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  2. that will not be enough, but the Dust goes.
  3. I have to result in searching ‘fib’ lol
  4. I see people doing this and just smh. I have some little random dude who built up his base as close to mine as he could. It's been amusement in a form watching his base grow over time. I surprisingly rarely see him online, though I'm on quite often, I want to be able to gift him a few things. Like especially behemoth gate parts, because he has empty gateframes that bug me. Like, an alpha raptor could just waltz in and just wreck his whole wooden base. Close that stuff up little dude. Maybe I can see if there's a way to infiltrate his base and leave an unclaimed dino with stuff in it's inventory and messages in the form of papers and folders. 🤔 And also tell him how I got in so he can fix it. 😂
  5. Share your base designs! Heya! Let's share our base designs and building ideas&tips! I'll go first! This is our desert base on Ragnarok, located on an island on the very bottom right corner of the map.
  6. We discovered that raft+dunkle is by far the fastest and easiest way to farm metal, IF you have underwater metal rocks near you. Dunkles are slow! Build a raft, place boxes on it and tame a high lvl dunkle. Then find some underwater metal rocks and ta-daa! During x2 we got our industrial forge full of metal in less than 30 minutes. Too bad we discovered that strategy after 3000 gameplay hours
  7. Today
  8. All unbreedable dinos have always had "Enable wandering" as well as now "Enable mating" options. We tried it with a bunch of other dinos, who were and still are unbreedable.
  9. Plus the making of Narco paste gives you xp and is actually a pretty valid way to level up in the early game. When I start on a server and need levels, 8 - 10 mortar and pestles all making bunches of narcotics is really good constant passive xp to add while you are out killing and farming stuff. Plus you end up with a stupid amount of narco afterwards. So yeah I would say narco paste hands down is easier and more time efficient to acquire than biotoxin, plus it gives you xp which is just an added bonus.
  10. Yes exactly. I have tested this out for myself and using a higher tier of kibble is exactly the same for taming effectiveness as the preferred kibble. So basically yes if you just aim to produce extraordinary kibble and use that exclusively you will be able to tame every creature in the game with it. Although using extraordinary kibble to tame a phiomia or something like that probably isnt all that worth it unless you are abundant in the resources to make it.
  11. Potential for Season 2 DLC Greetings! I was unable to come across a suggesstion like this from my searches so I checked to find a suggesstion area and boom, here I am. Today I wanted to talk about a potential for 2 different DLC packs that seem (at least to me and a small minority I have asked) as though it would both be an exciting project for the devs and for the community. Since the first selection of DLCs were end game scenarios (Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Extinction) I really enjoyed their base attributes of surviving them. The features thatmade each map unique allowed players to think creatively in their base building and movements across maps, also allowing the menagerie of creatures to be varied and interestong to the players. So my suggesstion is this! For a second DLC pass but with only 2 DLC packs in it. As far as naming I havent really gotten this far as it would require an underlying level of development to go into it, but I thought that for the next batch (should more DLC come) the DLC should be 2 maps with completely different methods of travel and exploration. Imagine 2 new maps that made half of the current creatures unable to be used, meaning that the players would need to be using the majoritive of the new creatures in these maps for base travel and movement. The first map could be something akin floating islands, using flying creatures you have will give you an advantage however the new options amongst cliff skaling and gliding creatures have many open possibilities. The secondmap maybe to counter this would be a map situated entirely under water and even though you can have ypur normal aquatic dinos, you could never survive the depths if dont learn to interact woth the abominations from the deep. I felt the concept would be a good following that could keep the creativejuices flowing since there are not only plenty of creatures that can be added via research and scientific conjecture to keep the dino nerds interested, but also allow dev creative juices to flow in creature design as well. Afterall we did get an underground/subterranean DLC (I loved Aberation). I feel like if this isnt already being worked on that it was a good idea to suggest. Thanks for reading, have a nice day
  12. God dammit Ark you spelt The Centre wrong !
  13. Really want rockdrakes added they would be really usefull around the map
  14. They're so far out from the mainland, most players just don't go to that area at all. Only reason to go there are the oil veins, but I doubt anyone will go there from the other side of the map just for oil. Plus desert overall doesn't have any spawn points, which is also a good thing, isn't it? Instead of grumpy quoting try explaining your thoughts more so we could learn from your experiences, including me
  15. I can't provide any real data other than we have a 79.5 MC and a 68.4 JM BP that both came from that cave. The loot crates are red whereas the west lava cave have yellow crates. The jump puzzle cave usually gives decent drops (MC scuba, high level mosa and pliesi stuff) but never had a Rex BP from it.
  16. Haha, thanks! I'm #teamBritishSpelling so that explains why I'm always getting the word "fibre" wrong . Agree that it should be consistent with the game though. Uploading a new version with it fixed, thanks for noticing!
  17. Not true, at all. As long as the kibble you are using is in the preferred tier or higher, you will get effectiveness as if you are using the preferred tier. EXAMPLE: You knock out a 140 Doed and because you have a ton of Extraordinary Kibble, you take 32 with you to tame it. It eats the kibble at 3.2% tame per piece meaning 32 will give ~102 taming affinity total), and at 50% tamed it is exactly on track at 1x to finish at 99.2% effectiveness (99.6% TE currently with 50% tamed, loss of .4 per 50% so total will be -.8% TE, 99.2% at finish), which is exactly the same as the preferred tier. Again, as long as you are using preferred tier or higher than preferred tier, you get effectiveness as if you are using the preferred tier. This is correct, as I sit with the exact situation I described above. I am looking at a 50% tamed 140 Doed, it has eaten nothing but Extraordinary kibble, and is exactly as effective as its preferred tier. If I used Regular, Superior, or Exceptional kibble, an identical result would occur. This is exactly how the system works, once again: Effectiveness is equivalent (the same) when using a dino's preferred tier kibble or a higher tier kibble during taming. EDIT: A base that I failed to cover that might come up: I am on an Official ARK PvE-network server.
  18. Clipping through floors in Extinction A friend and I are playing on a non-dedicated server (He’s the host), and in the Sanctuary section of the map, I keep running into issues where I clip through metal-textured parts of the floor. He says he isn’t having the problem, and all other textures don’t provide the same issue. I don’t know if the non-dedicated part makes a difference.
  19. Did you ever get that situation resolved before base decay?
  20. I heard a bit ago about only corrupted wyverns being able to breed? is that true or can they not period.
  21. If you did happen to find a bugged spot I would suggest trying to provide more detailed information on the location and also sending in a support ticket. The people who moderate the forums aren't responsible for the games development.
  22. Thats awesome, triangle structures alone are a godsend. Saw a lot of people complaining so thought they still didn't add it
  23. 1:I guess it will support any game mode. 2:Golems tame on PC the old fashion way, rockets in his ass, on Val, just tamed an ice one, but Im on a pvt server though. 3:anybody know a confirmation date for console ? 1st july or so people from my ps4 cluster stopped playing until this is up, its really fun on PC but console deserves the love as well.
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