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  1. STUDIO WILDCARD HEAD DOUG KENNEDY GAVE A RECENT INTERVIEW ABOUT VARIATY OF STUFF TO DO WITH ARK ANDLET SLIP THEY ARE THINKING OF ADDING CRYPTO AND NFT'S TO THERE FUTURE GAMES WITH A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IN COMING MONTHS 1. why is this bad? enviromental effects, nft's and crypto are hugely damaging due to the extra co2 emissions that generate 2. ther are used in illegal activities and scams 3. predatory game companies like ea/ubisoft and activision are already looking how to add them and create even worse then battle pass's mtx and loot boxes 4. they will change the way games are made Mo
  2. there will be i am sure hundres of great submissions and i love the fact wildcard are doing this but it does result in whoever is the biggest creator or whoever can cry loudest getting their submissions or favourites as most voted, part of that also was the lack of quality of the final entries, so wildcard need to count up votes and then actually get their concept artists to do proper mocks of dossiers, wouldnt hurt to also showcase them on a stream or something to try and balance favouritism, maybe put some actual effort into a community event!
  3. sadly wildcard have committed a pure cash grab with the switch edition, not one single update in over a year, the port team dont even work on it anymore
  4. this post didn't age greatly, cashgrab by wildcard is what the switch version is
  5. all 16 million players are just they? they cant have different views on the game no? people want fixes yes they also want communication on content, both sets of people are the most passionate and love the game so stop with the sweeping statements, no other game announces stuff as late as wildcard, or so vague. simple answer is to give a date that's way past when they expect to finish up and then just quietly go about more qol until that date, the game is coming up to 5 years, that's a long time to keep making the same mistakes and never learning. also you can't relax when you spend thousands o
  6. so great stuff breaking down the wins? but where is the sorry we made servers unplayable over the weekend? connection issues all day saturday for majority of people, sorry the console version received two updates, one on a friday night with zero chance to fix till monday, and one hours ago you only just update everyone on what's in it? sorry for lack of acknowledgement anywhere on social media until yesterday. here's some constructive ideas! In future no more updates on fridays when you don't have the staff in on weekends to fix the mess you keep putting out? create a auto notice on th
  7. ark survival evolved genesis the fourth and final dlc! hype lol seriously well done all the mod entries and winners! hopefully teh fixes for console come soon and you find solution for xbox duping, now if ya want to also sort out prim plus and ark nintendo switch updates and i think your work would be done lol
  8. helping out is having relevant info bud, dont get knickers in twist just saying i don't need random non relevant info - you do you! also being rude wasnt intention
  9. ok thanks however the gamepedia wiki was wrong for days it's something i expect from the devs especially with so much confusion from the mod having extinction creatures and griffin, also wiki is run by volunteers not official ark, also plucking random dates out of nowhere is what i try to avoid? have you got a source saying 18th 19th? if not next time dont reply if you don't know again this is something devs should be answering
  10. damn this crunch be extra dry? ced please post some confirmed lists of creatures for the map still so many questions being asked, also how or why was it not launched on console at same time why not wait till it passed certification on xbox and ps4? also how is there no release date? sounds like a rush job and i cant see why
  11. no tease? no sliver man!! it's a long 7 days! where' s another mysterious mystery? lol
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