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  1. What about when someone puts a small starter base at a spawn point with starting gear war chests for new players
  2. that looks like a Lvl 221. But I’m told it’s a ! Mark. Can you provide any additional information. A regular raptor does not damage stone but a alpha does
  3. Storing ai in crypto to make smarter enemies has my interest. However I probably deserve a spot at the end of the page. The metaverse tribe has one member as of now and I can not add a topic to it.
  4. I wonder if that has any connection to this
  5. for the damage a cannon would work better a damage list to help her plan https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Auto_Turret
  6. Just showing support, Good luck
  7. You can always try Ark challenges out like the floor is lava
  8. The trailer has tek and was made with in game assets. However can still be considered primarily primitive-themed
  9. Making a new title, Ark: metaverse evolved would be best suited for the project in the long run I believe. Perhaps hammering out a road map with the players before hand can help. Crypto has been shown to provide a means of bonding like a gift of doge so it would be nice to see that merge seamlessly with Ark but as many have pointed out it can go bad such as cash grabs and Scams
  10. When improperly set up smart contracts can be abused https://fortune.com/2022/04/26/micah-johnson-akutars-nft-launch-smart-contracts-error/ that is why the developers should take it into consideration. But yes they have theoretical use cases and flaws
  11. Yes, many good and bad things. Greedy Contracts, which lock funds indefinitely Prodigal Contracts, which leak funds carelessly to arbitrary users Suicidal Contracts, which can be killed by anyone Verifying the ownership Handling the transferability Cost locking
  12. For the sake of completeness NFTs can include smart contracts. Smart contracts store code instead of data in a blockchain, and execute when particular conditions are met. An example of an NFT smart contract might give a percentage of future sales of their work.
  13. I can see potential for it to be good and bad. Ark has many systems already set up. Amber for mobile and Hexagon on console can easily be converted into a crypto currency. And the transfer system can be diverted to become the different worlds. A big flaw in games that do it is they become pay to win. Including a simple faucet and a few free starter items can help. A major risk is spamming example (do not press) In summary Try to: preventing duping using crypto hash remain a game first and foremost provide free gameplay options Avoid: pay to win spamming pay to start focusing to heavily on the money and not on the core gameplay loop
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