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  1. Lost connections So is wildcard going to address any of the massive lost connections that happen constantly on servers? Its obviously players duping all the time. The lost connection is so bad u cant even play ark hardly anymore. Its just turned into who can dup the most the fastest.
  2. Deinonychus broken again Didnt wc fix deinonychus from dropping unfert raptor eggs? They dropping raptor eggs again. Please fix so we can make the correct kibble
  3. Have it allthe time since xmas event
  4. Messed up server please fix Na-pve-ps4official-thecenter456. Needa to be fixed. It has so much lag and blue screen and lost connections ever since this last xmas event. You cant hardly even play on it. Imprinta take 9 to 10 hrs in real time if we are lucky. Normally it's longer than that. Lost connections a minimum of 10 times every 1 to 2 hrs. The server needs ark admin help asap. Personally i think there's tons of people duping thete causing this all the time.
  5. So i was in the red zone killing reapers when i got attacked my 2 reapers. They pushed my drake and i underneath the mesh and instantly died. Loat my drake, mc saddle, all my hazard mc hazard gear, and my bulpdog.
  6. Patches So where can we find out what all these updates are doing that ark is constantly doing
  7. How about make the evo events for 7 days instead of just the weekend. So players of ark work the weekenda and cant take advantage of theae events. Maybe do like 7 days evo event, 7 days no evo event. Like eveey other week. This way all ark players can benefit from them.
  8. So i lost all my gear, my shoulder pet, mc drake saddle, and drake. How can i gwt it replaced. I was knocked into the mesh when fighting 2 reapers and instantly died.
  9. Maybe ark and wild card should concentrate on fixing all the issues and problems they caused with this genesis map release, along with all of the know issues they have had for years before making new maps and dinos. Just a thought
  10. This use to happen back on legacy before it was called legacy. When babies hatched as wild dinos then it was because the server was a server dino cap. Might be the problem u are having. Basically to many tames on the ark or server.
  11. Mc and asc saddles armor level changed So after one of the recent updates all my crafted and premade mc and asc saddles just changed armor level to 25.0 which is primitive armor level. Is this a bug and being addressed? How can i get my saddle armor level back since it changed and wc also make my bps for these saddles vanash as well.
  12. Ya having it on my center , ab, and se servers as well. Imprints arent even 8 hrs anymore. They end up being like 9 to 10hrs. U can hardly 100% imprint dinos now
  13. Personally im sick n tired of everytime they meaning wildcard does something they always mess stuff up. This is gwtting ridicilous. They are all incompetent and should be fired. Gms dont do a dam thing either
  14. Ya i cant take it either. Says -8s on the mindwipe when i place it in my inventory
  15. Center bugs Fix the lag issues wirh the center 456. It's getting so bad now. 2 hr to 3hr lag over a 24 hr period is insane. You cant even imprint dinos properly to 100% now because of it.
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