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  1. Got it several times today though I only get it while on official Scorched Earth, other servers I don't get it at all.
  2. Nah, happens on Island, The Center also and soon all Scorched Earth severs will be capped too. (PC)
  3. hello i have that rex eggs  and uhave chance to get  green color or cyan   or white



  4. Hello, I have rex eggs 13,4k Hp 472 melee if you are interested

  5. will there be trailer uploaded on Youtube or it will only show in stream?
  6. it has long tail and face like scorpius hm which dino is like that
  7. why because you got game now and we don't that would be not fair if you would get it first
  8. but jesse did said that the game is coming in june in IGN livesteam
  9. Ark survival evolved full game release date in june then Ark surivival evolved survival of fittest in july 19
  10. .... think you know the game is on xbox one yeah? is not on playstation 4 yet
  11. the reason why playstation get it first because playstation been waiting like almost 1 year for the game to be release because is not available yet for ps4 system
  12. ej xbox user wont get it and playstation user will get it because we been waiting longer than you xbox user
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