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  1. I quit today, was also blocked by the studio after exiting the game from the website, here is the proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ0_WHssNUk
  2. Its because those are NOT very popular tames, you make the popular useful tames stupid long.
  3. Oh boy and here i was like at least i got SP to enjoy and this happens, lol, how? they just go looking for you now? idk but i just quit online, after running into the non-existent barrier that was on all other maps that kills you now, i had just got a tame taking it back home.. saw some alpha corrupted dino, thought the area i went towards was alright, opps no to top it off the controls on the manag. locked up preventing me from escaping like i usually do and poof, all gone so i said you know what, nah not today, i had enough.
  4. 61 levels? what is the food you used i am just curious.
  5. I was thinking perhaps this was by design if you think about it... the lower population allows people to be able to tame their gacha's, otherwise there would be a ton of killings and frustrations. You want the wilds now but in that moment you'll be like F this can't tame a Gacha cause too many wilds. I just wanted to shed some light in a different direction, its the only solution my brain can come up with. It is very abandon feeling though, also probably causes a butt load of lag?
  6. Anyone got the pretame nerf code? like how people made flyers come back? I want to fix my SP game with it so i can enjoy it again. Op if you could add, some combo of jump and dash will lock out the turning mechanism also and you will look one way but it will keep moving forward as if you where aiming to go forward.. jumps back out of that but in crazy situations that is going to be the make of break moment for some. I will try to get the combination and other owners of the manag. can test it out on theirs but its really bad when it happens.
  7. someone posted it on the forums, sorry but using the search option might turn it up for you, they asked a similar question.
  8. If you have enough people are online enough and or don't care to much about losing tames than you are right, if you have a decent base location where something that can eat stone or metal can't get to then you are alright doing that, without kibble taming becomes an hourly thing so i don't fault you for wanting lower levels, i get some myself like a wood tame that can harvest wood better than my chopping it with my hand, things like that, that are "throw" away type tames are fine to me. I usually try to get a higher level on everything i'd like to have, which ends up being not much with all the competition.
  9. & this is why i make a new toon on every server, map. Yea it sucks but you know what, them XP weekends did me fine, granted things like this should work its part of the game, i would be just as pissed and probably have a capped player had I NOT done what i did, but having 4 toons nearing 90 is not bad as well. (had to build a base anyway and you hardly get any xp doing that with an xfered toon.) Its late information and not everyone wants to do that i get it but i was more worried about, game or get screwed, hmmm..given the track record. Hope it works out for you here is a bump.
  10. Spoilers: With the final skin, you pretty much can't become any stronger than light/energy its self.
  11. I guess i have to be that guy. You wanted to be safe in your hole when in this game, there is no safe, you lived fine long enough, now you have to take it up the dodo like everyone else.
  12. If this is unofficial great, if this is official, you capped yet? LUL
  13. I say do it or get a group going. (The only reason i am for this is i seriously think some of their equipment is and or was compromised meaning our information was also, obviously i can't prove that cause i would have to be at the server locations..) They probably won't respond since i don't I've ever seen them respond, people usually gang up on them if they do and @ or quote them. Am sure many would go a similar route had we the same laws, might want to move out there since that sounds great, respect the customer (that puts food on your plate and gas in your car, eh? ), i like it. Edit: I should be fair, its not so much the staff as it is the company (management / owners / investors) So don't turn it around as it is the staff them selves if they want the job they have to follow the directions. Wanted to clear that up.
  14. Probably permanent, doubt they "meant", to have the OSD's enemies able to remain rampant across the world but, i almost lost a manag. due to all the building loading, got dropped anyway a little away's from the situation anyway but it is what it is. Guess Extinction DLC is just a way of saying the game is done, would it matter? the pulling however should be fixed to the persons whom started the battle and or pulled the creatures. Give them a buff of some kind that remains with them for a good duration of time where the pulled wild goes straight to their base 1st. This would stop users from pulling tames, which would be good for pvp also since they should be fighting each-other along side the wilds. Not much of a challenge when you got the arsenal anyway so it would not matter to them. This would make exploring a more cautious aspect of the game, don't go here if you can't handle it. It works against me as well since i can't obviously almost dieing to one of these things.
  15. Same with manag.'s not there then there, so the geo remains on the female body but seems to be masked out that is a poor way of handing this. If it is an object, it would be seperate and could easily be removed but i guess somehow its being called and culled out, using one model and 2 names? MEh my bad guess.
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