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  1. Any news on Twitter about the constant server crashing disconecting massive Freez Lag on the Extinction xbox? Because i have no Twitter and Wildcard will not speak on there official fansite...
  2. Tronsponder nodes are one of the things they will fix before this Game leave early access
  3. Any news to the extreme Lag/disconect/Servercrash issues sience Event ends on Extinction? (Xbox)
  4. They dont make a x2 weekend bc the Server all have a lot issues with lag/crashing/not showing now...
  5. Yes i have the same issue with the Tuso on Genesis! but on Rognarok he works normal...
  6. Hi all, the Server where i try to play Crash realy often now have they make a new mistake in ther patches? Extinction1064 Xboxpve
  7. Yeah i know the Transponder Tracker but have u ever try it? Sometimes it works but when u need it to find your tame it is bugged
  8. Before this Update come i can locate all my tames with taming hud, (help to find wyvern who run away while im offline, help found tames who teleport random and not with me in Genesishelp with a lot mistake in this Game) Why realy Why have Wildcard remove this really helpfull thing???? And yeah please make imprint to Account (Gamertag) and not to Char what we can lost after transfer/overseer/Genesis fight/rollback bc i hate it to imprint a new Giga every three months... And Admin please dont put this topic in a group where nobody can find or see it. Thx greatings f
  9. I lost three Rex Armys with yuti on official Xbox to Alpha Dragon. Now i beat him easy with some Deinonychos.
  10. Hi, work this also on xbox official or is this a Mod? Thx
  11. Is the event every ingamemidnight or was it only onetime reallive midnight?
  12. When Ark2 releases i transfer my Char from Ark1 to it.
  13. And make imprint to Account/ Gamertag and not to Char for pve please
  14. Make imprint to Account ( Gamertag) and not to Char please. I lost my char again and i need two swamp cave run with Explorer notes to be Lv100 again but my imprintet gigas now are trash.
  15. Hey guys me and my mates play on Xbox official pve and since last Update we have disconect every 20-30minutes. PS and Mantis fly up to level barrier...
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