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  1. Genesis boss beta for Skiff is easy lost only two Rex army to blackscreen for all and at 3round three of six player get it
  2. Hi, how can we activate ingamechat on xbox old button was LB+select what is the new combo? Or is it broken?
  3. I go from Rag549 to GenesisII 1540 and my char switched from Lv115 with alpha Broot/dragon/Megaphet/Mantic/Overseer to a Human Lv1 with no tek Engramme. thank you Wildcard fu
  4. Yes and please remove the black screen bug. I get it two times all is black but you can see the Names of your Rexes ... Rip
  5. Lol on Xbox is the same Problem. I start fishing sit on chair and then nothing i can do to start fishing... I have a fishing rod in the hand but cant use it!
  6. They remove Ice wyvern from Ragna long time ago, u can only found it on valguero. (Xbox)
  7. Kill the Desert Titan with 20Crystall wyvern today all survive inclusive me with one disconect at fight https://xboxclips.co/fetzenschaedl/703adecf-c17a-4208-b1b9-8ca8a42427b7
  8. A new char Lv1 explorer Node on x2weekend+Megatheriun+Gasmask+rare flower+1x swamp cave = Lv99
  9. They will bring it back after fix the Gamecrash, Disconect problem
  10. Hi, you can buy the Mosa Bionic Costume in Microsoft Store for xbox but you cant get it ingame now because of a fix/patch... Is it against coc when i sell my Mosa skins what i get befor the fix/remove it from game? Will sell it for 50k poly for one bc the are very rare now https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Mosasaurus_Bionic_Costume
  11. With stairs u can build three down but the biggest u can unpod inside is a Basilo, no Mosa ot Tuso. U can put a cloner in and swim from downside with mosa or tuso to clone that works
  12. No he run away when he get much torpor. 3 metal dino gates with a large trapp kit it in and when the trapp snaps put a Metal dinogate behind him
  13. Lol thanks for merg the Thread. Is a big Thread... Kann ich also davon ausgehen das dies einer von vielen Fehlern ist den Wildcard niemals fixen wird?
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