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  1. I want a "repair-extinction Mod" for xbox one-S
  2. I play on official pve Extinction 1066 and i have Dashboarding every 5-10 minutes i play on xbox one-S. The game runs like a Slideshow
  3. When you play with a Xbox dont buy Extinction, it run only with Xbox-x
  4. Can i report this for spam easy dinos. Pve official Xbox Ragnarok
  5. I do the same on xbox offi. And the Argy trapp is on the roof of my Base 🙂
  6. Wyvern need no saddle, look at Games of Thrones 🙂
  7. Some Alpha Megalodon an many normal Megalodon stuck my Basilo in the "Easy" Water cave on Island so RiP Rollo. So i make the Swamp Cave Round36 and i found my first Rex Blueprint with 103 amor. 😀
  8. They are not on herb Island ob the Island map
  9. I have a backup char only leveled on crafting make a food recept with 20 raw meat, a drink with 5 rokarott, and a cake recept for my tribe mates with 20 spoiled meat 🙂
  10. I have the Dashboarding Problem all the time... I play on xbox pve Extinction 1066 with a xboxoneS ?
  11. Is your base at Viking Bay? Move your base to a other place that helped me
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