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  1. I quit today, was also blocked by the studio after exiting the game from the website, here is the proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ0_WHssNUk
  2. If this is unofficial great, if this is official, you capped yet? LUL
  3. I agree you could go too far with a manag, usually just have to look at the map (m on pc) and you will know if you are close, i had a few close calls myself nothing that killed anything. If you run out of stam inside the zone then i can see you dieing.
  4. Yea there should be something, if what qc says is what happens then there is something, idk, i can't take credit its basically pubg's wall on steroids. Eh i never get close enough at anytime to even have to deal with that, if i am honest about it. sry someone got fried, i guess.
  5. Probably for coolness effect and or somehow people where circumventing the boarder so i for one am glad, it being invisible(for me lowest) however is another issue, if it isn't invisible (I haven't seen it) guessing it is like all the others that might be an issue but then again the map (m) does show when you are getting close to it. I'd like to think i said something about this wall of death and they actually listened :? but i am probably falsely patting myself on the back.
  6. Someone loan me their T1 information for a few minutes me love you long time?!
  7. Posted 22 hours ago ? Pre-came ? giggity. Or just unhidden from public until now?
  8. on 3 different server, got booted twice once from 2 and somehow died from a raptor in the middle of my base on the 3rd one.? you figure that one out. so i decided that was enough for today.
  9. More here folks: 1st time using this gallery thing.
  10. zeroBurnAcidCool

    iron rex & pyramid

    more here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/364518-iron-rex/&tab=comments#comment-2105538
  11. Hello, @Cad Love the work, ran into what i think is a small issue. TLDR, small gripe to select remaining best male in the library list with alt color if needed? so instead of green orange or yellow or sky blue? something to indicate worthy male. ran into something else about the top stats organization: shouldn't that be the rex ratio's? yes we can change things ourselves but some people might be breeding bad batches otherwise. ^ By this list you can see Females are the only selected breed worth while to use, shouldn't 1 male be considered in the library list? Before i got 1
  12. HA i got this thread mixed up with another about favorite tames, ops, was early and just woke up. But yea based on the image alone i know i don't like them and i called in the corrupted set and seen that in the game and dislike that so 2 strikes means i won' t like whatever these things will look like, that is all i am saying. The img was a mistake meant for another thread.
  13. single player? they used to be guess they noticed i tamed a few and pulled the fun plug Edit:Added pic: its dead eye at the back, only pic i got
  14. So you just totally ignored the obelisks, implants and thought this was not going to be a robotic -sci-fi game somehow? The piece in the arm was the FIRST thing you saw starting the game it was always sci-fi.... Edit: Cant delete so i'll add i dislike the look of the corrupted things, i saw the nearly full corrupted set already and i was like nope doesn't look good to me, idk what could've been done, kind of reminds me a very little bit of venom type of style going on, but it just looks very busy. I do not know what exactly would've been better about it, it just seems off to me and
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