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  1. @DomiDarko Currently only working on servers and not single player until there is a client update, sorry about that
  2. @ilriveril I was able to reproduce the issue of dinocountmultiplier effecting dino spawns unintentionally, thanks for your report. @VegaObscura691 I believe xbox/win10/PS still do not have the fix for ocean spawners, only the temporary hotfix we made just before the holidays to stop them spawning to prevent the overspawn and perf issues that caused. Hopefully that gets pushed to console soon
  3. We recently fixed this overspawn, you'll need to do a dinowipe to clear it if your server doesn't do one automatically. cheat destroywilddinos Please let me know if this overspawn appears to persist even after a dinowipe
  4. Hi guys, I'm unable to find any high level rex on my servers. Is this happening on unofficial only? Any singleplayer or official reports? Looks like it could be config related, but not sure which one. any additional info would be appreciated, cheers
  5. Oops, definitely not intended I was able to reproduce this easily, thanks for the PSA
  6. @ilriveril Also, make sure you're using cheats such as "cheat getall Tusoteuthis_Character_BP_C" (and then check the server's console output) to get the accurate count of them on the server, it will include tamed and wild. It might be they are just spawning in weird places for you ^^
  7. Ah my apologies, they're still in the pending console update. You will get them whenever the next update comes
  8. @ilriveril Checked them on officials, they're definitely spawning. Are you checking on official, unofficial or SP?
  9. Sorry, I wasn't clear enough - by "bugs" in quotations all I mean is, actual issues occuring, feedback to make it better, or any other suggestions otherwise that I can pass along. Videos really are the most helpful resource to provide in such cases though.
  10. Sinomacrops were intentionally made more skittish than other passive tames in ARK. For example, they will most likely flee if they get near a standing player, or any tamed dinosaurs. It would be really helpful for us to get any videos where any "bugs" during taming happen, so that we can try to reproduce the issues. Thank you
  11. Looking into this, thanks for the info
  12. We temporarily disabled some ocean spawners over the holiday for a risk-free emergency patch to fix the overspawning of them. This should be fixed in the next update we do, which should fix the overspawns for reals. If you guys notice anything fishy (excuse the pun) whenever the next update goes live, please tag me in here and I will investigate.
  13. We're looking into fixing this issue. There are no workarounds known currently. In the meantime, just keep in mind the latitude will be showing your icon, and bed icons etc, as further up the map than in reality.
  14. There are parakeet fish schools in the ocean on Lost Island that can be used to tame the megachelon
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