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  1. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    Hey Guys its the Ragnarok Devolopment Team here. We want to ask to tell you that alot of the current issues occuring on the map are caused by the change from mod to dlc and its already being work on. If you find any bugs/glitches/issues we would like if you share them with us. The best way to report is to join this discord and report it in the #bug_reports section. If you dont like discord please be so kind and report it here. Also note this: if you report a bug please make sure to include Information where this happens that means include a screenshot of the bug and the actual locations its not helpful to use GPS or ingame map since these cant be easily transferred to the devkit coordinates to help the devs use the one of the following commands to provide the location: also please always try to get an screenshot with background stuff for a better reference here are two example on how to (not) do 1. this is how to do it 2. this is how not to do it
  2. Player Levels and Xp Gain issue

    if you have a level override on your server you will need to add aditionally 30 levels over the normal reachable ones for ascention purposes. this is cause you can get 15 levels from island and 15 from aberration after you applied these changes you may need to mindwipe your char
  3. level issue

    might need a new mindwipe atleast it was like that for me when i overriden the stuff before
  4. level issue

    your level override must contain 130 level now as you ascend on aberration and get additional 15 levels added to your char
  5. Aberration Mats on Ragnarok?

    and even if they would be able to use assets from aberration it wont introduce the ressources and items from aberration on Ragnarok.
  6. High percentage of max level wild dinos spawning

    thats a good read but this guy is wrong the levels he claims that dont spawn do actually spawn as i saw all of them
  7. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    a possible fix could also be : turn your settings to med/high and set sky quality to max then restart ark this fixed it for most users of the discord who had this happen should be fixed with the next update
  8. Ragnarok Update

    Hey guys its the Ragnarok dev team here. Its been a long time since we last been sharing information about Ragnarok. We think its time to break the silence to share some news First of all when is the next update for Ragnarok coming? currently we plan on getting an update out in the week of the 8th oct (Oct.,8-14) What will be in the update? first of all lot of bug & glitch fixes: fixed far LOD rendering fixed several collison issues fixed several unbreakable rocks to be breakable again fixed rivers and lakes having no water fixed SSAO issue in A1 fixed several floating objects fixed several other bugs and glitches Dinospawn overhaul: done the great fishing (you will now find fish in all lakes) tripled therazinospawns boosted spinospawns (same areas but more spawns) added another possible giga spawn area (hint: green oby) added new beaver spawn area removed fish from ocean (to resolve some issues) new landscape material new Day Cycle Manager part 1 (meaning a new weather system) updated ingame map to show SW area and the release of the first part of the desert region also check out our FAQ: follow us on twitter: and join our discord to always get the latest info:
  9. Ragnarok Update

    an update on the next update ... is this even a thing ? currently the plan is to release part 2 & 3 of the desert as one big patch (for PC) and get the complete desert out for consoles somewhere after aberration and hopefully before end of this month (my guess is that only PC will get it before the end of year as consoles need porting over, testing and certification) i cant say more currently hope it helps you guys
  10. tree platforms on desert rocks

  11. High percentage of max level wild dinos spawning

    its a ranarok feature similar to center spawning higher level dinos more often then island raganarok does it even more often then the center ... thevalue for this is somewhere in the devkit so you cant change it
  12. Ice cave Rag

    which plattform and could you get me a video of prove ? cause the border should be one sided >> you schould be able to get out from the artifact side
  13. Ice cave Rag

    this is not a issue ... you are trying to exploit a mechanic that is intended to only open up the artifact cave area after you killed the ice queen ... if you dont kill her you wont get access to the artifacts and the loot down there
  14. you are on a console right ?
  15. update

    ah k last i heard from the map devs is it will be after aberration but still this month so i was confused ... but maybe this is only for PC as this gets updates more often and dont need certification
  16. update

    where did she write that ?
  17. Players refusing to play on Rag Map

    well if you guys dont report those undermapping spots we cant fix them so please get us instructions where and how you can undermap so we can fix this
  18. No lambs are born

    server tame limit check if you can tame new dinos
  19. No lambs are born

    tame limits ?
  20. Help finding a BP on Ragnarok if possible

    as Ragnarok only uses Island and Scorched Earth Loot drop spawns i guess you cant find it then
  21. most scenic build sites on Ragnarok

    this looks awesome
  22. Do Leeds spawn in Ragnorok?

    the DLC (on PC) is currently missing leeds spawns you might see some if you didnt wilddinowipe after the DLC update
  23. Ragnarok sound cracking/breaking bug

    ok i will need to check this could you post a screen of your settings and maybe even what hardware you running on
  24. Ragnarok sound cracking/breaking bug

    did you varify your files ?
  25. Ragnarok spino spawns

    i put it up we will see what happens seems like higher ping servers (eg officials) have a problem getting them spawning