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  1. ok thanks however the gamepedia wiki was wrong for days it's something i expect from the devs especially with so much confusion from the mod having extinction creatures and griffin, also wiki is run by volunteers not official ark, also plucking random dates out of nowhere is what i try to avoid? have you got a source saying 18th 19th? if not next time dont reply if you don't know again this is something devs should be answering
  2. damn this crunch be extra dry? ced please post some confirmed lists of creatures for the map still so many questions being asked, also how or why was it not launched on console at same time why not wait till it passed certification on xbox and ps4? also how is there no release date? sounds like a rush job and i cant see why
  3. no tease? no sliver man!! it's a long 7 days! where' s another mysterious mystery? lol
  4. good luck jen! it's not easy dealing with expectations of 13 million players and you have done a hard job hope whatever next is a little less stressful lol also chicken raptor! man there better be a trailer at e3! we NEED it!
  5. honestly i never thought i would see the day asking for a mobile game to be made into a full game but damn the mobile devs have added some really cool stuff over the last year, it's a broad topic and am guessing they can be more focused working on smaller scale ark but yeah lets get some of the stuff they are doing over to main game
  6. where's the love for the woolly mammoth? ark mobile just added them and they can spout water when can we get the same for base game? and if not happening why not?
  7. GG so nice to be able to talk about good things like an event and much needed bug fixes
  8. not at all! the post is literally a big "its not our fault" they should have more testers we should not be the testers! also take a look at the replies the majority are not happy either with the post? no mention of the console issues or sorry for the problems just a "you guys found the bugs gg" these bugs are not small or rare or unlikely some are plain and simply basics of game testing = check other maps work when implementing new dlc! (center map volcano island completely glitched out) check other game modes work ( primitive plus servers offline for weeks) check graphics load in correctly on dinosaurs ( still have dinos that look like origami) not one of them bugs glitchs or whatever you call it is a small thing that should have been missed , i haven't got the time or words to list all the issues with balancing an pvp, simply stating they cater to everyone does not cut it! if you can't deliver a product that works dont deliver it, then be silent over the issues for weeks. ps you know whats insane doing the same thing over an over again even though you could choose not too! all the previous dlc had huge issues, every update has broke the game further an you want to white knight and defend them? looool
  9. basic bugs that you should have tested as core functionality are just passed off as bugs that slip through? your q an a has always been woefully inadequate, it's also hard to defend what you do with development when you literally throw the shortest dev time at projects possible yet hype it up as great things, if you really can't afford more testers ( that should be a team of a hundred considering the 12 million players that bought your game and made you over 200 million dollars in first year alone) then dont release as full dlc, slap beta on it an be up front with the community your meant to service, the ones you know who majority paid for a season pass then waited a year for a broken buggy imbalanced mess, not one word of sorry for also not just delivering a broken dlc but also further breaking core gameplay and game modes on console? what justification is that? scorched earth was meant to be your method of testing how well future dlcs would integrate into the game, that was lies too! at some point despite your good intentions to service vast groups you need to look at the core of your game an realise you alienate more then you drag in by constantly glossing over bugs and issues with such contriteness 3 dlc's on multiple updates an yet again you still cant take ownership an instead blame it on players playing the game an finding bugs FIX YOUR GAME!
  10. @robbydeath slow down defender of wildcard! forums are exactly the place for positive and constructive feedback an questions, i aint got time to counter every brushing off you have done but ill say this, most people are owed this dlc because we bought season pass so it's totally ok to expect content especially after its been delayed once (spring 2018 was original date)
  11. hi so free as in free for life but you have to download in that week or just free for that one week? what about console? do console get the same? or is it going to be a free weekend?
  12. LOVE THE AMOUNT OF COMMENTS ABOUT REUSED SKINS AS TEK! but only a few about meshing! even if you dont play multiplayer you should be concerned! - i dont buy that every game has the problem not on the scale ark does! rust conan exiles both have had meshing issues both have majority sorted their issues! 3 years of saying theres problems and the best response is we are doing our best? i appreciate the explanation of what it is an what causes undermeshing but you woefully glossed over the fact most of the meshing is down to poor map design and not enough passes over holes! 12 million sales 30k plus people every day playing on steam alone! i think a response more then we know is needed at least look at the picks again an till then neuter them, and get more moderators who do something about meshers instead of going after people who built in high places
  13. FEW THINGS YOU CAN MAYBE HELP OUT WITH FOR MY VIDEO JEN? 1. why are you paying streamers to play these servers? arks player count is doing good? an its a new mode? why does it need companies like noiz endorsed by you offering $50 dollars a day to play on the conquest mode? 2. its highly unethical! paid promo is not big deal with tubers or streamers in a pve or single player setting, but your effectively paying people to wipe others! the info you just released about biggest tribes having access to enforcement teams is also highly susceptible to false accusations an devs in pocket no? 3. tubers streamers will have more people wiling to play an be apart of their videos or livestreams so your effectively creating super tribes made from paid employees thats just not right 4. the money being spent over 10 days or so on these streamers and the substantial mooney you offer for modding prizes and sponsorship seems to only be benefiting pc players, when are we gonna receive real content for console? 5. these servers are for many the reason people stopped playing official ark overrun by chines tribes to large to compete against is this really the best the community could suggest when you asked for experimental servers? message me on twitter if ya want to take convo off forums, i'll be doing my video in few hours would love a response jade plasy games
  14. 6 questions? you telling me with 12 million people buying this game there are only 6 questions an answers to post! tell ya what get me on the community crunch livestream lets talk ark for real! instead of all this nonsence
  15. funny how everyone is crying about clickbait but not seeing a solution? maybe if devs had a road map maybe actually communicated with their fans clickbait wouldnt win, people will always be after info about their fav game regardless if its clickbait or not its entertainment for some, for record anthomina is a huge clickbaiter with his this is coming to ark! turns out its just a mod but thats my opinion people like loaded crysis are the worse though they actually lie an promote it as if its coming like the dragon punk stuff an it never will, ( full blown convo with dan the creator stating consoles arnt powerful enough as is, would need huge investment from wc to port it over, dont get me wrong i have put out my fair share of clickable vids but 90% has been in irony at the clickbait around me, face facts you cant make tubers do anything but you can voice better communication from wc that should be your focus, not tubers dislike the video click dont show me again move on
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