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  1. Anyone else with more information regarding this?
  2. https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Loot_tables/Genesis:_Part_2/Space_Crates Blueprint drops and possible quality of them still needs to be added.
  3. It's been a while and I don't know if I should make a new topic or if I can proceed in this one, but I started to continue making the Excel. And once again the wiki is confusing the s#@t out of me: Can someone help me figure this out? I marked the confusing stuff in yellow.
  4. I would legit invest in every single skin of Ark (if it would be tradeable and sellable on the community market of Steam).
  5. Dear beloved community, I'm trying to make an Excel file of the Loot crates in Ark, but the wiki is once again confusing me quite a bit. Take the Deep Sea Loot Crate for example: Can someone explain to me what I marked in yellow? Is it just me, or is it written down way more complicated as it should be? And is there a way to know the difference between a normal Deep Sea Loot Crate and a Deep Sea High Loot Crate?
  6. Have you compared it with super manti's / doedi's (+grinders) too?
  7. Dear beloved community, I wonder what the best way is to farm tons of flint (TONS). Compared to gathering metal, stone, wood, berries and fiber, gathering flint goes soooo much slower. Important server settings and factors to keep in mind: 10X weight on everything Stack of flint is 5000 All creatures/tools are seen as max. bred/mutated and max. dmg cap Methods people mentioned to me: Metal tools (worst) Mantis (worse than Anky) Ankylosaurus (of the methods I tried: still the best one, but still going soooo slow) Doedicurus ~ farming stone and using grinders (didn't test this method yet) Farming Genesis missions and buy flint (didn't test this method yet) I just want to farm tons of flint in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Kind regards, BetaWolf At least someone must've figured out the best way after more than 6 years of filling heavy turrets.
  8. What would be the best ratio of Heavy Turrets and Tek Turrets, not taking resources into account (say you have an infinite supply). How many Heavy Turrets and how many Tek Turrets with a limit of 100 total?
  9. I'm trying to find a spot to breed a lot of Magmasaurs that is NOT on The Center, Lost Island or Ragnarok. The locations needs to be buildable and can't have an artifact or be a waypoint to an artifact. I can also make use of S+ item aggregator (so I don't need to fish for eggs in lava with a whip).
  10. Would you know how long the maturation process needs to be, for negative mutation breeding to become useless? Say you want 210 more points in 1 specific base stat.
  11. I'm aware of that. ♥ But I'm more interested in the case when you don't de-render and render.
  12. @alex4401 Is the following still correct? How many seconds is 1 wave (is wave same as pulse?)? And if you don't force feed it, how much time does it take for a Daeodon to eat sufficiently itself (what's its eating interval?)
  13. Amazing you're doing this so fast! ❤️ You're really making me very happy with adding the info I wanted to see on the wiki so fast. 🥰
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