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  1. I want a "repair-extinction Mod" for xbox one-S
  2. Some Alpha Megalodon an many normal Megalodon stuck my Basilo in the "Easy" Water cave on Island so RiP Rollo. So i make the Swamp Cave Round36 and i found my first Rex Blueprint with 103 amor. ?
  3. I have a backup char only leveled on crafting make a food recept with 20 raw meat, a drink with 5 rokarott, and a cake recept for my tribe mates with 20 spoiled meat ?
  4. When comes the big consoles Patch? Please not at the next breeding event lol
  5. Artefakt of the Pack (ice cave) and the loot drops in the ice cave spawns not on xbox sience months!
  6. No Artifact and Loot drops spawns in ice Cave on EURagnarok 549 xbox...
  7. And no Word to the Dashboarding-Extinction Problem on Xbox one???? U can play Extinction only on Xbox-X whitout Dashboarding!!!
  8. I Dashboarding love Dashboarding this Dashboarding Game Dashboarding but Dashboarding please Dashboarding fix Dashboarding the Dashboarding Gamecrash Dashboarding problem Dashboarding on Dashboarding Xbox ?
  9. And I have dashboarding every ten minutes on Xbox official Extinction please patch it. Wush u all a Happy New Year
  10. I think i tamed a eventcolored Argent or is it a Snowowl?
  11. Its enough with Dashboarding-Extinction we leave this Map. We have bases on Ragna, Island, Aberation and now we start new on Center (play on Legacy)
  12. I have no problems on Ragnarok and Island. But Extinction crash every 15minutes to Dashboard!! And Textures will not load with xbox oneS only by Tribmate with xbox oneX will textures load
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