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  1. concept art for ark2? not interested in ark2. not interested in your souls game play. want to see WHAT you are actually doing to make ascendant worth the money I already paid for ASE. which by the way was in the 100s as I paid for every single DLC in addition to the game. And stupidily started on PC. stupidly bought it for PSN. then not knowing Ark2 was going to be a format I did not want to waste my time on had purchased the game yet again for xbox. actually only bought the xbox because I had dreamed of Ark2 being a fixed and advanced ark 1. If I had known..."souls like" I could have saved so so so much money. Not sure why Im here even bothering to look for news on ASA. I absolutely do not believe its happening this year. and so far, seeing nothing to warrant it being a paid for "upgrade". I am constantly looking for an alternative to ASE. so far no one comes close to ASE. and those that might are those kinds of seed maps no one wants to be a part of. not even as a single player. with ASE shutting down its no use playing a dead game. I keep hoping...but all these nothings do not make me believe WC anymore. or really, I should say no longer believe "the SNail" as SNAIL Games is really who is running the show. Its ironic how slow all the DLCs were to come out and none of us realized "snail games" meant WC was being held hostage at a "snails pace". I feel bad for the WC devs getting terrible things said about them all these years. when all the while its not WildCard its Snail games. Hoping WC survives this snail game fiasco. WC IS why there was anything good about ASE. the bugs, I think are safely laid at the snails door.
  2. thought we were supposed to get a cheeta as per a prior vote from earlier this year? As for trees, Id Like to see some of ECOs nature mods etc get put into ascended as standard. TBH ASE has always been TOO BARE bones when it comes to allowing players to be more creative with our bases/homes and or allow for any kind of individuality. so really, wanna remaster? thats fine just ADD some stuff too. dont be like warcraft and just remodel existing and call it new in the next chapter. that why I quit WOW it never ever changed the basics. just altered the skin. Hoping for so much more from Ascended. Looking forward to the next peek. hoping its an addition not a reskin. Fasolasuchus like a thorny dragon with feathers instead of thorns? mmkay
  3. you might have missed the part where they said they were going to be changing game play. for you that may be insignificant, for others it might just be a deal breaker. hinting at changing game play is yet another VAGUE statement used that is counter to the need for TRANSPARENCY.
  4. well thats odd. we looked for "news" on friday around 7ish pm and did not see 359. so we missed the 2x until after it was over. I even googled 359 thinking maybe my browser was caching old news. but nope. same old purple wyvern from 358. ANd ya know...with everything Ive built and slaved over set to be wiped out Aug 30 I just dont feel much like playing unless there is an evo event. So I said "lets just skip it" this weekend. Gee so thanks for that timely news update. as for waiting to reveal "ASA gameplay" ... what is that supposed to mean??? WE thought you were porting ASE over to U5 and revamping it a bit so as to justify going from free u4-to-u5 update, as previously promised, to having to pay for it. but you are now hinting that you are messing with the ASE "gameplay"?? Im waiting 121 days for 1 or 2 maps, and a year more for the remaining maps, because instead of porting over from u4 to u5 your changing the game play? and why is it the "comparison" of game icons looks like ASA is being given ARK2 game assets. Starting to sound to me like your merging Ark2 into Ark1 and if that means "souls like" game play instead of ASE gameplay...Im out. thanks but no thanks. Going forward maybe just talked about ASE and ASA without mentioning Ark2 in the same sentence and or paragraph. just so we can be sure what it is you are doing with our "beloved" ark1.
  5. looks like no news update for april 28 2023. is it normal for WC to skip a week or more? As for the dino vote...no offense but more dinos is not what any of us have asked for. especially not more of the same. what we want is all the goodies, furniture, building textures, tools, appliances, food stuffs, vegetables, recipes, drinks...all of that AND more texture options for building pulled into Ark1. NOT another dino. also if Ima pay for ASA and be happy doing it...I want my characters and their levels to transport over to the new ASA. not sure how that would be done as Im not a developer. but having to redo ALL those boss fights just to get past level 106 is a deal breaker. Love YOU but...no.
  6. apparently its a color combination. however, no one seems to agree on what the combo is. Ive seen the chart, but ty for posting it.
  7. <facepalm> Im chatty but I do not think I am 8000 posts chatty!
  8. OMG that was precious. and I mean thank you for the chuckle.
  9. oops I forgot the moderator was joeblow! no disrespect intended!
  10. this may be a question for grumpy bear? I see, after several years, Im still naked and have 71 posts to go before Im no longer nude in the forum. Question, after I get past nude, do I get clothing? Lol is there a list of the levels or rankings that I look see?. Sorry I do not know. Btw I am trying to be light hearted but seriously curious.
  11. Of late Ive seen a LOT of dinos being called "galaxy" (and other color names that do not match from dino to dino). Ive seen some black with purple and slight amount of blue. Ive seen some with dark purple and cyan blue with pink as well as other variations. All claim to be "galaxy" no two blues or purples etc are the same. I googled to see if there was some "official" color chart and did not find one. One fellow posted a chart in an FB group which shows "galaxy" as cyan pink and a light purple.No idea where that chart came from. He said the lighter colors are galaxy and use of black was retired. Im stumped. If WC has an official guide can someone point me to it? I think going forward if I trade I wont declare a name or care what the name is. If I like it I like it. If you like it you like it. But boy howdy wouldnt it be great if WC did have an official chart of color combo names? BTW if you google galaxy you will see what I mean. easier to see how different each is if you google on ebay as well. though I could swear we were not supposed to be doing that. ANyhooo... Id really love to see any lists. preferably an official one but others would be of interest as well because I dont really know the names of all these color combos. I know I have dead pool and now I know what three different people claim is galaxy. and Im really not sure what "joker" is other than some of it is green?
  12. hi grumpybear, it has finally left the server I was on. but it was on yesterday and this morning. the server is v956.1 so maybe someone fixed it. it was on other gen2s but not all of them. but good to know its not a hacker that did that. we did have a LOT of gen2 server crashes so what you say makes perfect sense. thank you for the info. I was worried and now im not. ty.
  13. Ive been trying to find out if its a hacker who did this on some of the gen2 servers or if its intentional. and if intentional why some and not all? No one seems to have the answer. which seems rather odd. at first I thought it might be because some of the gen2 servers were down for a week over xmas but this has been well over that period of time. and my server was only out a day. it feels like a hacker. tried to report it but customer service said was nothing they could do about it. I thought it was strange for them not to pass it on for investigation so it must be intentional? if so can someone tell us how long we have before it disapears?
  14. well if I downloAD ark from ms store and create a new character the question is can my xbox character share/trade etc with my MS downloaded version of ark which then would not be steam.
  15. Hi so Ive just read cross play is only allowed with xbox if you purchase ark via the microsoft store. my pc version is via steam. so before I go downloading via the microsoft store Id like to know IF my character on xbox could then give all her stuff to my character on PC. or rather would be able to access my PC vaults if I pincode them so my xbox gal could put dinos in there. no point to cross play for me unless I could do that. And then does the microsoft version have any access to mods like the steam version does? I mean what the point of not being able to get mods when or if I want to play single player? also Im a little confused. when I go to the microsoft store there seem to be two versions I can download to my PC for free. Im guessing this is because I own those on Xbox? in addition these PC versions all say in game purchasing. Ive never seen that on xbox or PSN. what is it I have to purchase in game? I thought only the mobile version forced people to purchase additional items such as kibble. IM kinda confused about that.
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