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  1. Constant crashing Hi survivors. Recently in the last 2 week's my partners alienware 17 r4 has been crashing non stop. The basic specs of the system are win10, gtx 1060. The laptop is only 2 years old and used to play the game fine on high settings and now when everything is on low it gets 30 secs of life then BOOM! I''ve tried launch commands( sm4, d3d10, useallavailablecores, and nomansky) and tried lowering all the settings to low and even went through Nvidia control panel.. Anyone have any serious tips that may help?
  2. Last year when the extra life event was launched, the game was unplayable! It took me 16 hrs for a baby quetz to reach firat imprint which by default only takes 8 hrs... I'll let you readers figure out the math for that one. I lodged a ticket and nothing came of it.... just a fyi to all those that are excited for the extralife event.
  3. I feed my bees every time I'm online. Last time I was online was Monday... it is now Saturday and my hives auto decayed...
  4. New event- blood moon where everything tries to kill you gives another reason to look at base defence
  5. If it's such a big deal then just ask to jump in on someone elses boss run. No need to breed boss army. And all you gotta do is stay alive. you only need to do the bosses if you want the engrams. Why do people always want something for nothing.
  6. Wasn't atlas teased months ago then removed from YouTube...
  7. Pc players got boosted rates but some people couldn't utilize them at all. Some of us had servers that were unplayable. The oc-pve server I was on took 16+hrs for first imprint on 8 times.
  8. Oc the island 391 is running like complete rubbish. I'm half surprised my stuff is still alive. My tribe hatched red eggs at 10am Sydney time and the lag is that bad that we still have 3 hrs on first imprint. The rag and island servers that my tribe play on are capped to the rim. What's the point of even playing this weekend. This event weekend has been nothing but a fail in my opinion for us players
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