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  1. @Cedric Looks like Rhynio spawn server limit combined with global server quetz limit. so it makes nearly impossible catch hilvl one. last two weeks on official 199 Island daily spent 5-7+ hrs for looking Rhynio. for this time found by myself 8 males and 2 females (lvl 75) and other ally mates kiled +-8-9 else, so we had some about 20 rhynio for 14 days some disgusting spawn chance as my
  2. best we have atm lvl 365; hp(host) 28294 stam (from mother) 647.5 oxy(mother) 2400 food (mother) 7300 weight (host) 1200 melee(host) 1207.8 host was x-rex 412 hp/melee (stam 0 food 0 weight 0) mother lvl 135
  3. omg. u even can't clone good one. just lvl 160 need 90+k shards so its more than cloning chamber can use
  4. damn. 4 days for looking female one. and lvl 85 gave only 67% egg quality ... *censored*
  5. i tamed giga in release day as far as i remeber it was 2015, it was solo and without trap and kibbble. that time wild giga was 300k hp and it was bigger than stone behemote gate, after timing it was only 150k hp and next day it had only 75k hp. i just wanna have opportunity test it onreal official server not local/privat.
  6. what we see atm? pve 1125 last killed male rhynio dead 30+ hrs ago and still nomore spawn. Looks like atm rhyniognatha included into server limit quetz (imho). my theory : after released tek quetz both type was merged into unique class something like GigantFlyer (random name) and quntity limit was set for class not for type of dino. and for some reason after rhynio was released it just was included into that class for spawn limit. and now we have what we have very low chance to find one 06/09/2023 some about 6 am GMT killed 2 male rhynio and 30-40 min later saw one more was killed. still no any new spawned on server
  7. dunno may be someone wrote before. Players who doesn't buy Ext dlc can't craft 3 types of new kibbles just because it need resources from the Earth blue/red sup and dust. it will make some problems at Island and The Center
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