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  2. one question. how the hell do you have 2k tames?
  3. Come check out the new community labyrinth. I dare you
  4. Vanishing Dinos, decaying items, building damage, and invisible objects I know you know wyverns are vanishing but I've had other dino's on valguero vanish without a trace: A Anky sitting infront of my forge, in 3 minutes time, it vanished without a trace, traveled from anky to fridge put away eggs, got some food, went back he was gone. A Parasaur in the center of my base building, it couldn't move from where it was, as it was in turret mode and weighted down and also set to ignore group whistles. it just up and vanished, it was sitting directly behind a oviraptor that was also weighted and set to wander, its still there but parasaur is gone. A Ptera Female, I have 3 sets of F-F-M-F-F in rows set that way exclusively for egg laying, all set to ignore group whistles. she was one of the highest lvl ptera i had and it sent poof out of existence. Hopefully nothing else vanishes. All these dinos have vanished sense the last patch update. I've also been getting messages about "Your pillar has autodecayed" I've checked the one small spot i have pillars at, they are all still there, all the pillars for my boat dock are still there, and the ones holding up a small taming pen, so I have no idea what "pillars" the game is telling me have decayed, but they are obviously not mine. I have also noticed that my buildings are taking random damage on the inside, windows, walls, floors, on the inner part of the building where wild dino's can't get to, this doesn't make any sense to me either. it starts with 1 point of damage, and later its 2, the 4, then 10... its rather annoying. While flying my wyvern through the sky, i keep running into invisible objects, the wyvern either comes to a dead stop or gets pushed off to one side, slowing its flight. the first time this happened i thought it was just lag, but its happened multiple times sense then during non-laggy game play.
  5. Huge over-reaction to tek tapes. Tek tapes are only strong when people aren't defending or building properly. Attackers have tried at least 2 tek tape rushes on our server with 50-60+ tapes, both failed miserably because the defenders online were not braindead, and simply countered them. There are already in-game counters for tape zerg, you don't have to nerf tapes into the ground because some people don't use the already existing counters properly.
  6. If I have a strong dragon-type attack maybe. Ground wouldn't do squat to you! But Garchomp is awesome.
  7. Colorblind Support Sorry if this is just a bother but my boyfriend is colorblind and it makes me so sad that it's harder for him to tell the difference between the green and blue drops. I don't know if there are any possible ways to change this and i understand that it isn't a necessity but it would be so nice to see it improved upon if they have enough spare time and resources. Thank you <33 He usually goes for only purple and yellow because he has confused blue with green in the past :((
  8. They were never added anywhere. It was mentioned and confirmed they would be added somewhere and that all the tables would receive a TLC and be balanced before release but they unfortunately never were. I think the basic ones (foundations, walls, doors, ceilings, etc.) could fit well in blue and the Behemoth Gate/Giant Hatchframe in purple.
  9. Patch release 790.14 for Microsoft Play Anywhere Version on PC? Any idea when the Microsoft Play Anywhere version of ARK through the Microsoft store will release the patch to 790.14? The game still will not save any progress when it's closed until it's patched.
  10. I have learned a new curse word! Next time someone makes me angry I'm telling them to drive a Volkswagen with pleasure. I wonder if OP is still trapped in a cage.
  11. I was wondering this as well. It's been a long time since the patches came out on Xbox. I'm waiting to play this as well since it won't save on the play anywhere Microsoft version of the game. This game consumes a lot of time tin order to advance and it's just not worth playing if it won't save your progress when windows reboots.
  12. Question, not suggestion Some context here, I was asked a while ago if I would be kind enough to add stone structure blueprints to our cluster of servers, but I put it off for a while until the weekend just gone. I don’t like the idea of modifying coloured supply crates so adding them into the game took a lot of thought, and I eventually settled for them dropping from small and medium sized carnivores. My question is, were stone structure blueprints ever in the game (possibly legacy days), and why would they have been removed?
  13. Today
  14. I have to admit, it's a rush playing HC, just feeling that when you die, you really die. I was able to get to level 83, and it's starting to get fun when you have a long-neck with ammo
  15. Thanks for the Quick Reply and the information. If anyone Disagrees with this let me know thanks. I am taking this as the successful answer.
  16. You’ve sent me several messages in the past, and the few times you did join, you left almost immediately. I’m not down with people who repeatedly waste my time.
  17. Main bosses have static hp based on difficulty level. The only exceptions are the Ragnarok mini bosses (Ice Queen and Lava Golem) which do calculate the numbers of players and spawn a level accordingly.
  18. I think these nerfs should be applied to others Tek Saddles (mainly Rex and Rock Drake) otherwise I can already see the new meta:
  19. tNot happened to me, but then again I haven’t used the argent birds very much, mostly just on carno island. Thanks for mentioning that bug tho I’ll hopefully not lose mine. I’ve never lost a animal, just a pteranodon under similar circumstances when I went swimming and my bird that was behind me was gone. Idk if it got killed but I don’t think so
  20. Does Boss Fights Health Change based on tames health you take in? When i go in to boss fights does the BOSSES HEALTH change Based on : Does it change if we take in high health Does it change if we take in more players ? Does it change if we take in high melee ? Does it change if we take in high levels ? Or Does the Bosses just have a static Health based on Gamma , Beta , Alpha ?
  21. You can drag survivors if they are not over encumbered. Body bags were patched
  22. Your ideas make things a little more palatable to the PVE community. As a little more info though--I use the heal extensively during taming, especially on squishy low level event dinos that just want to feed themselves to wolves than be tamed by me. Your changes will still hurt (but not as bad) unless they make the wild dino tribe also unaffected by the changes. That said, I do understand how these are good and beneficial changes to the PVP community.
  23. Valguero PVP 5x with a twist Valguero map -PVP with ORP and purge weekends Admin shop at blue Obelisk has 3 deals active for each week( Billboards at shop) Shop currency is berry bush seeds youll find in green drops Max player lvl 120/Max wild dino 270 3-5x player stats(except weight is 1000x) Dino stats mostly vanilla except for boosted weight/stam/speed Faster taming and imprinting ~roughly 25 minutes to raise a fully imprinted ptera 20x stack mod(bullets/shards reduced to prevent impossibly full turrets) Modded drops(not outrageous) Craftable element 1k dust per element, harvest tek dinos Aberration zone dinos added back into aberration zone! Rock drakes in trench drop a fertilized egg. Stats of tamed drakes increased to compensate for lvl 1 egg. Added dino spawns to winter areas: Mana, gacha, snow owl, corrupted Wyvern(added to scar) Added dinos to chalk hills: Gasbags, griffins Added dinos to beach: Zombie dodos Added dinos to various other regions: glowbugs, scouts, corrupted Pteras, basilisks,velonasaurs, and very rarely nameless and deathworms Why go through the hassle of traveling between the maps when you can just travel across the map. First event in September will be “Beastpocalypse”. Default dinos spawns reduced and corrupted/aggressive dinos added. September 6-8th. Open to suggestions and will implement QoL improvements asap. Server was established to escape admin abuse. Im working to find a balance between grinding and fun. Mostly chill regulars but PVP is not frowned upon. Try not to overdo it. Check it out!
  24. Well, if your beds are in the scar then yes that seems risky... but if they are in safe outposts there should not be any risks. De rien.
  25. Good point, however traveling from bed to bed, re-spawning naked in Hardcore mode? Ouff that's a gamble I'm not willing to take lol. Merci
  26. Based on the wiki, it should be Y on Xbox and triangle on PS4.
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