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  1. Knoxy3004

    Giant squid dead

    Yeah it happened to me in the deep but I think there might've been a basi just chilling near the area.
  2. Knoxy3004

    Giant squid dead

    Thanks for the info. Ill keep the 'dismounting when stuck' in mind and give it a go Hopefully i have better luck with the next big creature that gets its big booty stuck
  3. Knoxy3004

    Giant squid dead

    Tried that while was in panic mode and was unable to get out.
  4. Knoxy3004

    Giant squid dead

    Sooo... I tamed a 150 giant squid on official pve and it got killed in the silliest way. I was out getting some levels for it and the squid got pinned by an alpha megalodon and a swarm of manta rays... Does the squid not attack anything around the body? I was unable to escape the cluster f#@$ and I couldn't kill anything to let me out. Has anyone else had this issue?
  5. Knoxy3004

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    Wasn't atlas teased months ago then removed from YouTube...
  6. Knoxy3004

    Rate my system?

    ^Verify files ^ in steam. There you go don't forget to come back and report if anything worked for other users running into this issue Yeah this one has been done. many a times
  7. Knoxy3004

    Rate my system?

    I cant see what i am meant to do with this link sorry
  8. Pc players got boosted rates but some people couldn't utilize them at all. Some of us had servers that were unplayable. The oc-pve server I was on took 16+hrs for first imprint on 8 times.
  9. Knoxy3004

    Rate my system?

    DxDiag.txt Sorry for late reply.
  10. Knoxy3004

    Charity 8x event. Server issues/event failure

    Oc the island 391 is running like complete rubbish. I'm half surprised my stuff is still alive. My tribe hatched red eggs at 10am Sydney time and the lag is that bad that we still have 3 hrs on first imprint. The rag and island servers that my tribe play on are capped to the rim. What's the point of even playing this weekend. This event weekend has been nothing but a fail in my opinion for us players
  11. Knoxy3004

    Rate my system?

    Is anyone able to assist me with knowing if my Laptop can run this game properly. Im trying to troubleshoot why it Hard Crashes on Aberation. So far ive tried 2 different websites to check and they both give different answers so im looking for someone that can explain things a little better to me. Please let me know what specs you would like me to post.
  12. Knoxy3004

    Will Extinction affect pc systems like Aberation

    I'll see how I go tonight. I'm using an alienware 17" laptop. I kinda thought I would be safe with it. The game used to run fine when it first came out. But for the last few months I've had to resort to the island
  13. Is there anyway to be informed how system heavy the extinction map will be on systems? My game runs fine on the island but when I go to aberation my system freezes then shuts down improperly
  14. Knoxy3004

    Aberration Update causes crashes PC

    I too have a similar problem. The island and ragnarok play fine but when I'm on Aberation my system will freeze up and force my system to shut down improperly. No warning. I used to be able to play this map to my hearts content but now I can't leave base in case I crash.