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  2. Must be close to the target for that attack to really shine.
  3. If the private server says no then it's their rules. If it's not official servers then the rules are at the hands of the owners. Wildcard has no control over personal server rules.
  4. Are veins and drops fixed? Xbox Are the drops and veins fixed from the past? Havent tried them since the bugs.
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  6. Yes, Megatheriums are just the go-to creatures for the Broodmother. 2nd place are Spinos because you can get the water-buff in the Broodmother arena. Yuty is a must - no matter if you use Rexes, Spinos, Therizinos or Megatheriums!
  7. Bought it two days ago and i still dont have hlna and there is nothing zo install..i knoq its a pre order but where is hlna..did i get scammed..so i payed 31€ for nothing(at the moment)
  8. Oh, I really like that idea! With so many fins it feels like it very well could have much better movement abilities. Even if the AOE doesn't get reworked, just that would make it so much more useful in fighting. I don't agree with it being removed with a platform saddle though - I think it could still work with the strafing even if it has a house on its back! Really cool suggestion as well! I know the OP said "apart from the model", but I'd really want to mention it still because that's the main thing for me. I don't even mind it not getting new abilities if it just gets a new model!
  9. Tek Furniture? I would love for them to add tek furniture, sitting on a wooden bench wearing my tek suit in my tek base just seems pretty silly to me, no? It wouldnt even be difficult. The assets are in the game for tables, benches and probably other furniture all over the extinction map! Theres a big building community playing ark, dont let us down
  10. Hmm lot of diplo on abb too doed was in base where as karki was just in the yard . Did have a run around on my drake but didnt see a thing , seems to be happening a lot though
  11. A shedule set? Dude, I Think you and your guys need help. And I mean that. What you describe is proof that you are addicted. In a bad way. I totally understand its bad to lose stuff and that Gaming is your Escape. But this is rough man.
  12. I think it's proper patterning, not just colour schemes.
  13. Whats a reason you attack me personally like a propagandist. Focus on the topic, leave me alone. I am not afraid of losing character at all. Since I lost my character then I now have 3 characters at different maps and I will send one to Genesis, if there is a rule as in any previous DLC. But I would prefer everyone starts with fresh start.
  14. Regarding my last topic, about players having a "FLAG" that provides a limited area for construction and building vertically instead. I found it best to slot a small sentence into that large thread to elaborate on that particular bit. There's a lot to talk about, which has a domino effect on a lot of things which leads to how PvP is currently... Which is trash. It's as silly as how years back we had "PLANT-X QUETZ" or better known as "Battle Quetz" Being by far the strongest and ridiculously broken meta, nothing stood a chance. Gigas and Bosses would melt in seconds. I remember back in those days some of my friends didn't want to even buy the game just because of that dumb mechanic. That the game looks realistic and has a lot of things that looked very sophisticated, like the giant Obelisk, but then you have that abomination of a creation where there's a quetzal having its wings and head poking out of ugly design metal structures and a dozen plants on it that just destroys everything in its path... And that apparently it's the best thing in the game... He then told me the game design is retarded and he won't bother buying it. I really don't blame him. Today we still see such silly things in different forms. Such as foundation spams, unintelligent base designs (people are FORCED to only use 2x1 sizes, or basically a compact box). Which leads to a whole chain of issues about the PvP gameplay as a whole. One wise game developer I once listened to a podcast of, said: "The best things he got, to improve his game, was born out of the frustrations and complaints of experienced ones. Not out of random happy suggestions".
  15. My dinos on abe vanished too, spino from the yard and bear from inside the base. Nothing in tribe log. I thought I got arked and forgot about it. The next day I see a damn diplo pushing one of my other spinos around the yard and even pushing the dinos inside the base when he pinned the spino to my walls. Furious, I decided to go farm some metal and build dino gates on the ledge above my base, guess the diplo fell from there into my yard. Imagine my surprise when I bumped into MY lost spino on the way to blue zone (I live near the big lake in green zone). And even further down in blue I found the bear wrestling with some titanoboas. On the other hand, I was taming a stego on island one day and a wild diplo came to me and started pushing my rex. I was currently checking the food on the knocked stego, then I turned around and started running towards the rex and diplo. Sudenly after one push the rex blasted off into the sky like Team Rocket after Pikachus thunderbolt, never to be seen again. Nothing in log either. The animation as he flew straight up was hillarious. Walking back to my base by foot - not so much. So, if you cant find out what happened, blame the diplos. They deserve it.
  16. Thinks game is dying. immediately complains about a technical issue. seems legit.
  17. I would love to see thylacoleo and dire wolf and bears with some interesting new color variations. it will be interesting to see if the color pallet just changes or the patterns and regions of color will be changed as well.
  18. That would put an end to a sentence !
  19. Ny 1 help im on xbox bought genisis says i own it but dnt have the pet. Allso ive noticed it says avalible on xbox . But theres allso 1 thats says available on pc so im not if i have the correct one now any shed alittle light on this
  20. De hecho es preferible que mejor se enfoquen en la optimizacion para que puedan agregar mas cosas. Te aseguro que las estructuras restantes las van a agregar en un futuro pero hay prioridades mas importantes actualmente.
  21. It'll probably be when it releases that it'll come out on steam/psn/xbox store to purchase day of release. Probably more reliable to buy the season pass though.
  22. I chose reapers because they seem pretty bland in color schemes. I tried to stay away from the new dinos... BUT I'd love to see some nice Ferox colors because I believe the Astrocetus already has some good colors.
  23. I've been dealing with this on my server for the past week i was on the island and everything was fine on there and when i went to ragnarok no drops wyvrens fish or beavers also noticed an over abundance of woolymamoths
  24. Items missing I was just swapping meat over from troughs and by doing so caused all my ASC gear to be unequipped and disappear could someone help or tell me how to prevent or get items back
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