, global illumination quality setting is irrelevant. It looks like it is on medium regardless of the setting. I put it on epic, high, etc. Same as medium. Prior to the patch, it made a difference. No idea what causes this. The game looks completely different.
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