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  1. Austria

    Solo Boss Fight - Worried About Crashing?

    And dont open your inventory at teleport!
  2. Is your base at Viking Bay? Move your base to a other place that helped me
  3. Austria

    Can use In cave possble cryopod?

    For xbox Legacy: yes, i droped a Rex in Ice cave and kill Deathworms
  4. Austria

    What do you do for fun?

    I sell Argys to beginners for 50 mejoberrys 🙂
  5. Austria

    Cryopod mishap

    Now you can switch the imprint requirement with cryo. yeah never need Dimetrodon egg again
  6. Austria

    No egg incubation time change... no imprinting change

    Now you can switch the imprint requirement with cryo yeah testet this on xbox official
  7. Austria


    This is on xbox official Ragnarok 549 we have no mods on xbox
  8. Austria


    Come one xbox Ragnarok 549 and look lol stupid
  9. Austria


    Thx i know this difference but i mean like this size at the Screenshot
  10. Austria


    How can i change the size of a Dino on the taxidermi. A Tribe in my server have a giga in real suze on taxidermi place
  11. Austria

    What bug hit you today?

    I invite a new player with xbox-X on Extinction to my tribe show him many explorer nodes and he leveled up to Lv65 in a hour Today i come online and it died two argys on the Level barrier... then i see a message from him "he leave Server and Start new on a Ragnarok-Server thx for help leveling" this guy fly my third last Argy to King titan terminal to leave Server and let it there... (This i...t dont know city-terminals) I take a ptera to bring Argy back Dashboarding i take next ptera Dashboarding over Corruptet area lost Ptera nr.3 also on Dashboarding in Corruptet area because i have only a xboxoneS
  12. Dashboard Extinction normal xbox is great
  13. Austria

    xbox Crashing to Home Screen Xbox

    After New 27GB patch 1hour gameplay on Extinction 3x Dashboarding i think i must go to a new game... When is release of Atlas on Xbox? Lol
  14. Austria

    Why legacy is better...

    U cant do this because the save file for Legacy is a year old... (Xbox Island 165)
  15. When comes the big consoles Patch? Please not at the next breeding event lol