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  2. Ark dosent really support Prim+ anymore even though that makes it so it’s completely broken.
  3. “10 Days of Crystal Isles” Starting Today! (For PC sorry console)
  4. This wing looks an awful lot like a rocket propelled projectile.
  5. Well that sucks because I’ve been searching for a long time for like a week and saw nothing.
  6. I would love if they would add thylacoleos because they are cool and I really wanna tame one but I don’t have ark on xbox yet.
  7. Same issue on our nitrado prim+ server Anything "primitive+" shows green to place, but disappears as soon as you *place* it.
  8. “ > The Admin Shop has been re-opened! The prices have been updated on the website, and donors will get discounts on their admin shop purchases! > > *Allow admins patience to complete your orders, as the order load is expected to be heavy.* > “ Bump
  9. Yes... FatDog. His videos changed my ARK building life, a lot. Good friggin suggestion, if FatDog does something we might as well all do it just like that.
  10. Major issues with the controller boss fight. It seems everyone needs to be in the same tribe rank group. Allies can go in as well, but you have to unclaim dinos to them. I recommend everyone mount a Dino when teleporting in as that seemed to give us a bette result (far from perfect though). Our last try on alpha, two people stayed out of the round 1 fight and then teleported in on round 2. They saw the key count on the right so we thought they might come in. Once we made it to round 4, 5/10 people glitched out of the boss arena and landed in random spots on the map. Ocean/snow/bog. We could still see the key counts and luckily we won. We got the +15 levels for winning even though we glitched out but did NOT receive the alpha engrams.
  11. Depends . What you playing on. What you playing . Pve , pvp . To be fair without much information, you could have duped your character by accident . You need to close app , go to server you transferred from at menu . Then with character creation screen download character if it is listed . You can’t transfer if there is already a character in ark data. If it’s not there then it’s another problem
  12. Today
  13. Thanks for the reply. Forgive the newbie question, but where can I find the log? This is what I see when trying to start the service (with S+ omitted from the list of ids): ● ark.service - ARK Survival Evolved Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/ark.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: failed (Result: core-dump) since Tue 2020-05-26 10:28:58 CDT; 14s ago Process: 18064 ExecStartPre=/home/steam/steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/steam/arkserver +app_update 376030 +quit (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 18107 ExecStart=/home/steam/arkserver/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer Ragnarok?listen?SessionName=SSFRaganrok -server -log -automanagedmods (code=dumped, signal=SEGV) Main PID: 18107 (code=dumped, signal=SEGV) May 26 10:28:58 my-machine systemd[1]: ark.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 3. May 26 10:28:58 my-machine systemd[1]: Stopped ARK Survival Evolved. May 26 10:28:58 my-machine systemd[1]: ark.service: Start request repeated too quickly. May 26 10:28:58 my-machine systemd[1]: ark.service: Failed with result 'core-dump'. May 26 10:28:58 my-machine systemd[1]: Failed to start ARK Survival Evolved.
  14. Still dont get it. Is there a solution to your answer or your just explaining the game graphic engine to me? I dont mind debating structures,just need a solution first please
  15. This is a suggestion that has been brought up before. They usually focus on what you are suggesting directly; Allowing the transfer on Element and Element Shards between maps. Or the focus on it indirectly; Allowing the transfer of items that currently do not transfer between maps the ability to do so. That lists includes; Tributes, Element, Element Shards, Beehives, Gacha Crystals, Trophies, and any other item that you are currently not allowed the transfer the ability to do so. Another indirect method; Allowing unofficial, dedicated, and single player servers/maps/clusters the ability to turn off/on the ability to transfer said items between maps based on a menu option selection. Personally, I take the route of the last option. For one, I don't play official - so while I am aware of reasons why they don't allow the transfer of those items, I do not see it fair to speak on their behalf. They do have some though and they are pretty legit. However as a PvE server cluster admin - I know those I play with, as well as myself, would love to be able to adjust the settings to allow the transfer of those items. Doing so would simply make things a bit more convenient - not game breaking for how we play. That, and I am always interested in having more customization option added when building a map.
  16. It is difficult to tell without seeing a picture. If you are snapping, for example, a wall to a section that has a ceiling and a wall above it, then the wall you are placing can either snap to the ceiling or snap to the wall. The one it snaps to will either make the wall lower or higher. That is one example, but issues walking through doorways is always related to either the wall above the door being too low, or the doorway has snapped too low into the ground.
  17. LOL OMG, you do realise you get them from the loot crates in HLNA store RIGHT!!?!?
  18. I would love to see any cohesive fix that allows for Prim + to remain in a playable state. Whichever method secures this, I’m all about. I have no long term interest in the evolved version. I’m here for prim, so would be quite disheartened to see it go.
  19. I just got one interrogant regarding this topic... if we cant see the air but yes the water, the fishes cant see the water water but yes the air?
  20. Not sure what that means.. I tried to put then re put wall above the door frame all leads to same results. Tried also crafting double doors didnt help.
  21. Split screen is blue Xbox one Hello, my husband and I are trying to play ark on our Xbox one with the split screen. We are encountering a game breaking issue where within about 5 minutes of playing split screen, both screens turn solid blue and nothing we do changes or fixes it. We have closed the application and restarted it, we have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, we have done a hard reset on the Xbox, nothing has fixed this issue. He can get on by himself on the same game with the issue and it will work but the moment I join and do split screen, or vice verse, it all goes blue and we can’t see or do anything. This issue occurs on each map and we can’t identify what is triggering it aside from playing split screen.
  22. I'll echo the sentiments of the last two posters. Just add the features to the main game and let server admins decide whether to include/exclude them. Tbh, just do SOMETHING. At this point, even getting rid of prim+ altogether and forcibly preventing server admins from being able to choose it in the first place would be preferable to the outages, glitches, and downtimes that unfailingly accompany every single update.
  23. Yes it’s that broken. since the last update almost unmanageable. I think they break it for a few weeks just to fix it enough to make it playable and make us appreciate the Most basic/ half arse of fixes.
  24. Looking for tribe Hey, Myself and a friend recently picked up the game on steam sale. We have been playing for a few weeks and learned the basics pretty much. We're finding it hard to PVP with just the 2 of us though, so we would like to join a tribe or hear of any good cluster servers where we can give it a good go. Both from the UK so a UK/EU PC server is prefferable. Ant takers / server suggestions? Thanks
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