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  1. Yes the gen2 helmet can activate this. On xbox hold the X button to use it
  2. Austria

    Worldbuff Gen2

    Have anyone forget to activate the Worldbuff after event ? You can check it with this link http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini
  3. Is this official Xbox, Playstation,Windows,Steam or Nintendo?
  4. You can jump on other server to get the Explorernote if its blocked on yours. There are so many notes nobody can build bases if we must care about the notes. And at last... If u will get all notes for the extra Levels there is no way to manage this on official bc. a lot of them are bugged. You can only get it with Admin cheats
  5. I killed one with 5Deinonychos (lost two of them)
  6. If you leave your Tribe you will lose all your Stuff and Dinos. If u really will leave it put a pincode on all fridges vault boxes and doors do get your stuff after leave the Tribe, there is no way back if u leave it!
  7. You can get the Artifact for Aberation Rockwell fight easy on Crystal Island. Gamma (+5levels) can you easy beat solo with cactus Soup and Shotgun. Use a Mindwipe and level speed and Stamina for run around to kill the Tentacles;-)
  8. Normal ist 19:00 event beginn für Österreich, weis nicht wie spät es da in Deutschland ist
  9. 300 for every player is enough. And never let the cactus soup run out!!! We always use a mindwipe and level up speed to 160% to run around and destroy the tentacles.
  10. Sit on a therizino full with hide harvest fiber and wood and craft hundrets of wooden raft. One raft is 375xp
  11. Fly out of render your base and back after login will fix it
  12. Onyc Megalosaur and Artopleura all over the Map again like it was 2017 Black and orange spiders now spawn on the beaches Megalania, Titanoboa, Pulmonoscorpius, Megalosaurus, Onyc, Arthropluera, and Araneo spawn points changed to various surface points around the map. The creepy crawlies are out to spook! Skins can now randomly spawn in level 3 supply drops. Quality of drops increased. Colder, longer nights and shorter days, brrr!
  13. A good spot to tame araneo is the hunter cave on Island (lower south cave) because the araneo dont walk inside this cave so you can easy feed it. Use a Megatheriom to dont get agro and the bug rep.
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