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  1. If the Mission is blocked at the Terminal next to you then use a other terminal. U can fly with your tek armor where u want and start it from any terminal. Or is your Name Monk? (Sry for my bad DEnglish)
  2. Go to a other Mission Terminal, there are so many on this map and you can start every Mission from every Terminal.
  3. U need no longer gatcha, u can pick up tuso eggs like normal eggs and put it in a unterwater egg incubator
  4. No breeding evo this weekend but x3taming and harvest. So we Start new on Beginnerserver Xbox 934 :-). Build a Base at red ob and taming every Level one Dino what we found and transfer them to normal pve server. Now i have a Level one Parasaur Noob alert at my Base on Ragna and some Rex level one for breeding.
  5. No they cant steal Babys in pve on Xbox. Maybe your neighbor get/buy the same Rex eggs? Dont pick babys up they can get remove from game (bug). Use only enable Nursing on Maewin to feed babys. In xbox patchnotes they fix the Problem but i lost last week a R-wolf at imprint in Procoptodon and a maewin in Maewin... on Xbox lol
  6. Why Why Why did you Nerf the Hexagon rates for Genesis one to 10% ??? X2 Haxagon for Genesis one is a big joke. DILO!
  7. Is it normal for Gentwo servers on Xbox that they crash four times every hour? Or is it only xbox pve1586 gentwo ? We have tribes with insane many Brontos out and Bases so big that they not load walls from other side... https://xboxclips.co/getthatpego/fdb1dee7-cf08-4ece-87e9-a418e1d00da6
  8. Here can everyone Report a Bug https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/bugs/
  9. Put your Bases up on metall pillar and the Mission dinos spawn under the Base
  10. Hey there is no news on this official site... but i found Wildcard on twiter and onlyFans the bring important things no longer here.
  11. Where can i found the Xbox 935patchnotes? I hope they fix the Abberation Artefact Gamecrash. Or repair the Tropegnatus Crosshair (from the right side in the middle) Or bring back the normal hexagon rates for genesis ONE alpha missions...
  12. You try cactus soup? But i think solo is Impossible, at last run on official we was six player and win with one minute left
  13. Wildcard erfährt selber erst durch die Bug-reports was sie im patch hatten
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