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  1. You can help yourself. Make a backup every single time you gonna make a big transfer. Otherwise your stuff is gone (the stuff you removed from the obelisk, not your inventory). SP is filled with gamebreaking/annoying bugs, ALWAYS make a backup after you log out. I'm so careful that I remove my armor and dump my toolbar in the nearest dino every single time I log out to avoid any issues with my backups. Also, I recommend you to never use cryopods. Dino Storage v.2 mod make a backup file of your "cryopoded" dinos (Ark doesn't) - you can recover them easily if you are in SP (in case of shena
  2. Still gonna happen. Or not. That's how random F annoying bugs works. Also, is funny that a 1y old post about a 3-4y old bug is still going on... Wildcard truly lives up to his name abbreviation...
  3. In my SP I had no trouble at all because I didn't use only Rexes. I recommend 10 Allos, 7 Rexes, 2 Daedons and 1 Yuty. The rest is organizing who follows who forming perfect lines - minimum distance between them all. Rexes up front, allos behind - two lines with 3 Rexes/5 Allos and one with the rest. Inside the cave you whistle "Move to" so the lines do not obstruct the way. And the conga works with only rexes too, but you need to organize them outside - best thing is, you can make a backup (if it fails, you can try it again - after you learn how to organize is not that bad). And do not w
  4. Yeah, sorry. I saw your post and my memory went straight to the weirdness of stamina and oxygen being good mutations... in the wrong pets.
  5. Epic does not have a proper workshop yet - so you can't download mods there (afaik, it was on beta last year...). What epic has is the DevKit (the tools to make mods). If you wanna mod your game right now the only option you have is on Steam.
  6. That's true for pets without charge ("light" pets from AB). Stamina translate to Charge Capacity, being one of the major stats for them.
  7. People underestimate sarcos, and Mega is a pretty weak boss. But you need some good stuff (imprinted/stacked) to be able - and good saddles are pretty common (I got like 20 just running surface drops in aberration - to be serious, I think I only get sarco stuff in aberration...). I use them a lot to tame water stuff (since you can shoot mounted), and a small pack (3) can even take down big game like an alpha tuso. If only cnidaria wasn't such a stupid unbalanced opponent they could see a lot more of use. You can do Alpha Brood with Allos, sooo... Mega is no problem at all if your tames ar
  8. One thing first: I use Super Structures, but I read that S+ integrated some of the other "Plus" mods into it in the latest major update. Maybe that Platforms and Pillars + are redundant and can cause some shenanigans (read the mod descriptions to sort any issues). Is not a mod issue at all in your case. Now, being smashed in one shot on foot by the broodmother is fine (what do you expect to happen when you walk around a boss arena?). But dinos? What is your setup? What is the boss difficulty (gamma, beta or alpha?)? She is not a "lvl 70" endeavor at all (Dinos make bosses, not players - y
  9. Last time I saw epic was making a beta run for his "workshop" - did they finished the feature? Because Ark HAVE mod support (even thou WC likes very much to F them every 6 months or so just for fun) - epic just need to provide the space to people upload the good stuff. Or am I missing something?
  10. Don't invest in wolves for caving. Besides all the weaknesses (lack of saddle is huge NO), it needs a pack. And serious, never enter a cave (besides the Tek Cave) in the Island with more than one dino (shoulder pets do not count). Anything that goes underneath the mesh will instantly die - even in a PvE SP world. And dinos without supervision will mesh one way or another - they eventually will go under the mesh and you will lose the dino/saddle/loot (reason you ALWAYS cryopod dinos that you tame inside caves). I lost so many dinos over the years I play that I lost count already - and I'm talki
  11. The real question is: this is Ark 2 (a real game) or "Atlas 2" (another copy/pasta scam). The "big actor" already points to (probably) overmarketing/overhyping and underdelivering as is so common in the market. Just imagine if Vin Diesel is like HNL-A giving you stupid missions with no background story or logic... It is good to remember that no old Ark player will abandon 10 maps and hundreds of hours invested building and taming for an "ordinary" experience limited to one map (and probably no good mods for like a year). In the end WC/Grapeshot/Instinct are red flags by themselves.
  12. This setting is utterly bugged. I recommend you to load a backup from before and keep it unchecked until the issues are fixed. If you look up here in the forums you can see that not one, but anything about speed is broken (the stat even reset after the dino is cryopoded). Probably in a year or two this feature is usable.
  13. If you don't say what you want to "play" people will get confused and give you no right directions. Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Official, PVP, PVE. Those are completely different games - and need settings and sometimes mods (SP) to balance things out and improve the overall experience. DLC is basically another map and like 4 new items - Ark will still be the exactly same game with or without it. Overall the most enjoyable DLC's are Aberration and Extinction - Genesis is behind even The Island for many (me included).
  14. All this things was discussed to exhaustion yet no move was taken by WC over the years. There are several other crippling issues never addressed, you are not even scratching the surface with only four topics. My comment above your "(...) (1) remove all your armor and unload you hotbar in the nearest dino before you make the backup file EVERYTIME. (2) Never play with resource respawn over 0.1 and (3) always do a dino wipe after 2-3 days playing (...)". This address some of your issues, right? The 0.1 (or 0.001 and fly around to repopulate the world with resources again) resource respa
  15. You spend one week playing Ark without making a single backup? This last update was a mess - broke basically all the major mods in the workshop - but I'm not having problems (besides the fact is taking 2x the time to load) loading my old save. If you still continue to play after this "minor" setback, remove all your armor and unload you hotbar in the nearest dino before you make the backup file EVERYTIME. Never play with resource respawn over 0.1 and always do a dino wipe after 2-3 days playing. This 4 things (plus having backups - keep at least 3 all the time) will save you from A LOT of
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