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  1. PC - Singleplayer – Hibernation Disabled – Modded, BUT all of these bugs have been tested and occur in unmodded environments as well. I have also verified files several times since first encountering all of these bugs, and they persist. **DISCLAIMER: I do not play on servers, so my knowledge that these bugs do not occur on servers comes mainly from talking to people who do.** This post comes mainly from a solo player’s frustration at how SP can be so neglected. While I understand that bugs will always slip through, and it can be hard to catch bugs that require specific replication, but some of these bugs are so prevalent they’re impossible to miss with any playtime at all. How hard it is to miss some of these bugs makes me seriously wonder is Singleplayer was ever playtested at all, and the subsequent lack of acknowledgement is incredibly disheartening. Also note that this does not include bugs that I believe are SP only, but cannot verify as such with certainty. GENESIS: All water spawns except Ocean completely broken. Gamebreaking. Nothing spawns in them. This is most evident in the bog, but also stretches to Lunar and the snow. Workaround: INI spawns. Lunar Element fog AoE damages. Gamebreaking. The fog does the intended 200 damage to players and tames whenever you’re standing inside it, however, whenever a creature, wild or tamed, walks into it, everything on the island is inflicted with a 10 DPS damage (white damage numbers to yourself and tames). It refills all stats and charges Tek, and instantly drains torpor- Thus waking up any dino you have just knocked out. This is incredibly frustrating- having an hour of work KOing a half dozen 160+ Tek Rexes just erased because a singular Seeker spawned on the other side of the island and flew a little too close to the green fog. Workaround: None known ABERRATION: Wild rock drakes spin madly. Movement is broken. Workaround: None known, but not gamebreaking. Reaper Impregnation camera flashing. The impregnation animation, after you get stabbed, makes the camera flash everywhere until you’re released. Workaround: None known. Very disorienting, but not game breaking. GENERAL: Dinos barely respawn [hibernation only]. Gamebreaking. Spawns stagnate, and I don’t mean ‘big spawns are occupied by smaller creatures’. I mean ANY dinos barley spawn back on their own without a dinowipe. Workaround: Dinowiping (temporary fix, must be done regularly). Disabling hibernation (has its own issues, mainly in performance) Resource nodes don’t respawn. Gamebreaking. I have read this was a ‘feature’ intended to stop people abusing the fact that resource nodes would respawn instantly if you exit and re-loaded. Now, instead of spawning back instantly (which you could have done just by setting the resource timer low), if you exit before a resource has respawned, it will never spawn back. Workaround: Only for prevention- turning resource timers low and being careful about when you quit. Taints gameplay. No known fix for resources that are already gone.
  2. You play with hibernation on or off? Try disabling hibernation with -preventhibernation in the Steam launch parameter.
  3. TheEclipseee


    This is why you have admin commands. From what I've heard, WC struggles to keep up with support on Official alone (where they HAVE to do support themselves) so I get the impression they really can't stretch to supporting everything unofficial when you can just do exactly what they do, yourself. If you're on PC, do you have a backup or any auto-backups? You can import a character from an earlier save file. If you're on console, don't have a backup, or, just feel more comfortable with commands, you can use commands to re-create your character. Lmk if you want any help with that.
  4. Karkinos *should* spawn in lunar, not snow.
  5. Damn. My bad for not asking first, sorry! In that case, I'd expect distance teleporting, considering the size of the arena, if you are indeed unable to raise the slider beyond.. 3 iirc? Definitely go with the two-person Drake method so you don't have to worry about that, unless you're pretty confident that you know the distance you get TPed at and can stay within range of each other on separate Drakes.
  6. TheEclipseee


    Put points in stamina or don't sprint.
  7. I play on PC- And I guess I should have started off by asking which platform you play, actually, because I don't know if the TP zones on console are the same as PC..>_< And since I've heard you can't raise the tether past the slider on console, assuming there's no difference in scaling between PC/ console tether, you'd have issues. The arena is huge, big enough that dinos on the other side of the arena to you de-render, so the maximum distance the slider alone allows will have TPing (at least on PC). If you also play PC though, everything I've said comes from experience. I have my tether set to 50, which should be more than enough to prevent any issues in the arena.
  8. All good! Sounds solid, good luck to you both!
  9. Oh, fair enough. Sorry, I thought the point being made was that the boss generally needed a nerf, not that it was about the difference in difficulty:,D I totally agree though, the scaling between the missions and the boss (from what I've heard) does indeed seem really weird, and having the missions easy as they are probably does set people up to expect an easy fight. I guess there's not really a good middle ground though- The way I see it, the Gamma missions being easy is sort of to give you a chance to explore the mechanics and just get a general idea of what you do for the mission, and they can't really make the final boss super easy either, because it's, well, the final boss.
