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  1. There are holes you can’t climb out of with just 1 primitive pick.
  2. Pheromone glands are totally unnecessary. You should just have baby and claim and let it eat you and move forwards. Deviate from the script and you become a bug tester. few people can answer your question because almost no one deviates from the script at this point.
  3. Well as far as I can tell, you are building w/ triangle ceilings. There is a problem with them. If you break one out to replace or change something, it's completely unpredictable what was dependent on the tile you broke. That can cause the entire floor, several tiles, half the floor... to break.... It's possible the only way to protect from that happening is to have a floor below w/ lots of walls inbetween to create extra support while changing floor tiles or breaking tiles.
  4. just need 4 metal billboards and 1 large bear trap, make a U shape, w/ trap in middle. It gets caught by bear trap, u go behind it and set down that 4th billboard - done.
  5. One good reason why not, structure health. It takes less effort to break a dedicated storage open to loot.
  6. small tribes is a pvp server. There's no question someone has already amassed 1800 tek generators on PVE already.
  7. More ram is #1, but also - how clean is your machine? Have you removed the hair and dust from your heatsinks in the last couple years? Do you just blow compressed air straight into your fan blades?(DON'T!!) You should be holding your fan blades still while you blow them out. Blowing compressed air through your fans to force them to spin actually burns them out faster. It dries out the packing grease and causes your fans to spin slower over time. They will appear to be working, but they are actually spinning slower because you were ruining them all this time...
  8. It’s fairly rare, but it’s also limited in value. The blueprint and binoculars can only transfer between genesis servers. You cannot take them to any other map.
  9. Blueprints are mostly being farmed using genesis loot crates at the moment.
  10. It depends on the melee you start with. If it is really high melee, the level up increases will be more substantial. In looking at that calculator, it does reflect the improvement, but only after calculating, the column to the right doesn't change but try it out with anky. If you leave anky w/ 100 and add 2 stat points and calculate, you see it go to 104%. Now set anky to 516 to begin with and then add 2 stat points, recalculate, you see it go up by 20 to 536.
  11. theres no spoil timers on the x,y,z seeds. Those give no nutritional value to gachas therefore they don't need the timer. This won't really fix the problem, before seeds, it was stone, or y-traps, before that it was war maps. End seeds and it will be stone or something else easy to fill. The solution is to make them count as if they are platform animals on steroids. That would end the towers. The fact I can find 15+ towers just as ridiculous as this on any map I go to explains why most the servers run like poop now. The sheer # of wasted structure pieces on aesth
  12. Just tell them to make gachas eat up 40 on the dino count per gacha. That cuts people down to 6 pairs out, problem solved. They make alt tribes to get around it, bam - CoC violation - one less problem per server.
  13. nah, that would just double or triple the # they put out. This way, there's a loss of time should people over produce using iguanodon, it can't be stored forever and setup to farm w/ little to no input. This makes it so that if you scale up, the time cost will scale up as well.
  14. i think they were basically finding a way to cut down the gacha dust farms. This seems to be the way to increase the time sink into the process. I hope it helps the situation somewhat, having to load 10 20k structure count gacha towers on every server is a pain in the a^^.
  15. which seeds? I'm not seeing a spoil timer on the seeds I have here.
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