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  1. There's some merit to both points. On the one hand, yeah, people complain about Genesis not being released, and then also complain about meshing, and then WC focus their energy on meshing rather than Genesis, and people get mad. It's a no-win for WC. Of course, you also have to consider that there may be people who only complain about one or the other- ie someone who plays singleplayer is completely removed from the issues meshing causes, so what WC does about that doesn't affect them, and you probably won't find many of them complaining about meshing. Not to say that they don't necessarily think it's something is being done about it; but they're less likely to have a voice about it since it doesn't affect them. On the flipside, someone who doesn't intend to buy any DLC and plays on official servers likely doesn't care about Genesis, and just wants their Island experience to be playable without someone coming up from the ground and wiping them. They're not gunna buy it anyway, so the delay doesn't matter for them. On the other hand though- while, yes, it does feel.. iffy, having people complain about meshing and then complain about delays when WC changes focus, Genesis is, what, 9 days away now? Surely, they should be giving people some idea of what we're supposed to be buying, should be putting a bit more of a focus on Gen since it's so close to being released? People are supposed to be playing- buying- this soon, and we still have very little idea what we're actually getting. And aside from that, wouldn't a marketing team and a coding team be separate? (That is, while the coders are working on meshing, marketing is bringing us some idea of what they want us to buy). Sure, there should probably be a couple of people continuing to work on ironing out any final bugs, but that doesn't explain the lack of information we have. We're supposed to have a mission system?? That's completely new for ARK, maybe it's even somewhat story driven- shouldn't people be curious and excited to see what that is gunna be like? And why are we, the playerbase, in the dark about something so new and exciting for ARK. Something so new for ARK, and yet we have no idea how it's going to work, what it looks like, plays like. I don't think we've even had mention of it aside from the initial reveal stream.
  2. An item collector sort of thing. Like it! Particularly distributing items to other inventories.. like if you didn't have to manually collect and give beetles feces, or you could collect and store eggs while afk then come back and hatch them later.
  3. Apologies for the late response on my part- Assuming this is still an issue, could you please send a full list of all the mods you're using?
  4. So it crashes when he clicks 'Spawn survivor' or whatever the spawn button is called? Try spawning in different locations, and having him create a character on his own singleplyayer world, then uploading that character and downloading it on your world.
  5. Can you type numbers into the box on console? That's how you go over it on PC.
  6. If you play PC, there are a couple of mods for that.
  7. Yeah, hopefully WC takes some notice and gets that fixed for y'alls. It's hardly a small bug to go unpatched.
  8. I believe- There's only ever four or so at a time, so it's hard to find them. I think they also share that total with the Deathsands crates, so try checking there. Unless you're on Xbox, in which case as I've seen- there's probably some half dozen threads about it by now- loot crate spawns have been bugged for a long time. Same story for your wyverns. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/505022-wyverns/
  9. Damn;-; I think for me, sometimes I had to launch it at 25, then I could bump it back up to 50 later- Seems inconsistent, so maybe you can try again at some point in the future and it'll have magically fixed itself like it did for me.
  10. https://soundcloud.com/arksurvivalevolved/ark-genesis-main-theme AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  11. Hm. I mean I've heard that they're rare, so maybe you're just unlucky. Are you sure the event is working (event colours and such)?
  12. Using any mods that replace the normal fish?
  13. Ok, so how I'm understanding this is- Your friend is able to edit a character fine for an unlimited amount of time. However, after he goes to spawn in his character- he does the wake up animation etc- he's only able to move around for about 30 seconds before the game crashes? What exactly is your friend doing when it crashes? Any particular action, even just walking? Does it still crash if he stands still? As for the being on the server after it crashes, that's normal for whenever the host closes.
  14. Hm, not familiar with that one, and unfortunately not with many of the mods either. Is your friend already on your world (has a character set up), or are they trying to load to download or create a new character? If he already has a character on your world, try killing him. Force him to go to the respawn screen when he tries to load, and see if that fixes it.
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