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  1. Remove the ability to harvest berries from the main attack. This used to be a thing long time ago like 2 years ago but not anymore. It get quite annoying having need to drop 2k berries most of the times on 2x Evo event while farming Metal on the Aberration map.
  2. Why would he speak for himself when Wildcard employer even did confirm that Breeding boost has highest impact on server performance leading to some servers having unplayable performance. Just because you server doesn't have bad performance doesn't means other servers have too during the breeding events. There are 4k servers across all platforms. Reference: https://twitter.com/ZenRowe/status/1271126617079705600
  3. Farming cementing paste on TheCenter in the Swamp Biome from Beaver Dams is quicker then passive farming it from snails I do said. Equivalent of 50 snails or more hourly rate per hour farming in the Swamp Biome.
  4. Other cards get it too but more rare both AMD & Nvidia GPU users can get affected by it rarely randomly. Some even get constant d3d crash when they render the creature called "Nameless" in Abberation.
  5. Tested on Official server, though it crashed before I could even place the damn Metal billboard.
  6. Sadly this crash might take awhile to solve as according to Unreal Engine site it currently said "Backlogged" for AMD gpu. Though I hear for some people it stopped crashing when they set shadow setting to low, put -norhithread in launch option which you can find in game properties > Set Launch Options but no promise as it doesn't work for everyone. Reference: https://issues.unrealengine.com/issue/UE-74577
  7. Got it several times today though I only get it while on official Scorched Earth, other servers I don't get it at all.
  8. Nah, happens on Island, The Center also and soon all Scorched Earth severs will be capped too. (PC)
  9. There is nothing Wildcard can do to stop it because it is more related to the game engine they're using not the actual game.
  10. hello i have that rex eggs  and uhave chance to get  green color or cyan   or white



  11. Hello, I have rex eggs 13,4k Hp 472 melee if you are interested

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