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  1. then you need to post to the allowed limit atleast two times dont spam tho
  2. ohw ait im a member now WOW THANKS GUYS
  3. do know what happens when you report your own comment btw?
  4. sorry i dont know how to fix this as it didnt happen to me
  5. Also i want to try and report my own comment does anyone knows what happens when you do that?
  6. Thanks for telling dude appreciate it
  7. So even though i didnt know how to get out of early brids, i still helped a person know how to get out of early birds! FEELING PROUD sorry for the overeacting
  8. if i am being honest I just started playing on pc and just wanted to get in on the fun for voting for dinos also i dont know how many posts to get out of early birds but dont go spamming on every forum thats for sure
  9. sorry i dont know anything about this topic
  10. i would advise going in that area and whistle to try to make the wyvern attack any other dino maybe it will work though you will have to point the whistle roughly where you saw it last i feel bad for you maybe this will help?
  11. basically to stop people from making fake accounts to boost some thinkgs such as make certain dinos win in the community choosing events they said that if we chat with a lot of people they will get out of early birds and will be able to vote
  12. my god that would be overpowered maybe separate turrets that have less fire power but accuracy is great on the griffins
  13. true i would like tek saddles for griffins maybe not wyverns
  14. no no not all the prim+ items just some like buildings and food and drinking items
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