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  1. In my experience, Magmas have way higher harvest and weight than ankys. The drawback is you can't grab it with an argy/ karkinos, so it's far less mobile, but in a metal-rich location with fairy accessible terrain such as Gen's volcano or Biolum on Ab, a Magma far outclasses an anky.
  2. Could copy the mod list in GUS.ini- Save the line somewhere, remove it from the file when you wanna play without mods, and then paste it back in when you want to use your mods again. An in-game saved preset option would be quite nice though, it's far nicer to work with an interface than a list of numbers.
  3. If the button on the menu screen doesn't wipe character data, then you'll have to go into the game files. As Tomm said, this will also wipe anything currently uploaded to your Obelisk- so make sure you download anything there- and all explorer notes as well. Steam>Steamapps>Common>Ark>Shootergame>Saved>LocalProfiles, and then delete the PlayerLocalData.arkprofile
  4. Variants of fire/poison/ice would work like that, but- I would think, though I wouldn't say for sure- That those 3 wyvern spawns don't really influence Ice wyvs. Perhaps there is a global generic wyvern cap, but I've never heard of such if it does exist. The principle is still true though- I'd just think it'd be general snow spawns, rather than the other wyvern spawns, blocking them. It's why dinowiping often helps with them, since if other dinos such as mammoths are 'taking up' all the spawns, you won't get any Ice wyvs. But regardless, you're right that eggs are indeed quite rare. Aside from spawns being blocked, I'd attribute the lack of eggs to the fact that Ice wyverns just generally spawn in low amounts (I've never seen more then 5 or 6 across the map on a raised Dino count), and then having those very few Ice wyvs spawn too far from the egg locations to spawn an egg. On the wyvern spawns themselves- though I've never verified it myself, I've heard that a dino count lower than 1 can result in some creatures such as Queens just not spawning. Could also be affecting Ice wyvs too, it's worth checking. And, considering that generally very few of them spawn, it's also worth using a tool to check current dino spawns, if you can, to verify that they aren't indeed spawning and are just being missed due to how few there are.
  5. Actually, eggs don't spawn 'on their own'. When a wyvern spawns, it has a chance to spawn a matching egg if it's near one of the specific nest locations. (You can also sort of force it to spawn another egg like this but it's incredibly difficult for anything but Ice wyverns). That's why any egg you find will always match up with a wyvern you see flying around (unless it's been destroyed/ killed etc before you actually see it of course; but the egg will always have come from a matching parent).
  6. Yeah it's a titled a little backwards, it sounds like it's giving the dinos no resistance- But, if memory serves (it's been a while since I last fiddled with that setting), it actually takes the damage otherwise dealt and multiplies it by that value. So in this scenario, it takes the damage taken and multiplies it by 0, and you get 0 damage as a result. And of course inversely, a higher value (above 1) is what'll make them take more damage.
  7. That dino resistance is what'll be doing it. 1 is the default- Set it to that and see how that goes. As for playing the same Ark on Xbox, I don't know how transferring between- I'm guessing PC?- to console works, but I'd guess that you're only transferring the Ark save file, not the Config files, since the settings aren't stored in the save file itself.
  8. Yep. Only time you want to be breeding to a mutated female is when you're trying to 'move' her mutation onto a male. Your main breeding line should always have only males mutated.
  9. You want to keep all the mutations on the father's side when breeding for new mutations- Breed a mutated male to a bunch of unmutated females. If you get a female with a mutation that you want, breed it with an unmutated male until you get a male with those mutations, then breed it to all the females again, and so on.
  10. I've only ever seen this issue on Ab, you should at least be able to continue playing on other maps with normal distances. And yeah it's pretty annoying, seems completely random what distances it decides to crash at. I think I was set to 100 or something initially, then had to reduce it to 25 or so, and was then able to turn it back up to 50 again later, so maybe you'll be able to bump it up again at some point even if it has to be set quite low for now.
  11. Are the dinos getting bloody (as an indicator of low health)? By default, unless you've turned player damage way down, or dino damage resistance way up, you should be able to. Have you changed either of those settings?
  12. Every map within singleplayer/ non-dedicated is a separate save for the most part, only explorer notes, achievement skins and the Obelisk will be shared across maps. So your SE save will be different to your Island save, and you can have a single save of every map at once (unless you start shuffling around files to switch out which save of any one map you want to play). You can either create new characters and play the maps completely separately, or you can use the Obelisk to transfer your existing characters, dinos, gear etc between the two, though there are some risks you need to be aware of if you choose to do so.
  13. Group whistle range is pretty small, smaller than your view distance. If you play PC singleplayer or on an unofficial server, there are mods you can get which show you tame dino locations. If you have command access, you can use those to teleport to different argies on the map, but afaik there's you can't really know which argy you'll teleport to until you've TPed to it. Otherwise, you'll probably have to just go back the way you came and hope you see them as you go along. Spamming group whistle while you do so helps.
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