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  1. Third parties have confirmed with us that they have the latest server build. Unofficial hosts will have to update their server to get the update for the DLC engram fix.
  2. Thanks, yep, unfortunately was introduced to console's latest patch.
  3. yep it requires the server to be updated
  4. We're aware of an issue causing the wyverns to be able to wander far away from their assigned trench location on Fjordur. This is unintended behaviour and we will fix
  5. I checked out that cave on PVE. It is not buildable inside or even just outside, but can still be blocked with some effort. Fortunately it doesn't have any artifact or any unique resource in the offical version though.
  6. We're working on getting this pushed to console ASAP, sorry for the delays
  7. Hey guys, thanks for all your info. We are aware of and working on the following issues with Fjordhawk taming: 1. When eating a corpse the player has killed, Fjordhawk will not gain taming affinity (progress) when the player is mounted (PC and Console) 2. Fjordhawk will no longer eat tamed dinos to gain taming affinity (progress) on PVE servers (PC and console) If there are any additional problems (different from the ones mentioned above), please let me know in this thread and I will investigate, thanks
  8. @kyranight Thanks, I was able to reproduce that. If anyone notices any other issues with taming that doesn't seem related to being mounted, lemme know
  9. I believe it is in GameUserSettings.ini, under the [ServerSettings] section
  10. @kyranight Are you able to tell me what cave, or provide coordinates to which cave is buildable on official PVE?
  11. Alright, I just found out we will be allowing all of the DLC engrams to be unlocked on Fjordur after all. Coming soon
  12. Yep, it's intended for those realms to act as caves do regarding flyer settings
  13. Did you get the last hit on the dinos you killed for the Fjordhawk? If I remember correctly, your team has to deal the killing blow for the fjordhawk to gain taming affinity. If that wasn't the case, any other info would be appreciated
  14. Yeah as you can upload your existing characters on Fjordur, you can bring unlocked engrams from other maps with you. Ah, I did make it sound like that, however there are no plans to unlock them later on (that I'm aware of)
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