  10. OH! And put all your items, armour, everything, in a dino before you Ascend after you beat him! Your inventory drops in SP, I've heard, though I've never actually tested myself. Also, if you don't find your dinos at either the Portals or the Rockwell Terminal after you spawn back in, lmk. I've got a guide written up on what's probably happened to em and how to get them back.
  11. Hmmmm.. It's not a bad plan, but whether or not it's the best one depends on a couple of factors (and with 2P Rockwell, you really want the best plan you have). How much health does your Drake have? (And gamma/ beta/ alpha RW?) Ammo counts/ weapon damage? The main issue that I can see is that you'll have to do some turning in order for your friend to be able to see the orbs well enough to shoot them effectively, and you'll also have everything in that arena focused on just one drake (and by extension, both you and your friend). At the very least, I'd bring some Reapers or well-bred Megalos-Anything that has decent surviveability and speed- on neutral, simply because they're some extra damage and an extra target for all the nasties. They may not last long if you're not actively guiding them, but it'll at least be some help getting though the first rounds. I wouldn't recommend trying to use your tames very heavily though, controlling them gets messy, they de-render on the other side of the arena etc. Just set em to neutral and let em do their own thing for the most part. The principle you have- splitting up the roles- is solid though. The hardest thing in the arena (and what makes it such a challenge to do with few people) is just how much there is to keep track of. So, I'd consider- How good are both of you at handling weapons on a Drake? If you're both pretty good at moving with a gun, I'd suggest a Drake each. It'll give you more flexibility, and a larger total mount health pool. Also, if you get caught by the electricity, there's a chance you'll still have at least someone mounted- and by extension a charge pet still alive. If you do that, split up the roles. You'd both be taking piloting, so focus on splitting the enemies. One person focuses on moving through the arena shooting tentacles, and the other runs around them, shooting any orbs or Reapers that get too close. And if you aren't decent mounted with a gun, you definitely want to get some practice in before you go into the arena. Even if you do end up just piloting, you will pretty much certainly need to do at least some orb shooting- they get very overwhelming in numbers toward the later rounds. That said, I do remember clunky/ complex controls adding to how overwhelming the arena can be (switching between three guns, turning with A/D, turning to shoot, trying to turn around to shoot the orb behind me but I've got a gun in my hand so put the gun away so I can use my mouse to turn, pull out a gun that's the wrong gun-) so if you aren't super confident that both of you can shoot and drive, it may be good to have one person focusing on driving and the other shooting. Just keep in mind that it does mean you'll have less surviveability. Also, if you intend to abuse the tether distance teleporting- Let your friend know that the most important thing is not letting the host die. If it reaches the point where they're dying and don't have a chance to find and pick up their equipment, and all they can do is hope they can dash to a mount before they die again, then they should just bodyblock the orbs from reaching the host. Doesn't matter if they die, but if the host dies, it's game over.
  12. Mate boost adds 30% resistance. Daeodon healing wasn't factored in there. 29 points- doesn't say a lot. What was the base wild, for instance? 49 wild health + 29 tame is a big difference compared to 20 wild + 29 tame. A solid value with the total health is a much better gauge. And if there were only 3 rexes with only 29 points, with no healing, and no buff, of course they all died quickly. You're not getting the damage of the avatars split between 20 dinos, with a multitude of resistances and some amount of healing, and 18 sets of teeth dealing damage- in theory, a 6x higher damage output. And that's not even considering the Yuty's +25%. Instead, you're getting the full force of all the Avatars all on only 3 dinos, and only 3 dinos dealing damage, with few points in health and only maybe a mate boost and rider imprint working to counter the Avatar damage. Perhaps the scaling in difficulty between the quests and the boss is skewed, but I'd honestly be disappointed if the final boss fight could be beaten like that.
  13. You don't have to stop fighting to heal. Dinos eat cakes on their own, and someone riding a daeodon heals during fighting. From the sounds of it, it's a fight that you should go into expecting losses anyway, and you just make as many dinos last as long as they can. And the health stat really matters, what health are you talking doesn't last?
  14. Don't bother looking for karkinos, lampreys, or lunar salmon on the moon either :< Pretty much every water spawn that's not in the ocean is broken in SP.
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