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  1. sadly wildcard have committed a pure cash grab with the switch edition, not one single update in over a year, the port team dont even work on it anymore
  2. this post didn't age greatly, cashgrab by wildcard is what the switch version is
  3. all 16 million players are just they? they cant have different views on the game no? people want fixes yes they also want communication on content, both sets of people are the most passionate and love the game so stop with the sweeping statements, no other game announces stuff as late as wildcard, or so vague. simple answer is to give a date that's way past when they expect to finish up and then just quietly go about more qol until that date, the game is coming up to 5 years, that's a long time to keep making the same mistakes and never learning. also you can't relax when you spend thousands of hours in a game only to see all your progress wiped because of bug fix updates. go read the actual bug forums posts and then maybe you will have a better understanding
  4. so great stuff breaking down the wins? but where is the sorry we made servers unplayable over the weekend? connection issues all day saturday for majority of people, sorry the console version received two updates, one on a friday night with zero chance to fix till monday, and one hours ago you only just update everyone on what's in it? sorry for lack of acknowledgement anywhere on social media until yesterday. here's some constructive ideas! In future no more updates on fridays when you don't have the staff in on weekends to fix the mess you keep putting out? create a auto notice on the ark main menu that can easily be updated to let people know whats happening instead of everyone stalking everywhere on social media. You have beta branches for dlc but where is the beta branches testing all this? i can count 2 times this year you actually used test live servers yet is a common practice with far smaller companies and games, us eteh 16 million players to your advantage to help find these issue before once again you push them to live Dev streams highlighting good stuff you added that isn't paid dlc, even bug fixes or demonstrations about how op the old meta has been for creatures? show people so they understand nerfs and buffs instead of only patch notes, something needs to spark this community because right now it's pretty lifeless Hire a additional social media manager, the game has 16 million players it should have a whole team dedicated to collating feedback spreading positive vibes and more instead of only one person
  5. i think the dna code is going to give us a key to use with the image of the dna in outguess just like the first time i ran it though outguess program and we got the gnup stuff which lead to helena email and the terminal uplink entry. it's fairly obvious in my eyes as the image path name is called OUT! I DONT THINK WE TAKE WHAT EVER THE KEY GENERATED IS OR ANYTHING DIRECT FROM THIS PIC ANd PUT IT INTO THE TERMINAL UPLINK NOR THE ARK TRANSLATOR (sorry caps lol we need to run it through outguess first
  6. 427A6F2B i have tried running the various profile pics the pic that defaults are changing too (that was the first pic we tried) and the achievement hunter one! no joy with either, am guessing we keep emailing helena now and that the countdown will reveal more info or codes? i swear the countdown has a new code, was added to one of the gates, was completely empty but now has 2 strings, for purpose of explaining and records! i have been making vids of code breaking progress! anyone else finds anything let me know! il be keeping eye on the forum post but might not have time to cover or wrap up stuff. ps if i got anything wrong also let me know.
  7. ok so with help of my ratbags and reddit user mauve-midnight we have more teases and clues OUT & GUESS led us to the tool outguess. We used the 32-bit version of cygwin and made sure to have it install outguess And the key to decode from the image was AP this is what came back -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 [LOG_TRANSMIT] Start sublayer encrypted communications test. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Verify receipt. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Confirm full fingerprint ID of 724EA9458ED40FBF in user profile. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAEBCAAGBQJdPUtAAAoJEHJOqUWO1A+/gJQP/0t6bbn7ECOybQn2YWO7TVVN gfcgSQvfBp+Zxp+efdwQe9mK6MHalrFQIbpazdJYA6vnDx99Il86WvVbjOoQZxEw DdVfesW4fboqqX0rMB+zUo+aIll4ekfCHcEyC2/YCAaYP/5cjFmFa7hx/VsBwrNs DxRrg9vjTkiC6LcW3sCuP1YX5jKQXQLa4i2nmDCzx101F7GdGZ8jFHWvsrPx98rk isGrEzBk42ygN75/YFjnKq+q5D4L4AEkf9s6MRTR/0NTJ8QREOoWroAsvo+J+JsK Ta9gb1hRbeT2MRr47OoG7rB9yfV1DDPsu1Hj8CrFYti4Yl+qIxSXF3Reiob+nzwD 2zo5VT/QAwN8yMtcRJrgWsb2BtPDV/QaRq8K7YjVIQ3VXw8/4f88u2OxbmDXLr6H jjKNx4f6aUUra8xMFi7btWrQCDf0QcuFklJsFMiAOgmEZOSo5dDVy2ah8nA5mWma ftfpbj956KRchJ3gOnX4M2IPp4c3Y0as4c9q4jVtFBxsgisCaEphn71AOK3QnUKE b57N21fvKbzkFofmnMLzdtEMAKvW+iD/bDGxxMmruIl2DWXQqsltp13A2VowFrhe cAZW/c+9HlSRsBHJYJJx5ejkSGDAs0FS2pa/8P40YkD/ZYSmaQTCEG+cPxwFuFd+ wuyYJHzkM05VFgWwDIHq =2DQu -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- not sure yet what next???
  8. ark survival evolved genesis the fourth and final dlc! hype lol seriously well done all the mod entries and winners! hopefully teh fixes for console come soon and you find solution for xbox duping, now if ya want to also sort out prim plus and ark nintendo switch updates and i think your work would be done lol
  9. ok so we know the code refers to ARAT PRIME etc but there is more to this? on reddit someone posted asound file but it leads back to dead page here on ark forums?
  10. helping out is having relevant info bud, dont get knickers in twist just saying i don't need random non relevant info - you do you! also being rude wasnt intention
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