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  1. ps5/single player isn’t getting any love for pride colors and didn’t for love evolved either. i typed in -pridecolors and did a dino wipe same old regular colors. did a dino wipe then added pride same result. did pride colors, dino wipe, quit and restart and still same old regular colors. nit surprised as even with the love evo lord mod i got NOTHING but regular colors.
  2. for example says 53 of 70 but try to get in and it says the server is full. i tried five servers showing room available and got same message.
  3. those who had tek transmitters on their bases were the only ones through the doors of scorched earth. less than 2 minutes after servers came online the servers were at capacity. those of us who had to go to obelisks found no access to any server. the goal of many of those who flooded the servers is to pillar the entire server. how do i know? it is exactly what was done to every server on the island. in addition people openly brag about pillaring the servers and believe it is their right to control who can build on the server. you have to beg or pay real money for a spot. there are ways to prevent pillar abuse. conan exiles does it. pal world does it. but ark insists on an out-dated pillaring system to mark one’s “territory”. pillaring the server, by the way goes far beyond the use of just pillars and ladders. these days ceilings as well as foundation combos are widely and purposely placed to prevent building, access to water, resoures and spawning of dino’s. so well done snail games. those who already had widely pillared the island are extremely happy for the edge they were given in getting a complete foothold on scorched earth. at 1126 12 more na pve servers were added yet were slammed to capacity within minutes. i am wondering why the island has 122 na pve servers but only 46 na scorched pve servers?
  4. na-pve the island has 170 servers yet you only put out 46 na-pve-scorched servers. meanwhile na-pvp-scorched were given 60. neither matches the total number of active island servers. i couldn’t help but notice pvp servers on both counts have less population per server than pve. also should be noted i encounter people coming in droves from pvp to pve. yet servers do not reflect that migration. which is not to say those people claiming to come from pvp are not still also on pvp as well as pve. after all we have a lot of players who sell in game assets for real dollars who have harnessed many more than one or two servers.
  5. THank you Joe. I see what the problem is (for me). See where the screen shot says "Drawn" that is where on Fandom it says "creature". and I did not realize the layout of the menu was different. and before anyone makes fun of me, yes I am sight impaired. and also I swear to all the dead gods that used to say "creature" as well when the wiki first came out. so YES I was crazy. lol but you just saved my sanity. thank you JOE!
  6. dodo dex uses the old fandom maps. ark.wiki.gg is the newer and only official maps. just frustrating that whenever there is an update some of these data maps, including the creature spawn maps get broken. I thought it was me because Id refused cookies. was hoping anyone here was actually seeing the data, in which case Ive got some setting wrong still in my browser or the firewall. IDK. for me its been two months and Ive reported it 4 times. its done it before and miraculously will suddenly be fixed. I think what happens is these maps are maintained by NON employees and it only takes one mistaken buit of code for things to blow up. used to happen a lot with fandom as well. this I know, well having worked with, and coded my own stuff back in the day. literally can be just one little bitty thing out of whack.
  7. actually literally says spawn map and literally was clicked on from a page where the header says CREATURE spawn maps. choose the island. or any other from the list. no data on resulting page. data meaning the menu for selecting dino locations on the map is missing. not sure how a creature spawn map isnt a creature spawn map.
  8. you literally just directed me to the exact same place I started and results in the exact same page I screen shot. nothing to do with where players are on a map. it IS A CREATURE spawn map for THE ISLAND. and as the photo shows the MENU is broken
  9. I appreciate the update. have just one question. which is why you are giving switch a month long summer bash while those of us who have been playing for YEARS are only getting a meager 2x for less than a week. thats not cool guys. especially as people are hanging with you waiting for our game to be erased. AND the new "update" delayed. Im oky with the delay man. but Im not feeling the love. if Im honest I feel like WC being kinda stingy toward PVE console players. BUT you know what...Ima just go right back to my single player which is set to 5x. no incentive to be on official whatsoever. how that plays out the way you are hoping WC. also please clear up what happens to ASE when the servers get shut down. Some folks interpetting you as saying saved games have to go to a dedicated server while others are saying no no, just have to save it to your computer, or xbox or PS5 and it will over write your single player maps. according to same folks that save to single player will also include every other players builds and tames saved in one massive instance. for which they will merely have to use admin to force the tribes into their own. this doesnt bother me. but I dont believe it. and I dont believe it because some folks complain when someone builds anything even remotely like their boxes. I can imagine the screaming going on when anyone on a particular map gets access to the whole thing to scrutinize to their hearts content. Like I said its all good. but I really really like to know the facts directly from WC. not just what is being rumored third party all over facebook, discord and beyond. again thanks for the update on the roadmap. appreciated.
  10. I didnt vote this time but have to say Im pretty excited about the one that won. I personally feel maewings should debut with the island. but Im loving that the mae and this critter could work in tandem to help raise babies. been there done that for the 4am imprinting and never ever gonna go back to doing it!!! I love the fishing pole. AND can we infer the outfit and hair on the dude with the pole means we will get some ADDITIONAL clothing options? THE most exciting thing however, is the little bitty line indicating there will be news regarding ASA roadmap next week. Im on pins and needles. I cant wait to see what ya'll have to tell us. yippy! 😻😻😻
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