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  1. Lol enforcement lol what a joke. You dont have any enforcement of the code of conduct. Every ticket i ever submitted the so called gm comes in and either says "thank you for the recent ticket, no other info is needed from you at this time", they dont do anything to fix the problem, then a day or so later they just mark the ticket solved. It's either that or they ask for more info then when you submit it the gm comea back and says something like "unfortunately i wont be able to assist you in this issue" then closes the ticket. It's honestly a joke. Wc pays these people to enforce the code of conduct but they do nothing. Where can i sign up and get paid by wc to do nothing? Ive even sent in screen shots of in game chats from the players that are violating the code of conduct as they are laughing at what they did, admitting to it, and mocking wc gms saying they wont do nothing, basically mocking the gm. It's pretty sad. Why have a code of conduct if you aint going to enforce it. What a joke.
  2. It was probably an update to get ridM of the 2x
  3. Support here is useless Tired of wild cards non support of anything. Always submit tickets with issues like people blocking off accesses to caves or pathways or any other violation of the so called code of conduct that they post here. Yet nothing is ever done on wild cards side. They just ignore it, send this reply after a short period, and close the ticket while doing norhing. Great player support wild card...
  4. doehrli


    Imprints Right now, imprints are only character specific. Wc should make the imprint psn log in specific. Wc wouldnt have to waste time transferring imprints to new characters when we loose our characters. It just makes more sense. Less work for wc, better for the players
  5. Ps4 transfers disabled So any word when wc is going to enable the ps4 transfers again? Would be nice if i could actually transfer items between servers thru ark data. And also is wc disabling the decay timers? Since we cant transfer between servers we cant refresh base timers or dino timers on different servers. So we are going to loose all of our bases on every server except the ones our character is on. Some bs right there ark
  6. Kimd of hard to update a ticket since wc support just emails and deletes it claiming its been addressed
  7. Wc support So how can i get wc to actually help me here. Problem is when im in the process of building my base and getting resources, another tribe comes along and sees it and places a few pillars down along with a 1x2 shack with a bed in it so they can continue to reset the timer. They block me from building and continuing makimg my base because of it. When asked to remove them, then mouth off and tell me to move and leave the server, that they want that area to build at. I try to report it to wc through this site with a report but i get no reply or help from wc. I also try to schedule an appointment with a gm but they just cancel the appointment. How can i gwt wc to remove these pillars from this tribe for blocking and griefing. Along with trying to bully me off the server. Ps4 offiical rag server
  8. People put in tickets for support, but wc never does anything with them. For example i have 2 servers where a tribe on pve is blocking access to areas with bh gates. Wc does nothing to remove the gates so other players may access the area. All they do is ignore the tickets you put in, then later send you an automated email saying your ticket is considered handled and will he removed after about 1 to 2 weeks. Useless support. Another one, a tribe sees me building in an area but decides that they what that location after im already in the process of building a base. So when im away from the area getting resources, they sneak in and olace pillars and a shack with a bed on it so they can constantly refreah it, blocking me from finishing my base. Yet again wc ignores the tickets put in and does nothing.
  9. Nothey need to readdd this war. It allows us to have fun. Just because some tribes war then get wiped they cry about it. Its some bs that they always giving cry babies everything. Players can violate the code of conduct all the time and wc does nothing. But if u call somwone out and they war u and u kill them off they get rewarded for crying. Go play mariocard and minecraft if ucant hang They need to bring it back. Wildcard does nothing to players that violate the code of conduct. So basically noobs and jerks get away with anything with not gwtting hurt. They can harass the servers, block access, etc constantly. Before off line damage protection we all just handled issues ourselves by wiping them. And after that we wiped them thru wars. Now these crybabies get away with everything due to wc lack of enforcement of policies. Bring it all back, make ark great again.
  10. so as for unlocking the new tek engrams it looks like you can only do it from doing the boss fight on the island server. example, broodmother and megabon the center dont unlock the new tek engrams, but mega m brood on the island do. same goes for rag, if u beat rag dragon u dont get the new tek engrams u have to do it on the island. thats just stupid and needs to be fixed asap. what difference does it make where u do the boos fight at, it should unlock the same engrams. ya people dont wanna have bases on each map to unlock the engrams. all engrams should be able to be unlocked on each map too. but at least have the dragon on the island unlock the same ones as the dragon on rag please
  11. ya had a friend telaport his dinos to lava to level them up and they instantly died cuz they fell into the lava
  12. so can you all fix all the issues that was caused from the extinction map update to the center map. here is what i noticed in 30 mins of game play. lava island has no ground, trees and rocksnin places now that they werent before. islands by snow south have 2 mountains on them now that werent there before, water is now swamp water below jungle south, crystal palace is completely sealed by rock now, redwoods is burnt and half the trees missing, the land bridge is missing and can fly thru it, and not to mention lack of sino spawns everywhere on the map
  13. can you all fix all the problems.and issues that came about on the center map when u released extinction. lava island has no ground, some of the islands by snow south now have mountains where there wasnt any before. crystal palace is completely sealed off with rock, redwoods is burnt black n has hardly any trees, the land bridge is messed up too. those are just a few issues i moticed in 1 hr. not to mention trees and rocks all over where there wasnt before.
  14. whats going on with the no taming event. its been 2 wks now in a row. come on guys, get it together. not to mention how long has it been since a raising event. you guys are totally loosing it.
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