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  1. The Future of Flyers

    Ive played official recently and people will always adapt to changes, where there is a will there is a way. But the option on Unofficial servers to change it on or off will be amazing since the mods hardly get updated
  2. What is your favorite tamed Ark creature!?

    How could I forget the frogs, can never find a decent level though
  3. What is your favorite tamed Ark creature!?

    Glad other Arkers have such good taste
  4. What is your favorite tamed Ark creature!?

    Thylas 100% they climb walls! Jump decently far, also with a decent amount of health and damage with a smidge of movement speed. GG you got your self a mean pussy.
  5. Engram List Lag

    Huge help, thank you! A++
  6. 1000000s of Wyverns

    you are one sexy human. I was looking for so long and couldn't find one single mod. Must be a Wizard
  7. Random Ark Pictures

    Either Bugs, Cool pics or fan art!