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  1. I found today a carcha Bp in the skylord cave (icecave) on Fjordur
  2. I think Xbox pve gentwo 1586 is on the same Server... Somtimes 1586 and 1588 show in server list with one player but nobody can join. After a time the dont show up
  3. Xbox gentwo 1586 is also down same time.... Edit: Xbox pve gentwo 1586 still not on
  4. War die Wasserbase neu? Alle Xbox win10 server hatten einen Rollback von ca einer Woche vielleicht war sie da noch nicht gebaut.
  5. You need the wipe date to pillar Herb Island first?
  6. It will be a passive tame and you need all Missions from GenOne and GenTwo to feed it with wyven milk. (I love the crap mission system)
  7. Das Wort "bitte" (please) ist auch gesperrt. Lol
  8. Go to Ragnarok and farm the Desert loot crates for Giga bp at 83.8, 77.070.3, 76.559.6, 76.563.2, 78.179.7, 51.9
  9. Yes and why have Wildcard changed the Mission-Bossfight system from Gen1 to this trash you and every player who will come with you must have ALL Missions on gamma to join gamma Bossfight. I hate it!
  10. Its on official pve Xbox the same problem tamed dinos you can see tribname but once they are cryopoded there is no longer a Tribename. On Fjordur a Tribe blocked ab-cave entry with Gigas no Tribename...
  11. Yes you can kill the bee queen, dont forget a gas mask
  12. My Tribemate was killed by a Firewyvern and a sec. later his Hawk was killed from wyvern....
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