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  1. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Queen Bees

    People have said on my server they disappear after a while also, i'd guess they are glitched or "bugged" pun intended. Good luck post if it ends up working for you.
  2. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Please increase the amount of Creatures in the Sunken Forest!

    ... well on my server i ran 80% of the forest and even did some swan dives off the highest point on that map before exiting into "forbidden zone." In an attempt to survive the fall by landing in water, it's a nope. DREDD2012 SPOILERS (makes me think of the fall from Judge Dredd, when the enemy gets flung off the side.) It was a nice long fall. I'll try again tomorrow and if i can setup a recorder i will post a video.
  3. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Is it survival of the fittest coming to ps4 or its not?

    DEAD. It's DEAD Jim.
  4. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Titans glitches and More!!

    LMFAO i thought i was the only one it takes me 30 minutes to DIE, why isn't there a suicide command, i guess cause pvpers would abuse it when they get captured....... so fix the holes so they don't create this issue in the 1st place, happen to me just today about THREE times i had to wait 20+ minutes i just go watch youtube eventually i just left. It's funny sure the 1st time, now its just deliberately retarded, there are so many spots that do this, if this is your payback its going to kill the game you worked on for how many years? if that makes you proud okay.
  5. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Titans glitches and More!!

    THIS the LEVEL crap, i was thinking this today, why isn't everyone 100 + that would make this feel more like it should and would fill slots with WORTHY tames instead of 10-25-50's i am seeing, people taming anything to fill poop and its piss'in me off doing it the right way, waiting for good tames when i can tame them not doing it just because, slots are probably gone by now so the dmg is done.
  6. zeroBurnAcidCool

    cryopods -cryofreezers

    With the new kibble system hopefully people understand you don't need every dino anymore. I'd say 2 pairs of each level for the special kibbles would be the best but we are not restricted as players to 1 pair per each kibble unit, which it should be if I am honest, with an allowance on Rex's up to 60 per tribe since you need those for most boss fights. Theri could be in that list also since people want to use those, 60/rex/60/theri 120 + 8(kibble Eggers for imprinting) = 128 per tribe, with an additional 72 or so to make it an even 200 per tribe. 72 slots free per tribe to get whatever they want, problem are the people who just breed to breed no matter the level and not to progress perfect stats for fights or to get that ultimate breed. I was breeding to learn, but was at least trying to get good stats on rexes, then i got a ptera and wanted to xfer the black wings i had before they became popular, now i don't got to do that. So giving colors is good, even if certain people hate it, it eliminates the need to breed countless dinos to get mutations, it was necessary. Its called Augmented Kibble if you didn't hear.
  7. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Gacha as egg collector

    I was thinking this today not specifically the gacha, but something................. I really hate missing out on eggs and such and NOBODY wants to be staring at digital dino butts all day as a gaming hobby. Oh you game what game? ARK, cool cool, what do you do, stare at dino butts all day waiting for egg drops, Oh.. How long are your game sessions? 12 hours+. (Person says) please delete my number.
  8. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Gosh darn Baby Managarmr

    So you got two perfectly mated pairs with great stats to be breeding them? i am impressed. Otherwise, couldn't you put then in a box design of some sort to prevent it from doing that or use the leash on the lowest setting around the baby? things might work idk i am not up to breeding yet.. so people just can't wait to fill them slots.
  9. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Lame old argy owl

    I was expecting more roundness, maybe even some more shortness (like riding a fat pig) would've been funny as hell to have the legs up high all scrunched up like riding a tricycle (when you where a kid) maybe a cool head turn animation? or a Moon blinked Easter egg for the eyes. skin ideas...
  10. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Please increase the amount of Creatures in the Sunken Forest!

    Can confirm the entrance area top "floor near water fall across the ridge and around any of the bends, completely empty of dinos. I got so upset cause i wanted to build another location since i have to if i want the other tames, (no cryo for me.) I left the game and just watched youtube videos, which sadly was a little more enjoyable.
  11. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Tamed Titan Visible Across Map - PvE

    Sorry for all that, i knew there was a good reason, usually people like to exaggerate and i plum forgot about the actual people who have issues. This is why people shouldn't mess around too much. Hope they fix it for you, there was a brightness glitch that happen to a few of us and oh boy i can understand at least in that one instance how hard it was to stare at the screen when that happen in the snow biome, ouch my eyes.
  12. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Not supposed to build in Wastelands?

    Okay about the osd's and viens, the ptera's drop aggro after a bit, i tested this 2 days ago, i stood inside of 4 surrounding metal behemoth gates inside a MEK, a couple dino's did some dmg but nun to significant you couldn't fix. The issue would be, metal ore runs if you run out and if someone ... felt like pulling a corrupt giga, giga's seems to be the worse a small lvl 25 took over 20 shots from the mek cannon, so say 3-5 and its gg add in a few corrupt wyverns for good measure. If you get a good location 1 of the two gets eliminated, a location i can't disclose seems to be one of the best, atm though doesn't avoid the meteors, which hit harder than everything else. My idea.. as i might as well share it but won't get credit on whom use it lol... is a double wall build, so day you already created your "box", the idea is you then create the shielding (the construction you are willing to lose) so here is a simple example [ ] <normal box base | [ ] | <outer walls acting as guides to deflect incoming meteors, they would have to be built all around the base, as you do not know (atm) which direction they come from. I can disclose one other location that seems well protected OUTSIDE the forbidden zone while i was enjoying me stroll through hell in god mode, i ran through an arch way, if you built some hefty walls some turrets and plant y if there are any add in spikes for good measure this would be a great location. If you felt like it though i do not recommend as idk what WC will say about it but i would on my SP game drop down foundations all over this area to eliminate 2 of the biggest threats from the map or at least that location. You also have access to the RED water which i thought i took a screenshot of and wanted to share and say i found hell with 5 giga's and 5 wyverns chasing my azz and all u saw was the red water, was a great picture but it didn't catch it.
  13. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Snow Owl Melee Attack Range

    I have a few and have yet to ride either, good to know, i agree, guess to separate the two one has to have that handicap? (inside the dino attack, since it heals right? idk.)
  14. zeroBurnAcidCool

    Extinction Map Border Insta kills you

    I agree you could go too far with a manag, usually just have to look at the map (m on pc) and you will know if you are close, i had a few close calls myself nothing that killed anything. If you run out of stam inside the zone then i can see you dieing.