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  1. hi @Immineree I personally don't work on the console updates, so this may be intended. I will try and remember to mention this to the team just in case anyway - thank you.
  2. oops, we'll look into that - thank you!
  3. we're working on this currently, should be fixed soon
  4. hi @Vyrem. I looked into your issue but I couldn't reproduce the same thing. Would you be able to give me a little more information? Was it happening for all your mutagen, just one of them, or multiple but not all? Thanks
  5. Ok @Docat your crash should be fixed now (v332.9) Let me know if that doesn't seem to be the case
  6. best thing would be to avoid the space biome if possible (although I'm not sure if it's going to help in your case). we're going to try and fix this crash today, so hopefully you won't have to deal with the issue much longer
  7. This is a slightly different crash (related to the same stuff) - we'll fix it! Thank you
  8. The next client update should fix the crashes (v332.6). Please let me know if that seems to fix it for any of you. And if it doesn't, please post an updated crashstack in here so that we can investigate! thank you guys!
  9. Hi guys, Thank you for submitting the bugs & posting in this thread. We're currently looking into this issue, appreciate all info provided, it is proving to be very helpful.
  10. @MrJoeOrange This should be fixed and live now, can you confirm?
  11. Currently investigating this issue, thanks for posting your reports.
  12. I just found out this fix isn't in console yet, you'll get it sometime this week I believe. Once updated, please let me know if you can see baryonyx/sarcos/kapros then, thanks!
  13. Unfortunately this is intended for now, and I believe tek trikes will continue to be retricted to just Genesis, although this may change in the future. If you bring the cryopod back to Genesis, the tek trike should work again correctly. If this aspect doesn't seem like it's working correctly, let me know!
  14. I'm seeing both in lunar caves, what client version are you using? (Number in main menu) Also, could you give me coordinates of the locations where you think the spawns are broken? You can press tab to open console and type "ccc" which will copy coordinates into your clipboard automatically, and you can paste them here to me. Thanks
  15. aha, that does seem to be the case still, thank you.
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