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  1. Look at the base experience that is proposed: (1) You emerge in the simulation and HLNA says that will "guide through the process"; (2) Proceeds to do generic half-baked quest with no story, order or purpose and " fix glitches" (reads "collect explorer notes"); (3) ??? The base idea is a lie. There is no guidance, no purpose, no RPG elements, no storytelling, no nothing. They sold the map as a "new idea", "new concept", but there is nothing new, is just Ark with unbalanced/untested/rushed quests (more like "loot crates with extra steps") and several building limitations (and is the only map with 20 f*ing world borders...). Look at, p.ex., Saints Row IV that have literally the same base story as Genesis. The game have thousands of generic quests also (hunting, races, etc.), but at least the NPC's give you a reason/explanation for why are you doing that, and truly guide you trough the whole process (and there is progress in the storytelling in each step). Ark failed just there, in the basics. Quests are just a grind for a boss that if you don't pay close attention to the "story" (in the explorer notes) you not even know it exists. So yeah, is beyond failure - the whole concept is a lie. People are seeing Ark elements as "good stuff" (like the dinos or other basics), or saying that the "map has good design" or whatever, but the purpose of the map is a "new experience". There is no such thing - Genesis is just Ark with a half-baked makeup, a lazy shop, and of course... countless bugs.
  2. You need just a couple (for breeding), but be aware that ANY ovis that spawns in the Island get killed in minutes. All the areas that people find them are inside the spawn zones (classified as rare/uncommon in the snowy areas and some other random places in the island, meaning almost none), and they are helpless - everything will eat the fools. You can go for days and days and days (full real life days) without ever seeing a single one. If you need and want something fast i recommend you to quick transfer to another map with some cakes and a good dino to make the process more smooth (Genesis have thousands of free high level sheep everywhere - higher base levels/HP equals more meat and hide - in the Arctic with almost no predators and several ways to transfer the bastards out - is by far the easiest way to get some). If you can't transfer you will find them eventually, but don't get your hopes high. For maximum efficiency, you want a chainsaw to harvest the fools.
  3. All other stats are equal (even SPEED - you can check the level versus base stats points using an online calculator)? Again, is not possible... the lower level you should get is 292: --> assuming this 33* is 330 and it have the 19 HP mutations; --> baby inherit HP from the another parent, lowering the level for the resulting baby by 38 points (each mutation equals 2 levels -meaning level 292, not 265); --> there is 13 or 14 stat points missing... Probably one parent have 13/14 less speed than the other, explaining where are the missing levels in your baby (your base stats line is not 100% pure).
  4. Still broken it seems... I can say something about them. Testing breeding using the mod "BestEggs" i notice that the mod cannot recognize the "mothers" after the transformation or after a new transformation, meaning you don't have your "original" dino anymore after you transform them once. The game constantly destroy your dino and give you a new one after each transformation (that's probably the origin of all this randomized stats). I remember that i had a baby ferox with 880% (base, not imprinted) MD from nowhere too in my SP (parents with 405% and 500%) - i can only guess that the small one can sometimes inherit the transformed stats (but i don't know if after the transformation they keep the stats - i just cryopoded this one back in the day).
  5. That's not possible. The parents can't pass stats that they don't have - the lower level you should get is 303 if both have equal stats (excluding the mutation stacks). Check if you are breeding the right dinos - that's the only possible reason you are getting "base stats" babies. Other than that... i don't f* know what kind of bug you are experiencing...
  6. Yeah, it did sounded like a wrong config. I was annoyed mostly because i know that this little metadata changes can have consequences later - not because it have consequences now. The tamed versus imprinted was not my concern. In fact you actually don't need to "imprint" the baby (or have the baby at all) to have the bonus - you can easily manipulate the dino data through commands to make even a tamed dino "imprinted" to you with the full bonus (so the change from "imprinted" to "tamed" is irrelevant bonus wise). My biggest concern was (still is) why the metadata of the dino is changing when cryopoded or uploaded - that should not happen at all. This change is irrelevant, but what else is happening? Probably i'm always worried about this because i had several corrupted cryopods in the past (dinos that crash your game when you try to release them - only fix is destroying the cryopod with the dino inside...).
  7. X-raptors don't pounce, it was not removed from the rest (aberrant/normal/tek) - it is still a broken mechanic full of bugs and inconsistencies.
