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  1. Well definitely some of the slow download is the fault of wildcard. When I can download movies or television shows of one gigabyte size or bigger in less than two minutes yet it takes 3 hours to download an 11 GB file to update ark. No sir, it is not only is the owner of the internet connection who is at fault for slow download rates. But hey trolls will be trolls.
  2. Hats off to these guys. Releasing new content before fixing the other broken content. sure I'm going to go and try and get all the new Turkey Day stuff while getting disconnected every 30 minutes. I have died more times to the disconnect monster than I have any dinosaurs combined. But hey keep pumping out new content. Good for you guys let me know when you put something out that's playable. It's been a solid month of crap. Definitely a really good indication of what it's like to give zero effs.
  3. yeah they need to fix this period but hey good thing they put out new content before they fix the broken old content so we can keep getting disconnected while trying to get the stuff from the new content. Logic equals zero stupid equals 10. You really should fix your old broken content before releasing new stuff. Yay more stuff I can die trying to get because of disconnects. I couldn't get any of the Halloween stuff because of it. The disconnect monster has killed me more than any dinos since I started this game
  4. It's still happening for me as well. They really need to fix this. I can't believe it's taking this long. I would even be happy to do a rollback to whatever the client end server versions were if it meant I could actually play the game as normal and stop playing it as a village simulator with dinosaurs because doing anything else gets me killed and puts me on a corpse run to get my stuff back. I like the game enough to have made an account here for the sole purposes of complaining about how long this bug has been active now. But honestly if the Halloween content is 4 years old, again I ask
  5. I also created an account just to say I have this 30 min disconnect bug also. Private crossplay dedicated server on my PC. The island with no mods and all standard settings. I've also done a complete reinstall and lost my old game. Many many hours of time. The issue started the day of the Halloween content release. Please fix.
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