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  1. Nothing seems to be working, I’m having the same problem and I’ve uninstall switched from prim to normal, I don’t have an Ethernet cable so. I’ve turned off my WiFi at the search for servers on Xbox and I own a server myself
  2. I’m having major problems with the Join ark with Xbox. I had turned off my WIFI and pulled the power cable out, but nothing seems to be working. I don’t have an Ethernet cable to it. When I looked up what to do I saw that and it doesn’t work, help please. I’ve tried and tried asking the Devs on Twitter but with zero response. I’ve all followed the picture attached an nothing works. I’d like to get back on servers. It’s useless for me to own a server for me and my friends on Xbox when I can’t get on my own server, but they can. So should I just wait for an update or something? But I would reall
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