  8. Yeah, i got the warning when force-feeding the eggs.
  9. This titanoboa idea amused me for like... 20mins. The food bar took ages to drop 0.1. In the end, I needed to level food to see they eating the fertilized egg (SERIOUS, took an hour to drop 2 points on food, i could not wait for 400 to drop for it to eat a single snow owl egg). Provide you don't play in SP (my case), you can destroy between 0 and 1/2 egg a day using a boa. Not good... Good memory thou - after the kibble rework everybody forgot about them. And damn i didn't recall that they are so loud and annoying - and ugly when you look closely...
  10. This is not true in general, only for "hipster" dinos. Megas are not optimal for boss fighting (this is a fact even for Broodmother, they have low base HP and DMG, the buff has no consistence during the fight, the attack speed is not great, the range is low, the body is to clunky and takes to much space meaning lots can't hit the boss properly, and the AI use the attack with less dps often), meaning you can't do bosses the with average tame. Max level tamed Allos, Rexes and Theris (Yuti buffed) can do the Megapithecus and maybe the lower levels of Broodmother (if you know how to move the dinos to avoid damage and have good saddles just to be sure). The rest is just a waste of time and tames. Like for the Dragon, the average tamed Theri is a joke (you can't do dps enough to kill him in time). Now everyone in the tread are missing THE point of "breeding for bosses" and why is an important step. You need to breed to get the IMPRINT. 20% more HP and DMG is the edge you need to beat the bosses. That's the real reason you need to breed. And having parents with optimal (equal) stats means you have a infinite supply of the dino (no need to fancy mutations or whatever if you have the numbers). See? You don't need to mass-murder babies, you can raise them first... to later sacrifice them to the nearest boss/objective/stupid idea/thing.
  11. You don't need to modify cards to be "inclusive" or "add variety" to competitive games, you simple remove them from the gamemode. Banning wild dinos with crazy abilities from PvP should be a thing to shut all the nerfs that cripple PvE and turn amazing dinos into literal s* with no uses but decoration (we have enough dinos in this category already). They can be a very expensive/large Phiomia if they apply 33% of this ridiculous list. They do s* a lot already (to the point i think my Mana will die from intestinal cancer at any moment) - i feel they are 1 nerf away from this reality. One thing needs to change for sure: flyers need to drop down to the ground and not float frozen in the air - because that's just ridiculous...
  12. Personally, i use mature speed at 0.815 and cuddle interval multiplier at 0.2 (aprox. 15mins between imprints). Can't remember the source (way too many videos on the subject), but is just perfect this way - the multipliers balance the single player settings nicely and you can "easily" (still boring AF) reach 100% imprint.
  13. I'm criticizing the lack of configurations, not the idiots (the "idiot" is not a person, is the personification of a problem that didn't need solution). It's supposed to be funny somehow, but humor is subjective (and seems that lots don't get a bit of sarcasm to spice an idea). Compreende? And hey, I tried Gachas in the past but they didn't touch the eggs - strange because they eat BP's and even emotes and hair (i always have way to many fertilized eggs, so if this was possible i probably would never need to gather stone again). And also, i don't play vanilla - i have ways to delete/dispose anything. EDIT: and boas can eat fertilized eggs inside their inventory? If so i can probably use this idea instead of the dumb incinerator from S+ (i can blacklist the boas in the trough and GG). Kinda dangerous since it deletes anything inside and you can't turn the thing off "just to be safe". If it can't is a huge NO.
  14. 400 i don't know... you probably was unluck AF. But for sure is something like 1/100 (or even a bit more). I never tamed or saw element dust in the wild also. Every single one i have is from breeding - maybe this is a thing.
  15. No, i meant that the ferox can disappear between transformations when you are taming them - both vanishing (the game fail to respawn the ferox after the transformation) or just meshing into the ground. Happens a lot. And ferox still have so many bugs that i do not dare take mine out from the cryopods - i have something like 785% base melee damage, don't want to lost this thing or have its stats changed. I saw this "low lvl mochops method" to increase effectiveness (thank god i don't need to tame this bloodsuckers anymore) and urgh... i dropped a tear for people who need to tame them in the future. But right now they not even can grab you properly... Don't know if is a SP thing but they release you without struggling, making taming impossible.
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