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  1. Yeaa we are wishing it too Wildcard created these awsome different styles to play Ark, theres loads of people who love to play these servers! Most dont even know that they exist And the players and servers on there are threated like they do not exist Like if they are private servers. we actualy preffer playing Ark Official (even got both season passes while the last update for us was abberation ) and even the free updates they for somereason do not want to share with us You think we done something wrong by going to play the "forgotten servers" Lets ke
  2. Dont forget about us too please! Cluster 7 here, NoTek - NoTaming We sail the same ship We have completed all bosses of the available maps (last one also Abberation) We could use some (free for everyone) patches were looking for some new challenges to discover We wont take alot of wildcards time, just a tiny bit of attention every now and then can keep us silent again for a long time Please also see likewise topic as cluster 6 from cluster 7 Greetz!
  3. Ooh yea! im in! awsome way to stay up to date, share awsome and fun moments and share/join upcoming events! great idea!
  4. As advised awnser by the reply on ticket seen below Please vieuw following link to topic: Thank you
  5. Hi there I have a question That part of crystal isles, that it becomes open for transfer on console, Is there a tiny chance that i will be able to play the map? I play on an ark official server, its a cluster with 8 maps EU and NA, all its players were so exited when we heard crystal isles was beeing released But we still dont have it availeable to play ☹ We are kinda done with the endgame of our current maps (abberation was the last time we had a new expention) we are hoping to also be able to expend our ark adventure to the crystal isles Greeting
  6. NoTek-NoTaming would be a great timing to give a little bit of attention to so it gets alot of people on there still right before Rust comes out Even only some nice promotes for the cluster would get so many players in it Thank youu,
  7. NoTek - NoTaming The insanely good version of surviving in Ark A mode that might instantly run full again if it just got a simple promotion message from wildcard Old players will come back for it Alot of current players who are really exited about it is really existing An it will bring alot of new players to your game This is a goldmine you guys are sitting on a goldmine that just has to be reopened, a revival that will beat Rust if it gets done in time before its release There is a big hoard of people waiting for that other game to release
  8. i think atleast the notaming comunity diserves just atleast a tiny but of attention the most Filled with awsome dedicated players ark official servers wich actualy get fulltime promotes by players itself so many new exited people that love to try notaming and also a gamemode wich if promoted by @StudioWildcarditself can save the loss of players when Rust console version comes out People are waiting for an survival game without taming dinosaurs but slaying them and Ark already has it but almost seems they dont want people to play all those players will
  9. Sadly no, we are not ? We were so hyped for this map coming to ps4 but its still not here for us Love it that The Team is on the lookout for issues thats a good thing But where exactly are they looking? Becouse they dont see us somehow we are posting daily for some help or a reaction or how to get in contact with someone who is willing to spend a few minutes for " any issues you are seeing in the comunity " even if our topics are top rated of the day not a single reply was given, private messages are beeing ignored ( it shows when the message is unread or when t
  10. They really should it would bring ark so many old and new players Just a little bit of attention sometimes they know they should there is alot of feedback for it and people faily trying to get contact with someone for it I dont know whats going on ? I now see ur post is from march 2019 did you get any respond back or are you also still waiting?
  11. Maybe something went wrong with the patch becouse the new rates are here i think?
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