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  2. I think you need to wipe the small tribes servers and make more wipe servers
  3. Make new PrimitiveOfficialPvP servers. With the new maps added etc. And maybe update SotF since this was a really fun game mode.
  4. Keep up the good work! Will the deinyochus come in it? If so that would help with getting around in the redwoods.
  5. An island only cluster would be lots of fun. It takes away a lot of the broken or overpowered dinos and items
  6. Will it be added to Ark Mobile with the New 2.0 update. If so yes (pls add it).
  7. Yesterday
  8. Very disappointed in this server. Some mod trolled me, after I asked a question. Then when I responded my response was marked as trolling with a warning. I asked why is this chat room biased because they trolled me first and had told me my "question" was "whining". I'm 28, I don't have time to bitch and moan in a chat room I had a legitimate question and it was ignored which turned into a ban for me. Not very professional at all to be honest, that Spork Witch should not be a mod, they do not represent professionalism.
  9. Love Official PVP but hate getting wiped? We here on CrossArk Ragnarok 9 (PS4, PVP, Official) are looking to repopulate the server. The recent Ark Migration left a lot of Legacy CrossArk players without a home. I'm here to tell you that the cluster for CrossArk 9 (includes all maps; Island, Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Abberation, Extinction) is looking to repopulate the servers with new tribes, members, etc. Low population so it's ideal to join and build up defenses and tames. If you join the server with cooperation amongst other tribes in mind, you'll have the time and space to level and get your tribe in order! If you're dreading starting over from level 1, feel free to message me on here and we can let you use our grinder to get levels! Good luck and keep on surviving.
  10. Put in a ticket, provide screen shots. No point asking the players, get it done!
  11. its still going strong and a fun place to be, with a helpful admin and owner with a good community
  12. Looking for a fun high rate server? We are a PVP server with offline damage prevention and fun awesome mods! Mods: Play As Dino V2 - Beta StackMeMore (v1.51) Structures Plus (Open source) Classic Flyers Rates: > Taming rate: x15 > Egg hatching: x15 > Harvest amount multiplier, kill multiplier, xp multiplier and craft xp all x25 > Mating speed: x10 > Harvest amount: x25 Map: Ragnarok Discord: https://discord.gg/hDvgkfn
  13. Elof

    New Maps

    New Maps Hey All, One of my biggest disappointments with Extinction was how quickly we were able to transfer our dinos to the new map. I would like to see the new maps isolated a little longer (6 months?) from the rest of the maps. Once the OP dinos were allowed onto Extinction it became easy. Before that, travelling around the map was a challenge not to be taken lightly. We were losing red drops with 3 tamed gigas with primitive saddles... once the transferred opened up I could easily solo them. Starting fresh and having a good amount of time to actually experience the map would be a lot more challenging and fun too.
  14. I am not a big fan of starting over. Though there is an adrenaline rush that comes from a fresh start I have worked very hard for what I have. I would not be happy to have it all gone.
  15. I think ARK needs to nerf the bugs I am playing and died to a raptor. Then I get my stuff and get swarmed by bugs, then i die instantly. Note, I had 2 Dilos with me and still died then it happened 2 more times
  16. Elof


    This is an excellent idea! We should have Tribe, Tribe and Allies and Public as options.
  17. Flexible Electric Cables?? Anyone else find themselves suddenly unable to craft them, or learn the engram? I had the engram and now do not, my GF has points and cant learn it. We asked a server buddy to make us a few and they report they dont have the engram now and also cannot learn it...??
  18. Another official pve The big Sad So I just need some insight really . So we all know the struggle of pillaging and people laying foundation . If someone foundations a whole biome in a server or pillar obb to obb . Which literally stops people from playing on servers or they a well breaking code of conduct . Will wild card actually do anything . For example players literally to these kinds of griefing and mock wild card while doing so . There is pvp for griefing and it's frustrating for players to play pvp on pve . Will it stop ... or does wild card allow this in Hope's players will pay more money for server rentals is that part of the design ?
  19. Full TEK protects from radiation and all spores.
  20. You need to open a ticket with support for someone to try and get it back. I’m currently in the same situation. Lost my level 120 last night. Still waiting on devs for a response
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