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  1. @MrJoeOrange This should be fixed and live now, can you confirm?
  2. Currently investigating this issue, thanks for posting your reports.
  3. I just found out this fix isn't in console yet, you'll get it sometime this week I believe. Once updated, please let me know if you can see baryonyx/sarcos/kapros then, thanks!
  4. Unfortunately this is intended for now, and I believe tek trikes will continue to be retricted to just Genesis, although this may change in the future. If you bring the cryopod back to Genesis, the tek trike should work again correctly. If this aspect doesn't seem like it's working correctly, let me know!
  5. I'm seeing both in lunar caves, what client version are you using? (Number in main menu) Also, could you give me coordinates of the locations where you think the spawns are broken? You can press tab to open console and type "ccc" which will copy coordinates into your clipboard automatically, and you can paste them here to me. Thanks
  6. aha, that does seem to be the case still, thank you.
  7. this issue should be completely fixed now.. please respond and tag me in this thread if there seems to be additional issues! i'm sorry it took so long, and thanks for all the info. on genesis single player specifically, you will need to teleport to other biomes in order for creatures to respawn. (noticed some of you mention how when you do cheat destroywilddinos that not much respawns). if you want to force a respawn on genesis SP, you should do destroywilddinos, tp bog, tp ice, tp volcano, tp lunar and tp ocean. alternatively, if you don't want to use admin commands, you can kill
  8. we're working on fixing the DefeatBoss cheats
  9. is this still happening to you? any crash log?
  10. This issue should now be fixed. It took a little longer for Epic games clients to get the fix unfortunately
  11. Re-fertilizer won't instantly respawn everything that's on a respawn cooldown (if you've just harvested it for example), it'll only respawn foliage that has been blocked for respawn by a foundation or structure. If you think it's still broken, could you provide a screenshot or coordinates of the tree you're talking about so we can investigate further? Thanks
  12. Thanks, we were able to reproduce this. Working on a fix.
  13. Wondering if this is a supply drop location? On PvE by default you cannot build at those locations, and unfortunately doesn't give any error message. Make sure you have this line in your GameUserSettings.ini (...SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer), under the [ServerSettings] section: ?PvEAllowStructuresAtSupplyDrops=true If this still doesn't work, lemme know and I'll investigate further
  14. According to those I've spoken to behind the scenes, there was no intention to give these islands the cave damage multiplier. However, I'm also not sure if such a volume can be placed by "accident".. We will try to get it fixed and treat it as a bug - as we are not aware of any reason that these should continue to have the multiplier. Thanks for taking the time to check in SP for me and for the coordinates!
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