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  1. Fusion unfusion tribe I only ask maybe exist metchod unfusion tribe or create new tribe and add exist building new tribe or somethink
  2. maybe all dino add 1 options same Managarmr"training" no 2hours only 1 for 8 hours cycle itsa good born dino use training and next 8 hours...
  3. WHERE IS 78 EU PVE THIS is joke or somethink serwer eu 78 pve pc /// down 13 hours... maybe Wc again rollback 2 weeks this server ehh prima aprilis 1 april no toady...
  4. This game sugested name Ark survival LAG 3ears ago lag 1 yago lag now non stop lag. no add new dlc for money. First repair all problem and next add some extra dlc saff
  5. Its work yupi i fart dont see eggs bit catch 3x eggs 2x 185 lv lighting and toxic 180lv thx agani and rep
  6. I dont see anything egg my friend to maybe bug or new wyvern extiction blocked egg worked for all wyvern devs must repair this
  7. Hm 3 day i try cath wyverns eggs but dont see everywhere no eggs this is somethink bug i dont knowehh ... Sry my english
  8. Today i try taming dino cap bac 2hours. Again cap. Cap cap non stop cap what play this game if i dont taming new dino
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