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  1. ah, so the farmville side of ark! (Which is pretty awesome.) Are there reasons that mods/setting tweaking wouldn't solve your issue? Enjoying this side of ark means to avoid pvp like it's the plague, and to find nice-cozy unofficial pve servers settle in. Pegos/Icthyornis/Cnidaria(*)/Microraptors all can be edited out of the game without the use of mods, eg. swapping their spawns with dodos/archaeopteryx/jugbugs/bulbdogs That's one of my personal reasons for loving ark, it's one big sandbox that you can always modify to your liking. Edit: What do you mean by broke
  2. If you dislike loss, add a bunch ol' QoL mods until it matches your preference, if you're on another platform then tweak settings until loss no longer stings. What specific parts of Ark appeal to you?
  3. The impale attack of a stego used to scale with health... now it scales with level? This is a bit nuts, since the effective damage of the attack went down by ~90%, and one would rarely consider using it anymore. The angle you need to be at to even get impaled is already so low, why nerf it further after fixing the timer? While we're at it, a buff to Kentros would be nice, perhaps giving it the same un-dismountable buff and ramping up its speed? Something to travel safely with in the redwoods/swamp would be nice.
  4. Might be at a loss there... since loss is generally a must-have part of survival.
  5. First I would like to note that the majority of the "THIS Dino can beat the BOSSES!!" videos on youtube are done in singleplayer, which makes them significantly easier. Gigas don't have the same nerf in sp (to my knowledge) and will absolutely crush multitudes of unbred wolves. However, full imprint bred wolves should absolutely be able to take on a lower level giga in a group of ~25, especially with rifle support. I'd still at least bring a mammoth to put a debuff on the giga, and make sure I'm fighting on flat space. A key aspect of the fight will be taking advantage of when t
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