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  1. Rintrahhh

    Wild gigas

    I killed one once by kiting it to a bunch of big rocks and cliffs. It eventually got stuck and I landed on the the back of it on my argy and chomped away till it died.
  2. Rintrahhh

    Xbox one x resolution dropped?!!

    I play on a 4k hdr tv and I had to enable the hdr mode on my tv as well as enabling the higher graphics in the Ark settings.
  3. Rintrahhh

    My dinos won’t lay eggs?

    The only times I get lots of eggs is when I'm doing lots of building or crafting near my egg producing dinos. If I'm in and out of my base quite frequently then almost no eggs.
  4. Rintrahhh

    Megalania toxin in THE ISLAND

    Easiest way is to hunt them in caves. After clearing the cave of bats and things then eat some rare flowers to draw them out. The dead island cave is where I go for them.
  5. Rintrahhh

    Admin Commands Single Player Local

    Did you try entering the command by clicking the button next to the command bar or just entering it with the keyboard?
  6. Rintrahhh

    Island Snow Cave near Impossible solo

    Also, if you tweak the setting and then find that you cant 100% imprint, then you can use the command "setimprintquality 1" to get the 100%. It's kind of a cheat but the imprint thing is kind of wonky anyway.
  7. Rintrahhh

    Island Snow Cave near Impossible solo

    I've got my settings tweaked a bit for breeding times to be sped up and also have the "use singleplayer settings" checked. I initially had 5 airconditioners set up to hatch it but it still was too cold so I set up 4 standing torches burning angler gel along with the airconditioners and that was able to incubate the egg. You can power level the yutyranneus very easily by killing all the high level angler fish in there along with everything else of course.
  8. Rintrahhh

    Island Snow Cave near Impossible solo

    All I play is singleplayer and it took me a while to figure out this cave. At first I thought it was impossible for single players but once i tried using the yutyranneus this cave is now one of the easiest in my opinion. I do have an ascendant saddle on it, around 120 I think. Also theres a couple water traps that you can get stuck in so be sure to have a couple rafts and ramps ready in case the yutyranneus falls in and cant get out.
  9. Rintrahhh

    Island Snow Cave near Impossible solo

    The yutyranneus is perfect for this cave. Its roar will make the purlovia pop out of the ground. If you do get stunned by one you wont fall out of the saddle either. Also, when the animals get the purple ring around them from the roar it makes them weaker and easier to kill.
  10. Rintrahhh

    Tek Rex

    Maybe try putting the egg down and when the timer sticks then go out of render range and then back and check to see if it starts incubating.
  11. Rintrahhh

    beaches empty of dinos, but LOADS of coals

    Maybe try resetting the spawns by doing a Dino wipe with the command Destroywilddinos.
  12. Rintrahhh

    No wild dinosaurs single player

    Maybe try resetting the spawns by using the command Destroywilddinos even though you say there aren't any Dino's spawning.
  13. Rintrahhh

    anyone here went from xbox 1 to xbox 1x?(1080p tv)

    Besides the better graphics (even with 1080p) the x1x is so much more stable. With my old Xbox 1, the game would crash pretty often at least once a day or every couple days but with the x1x I've only crashed once in a little over a month.
  14. Rintrahhh

    anyone here went from xbox 1 to xbox 1x?(1080p tv)

    I recently got the x1x and on my old 1080p plasma the quality of graphics was definitely noticeable. I then decided to get a Sony 4k HDR tv and see how Ark in HDR would look. Holy cow!! It really looks amazing. There is an issue with it being too red at night while using a torch but I'm really pleased at the HDR quality. If you choose to stick with 1080p with the enhanced graphics checked then I still think you will be pleased with the improvement.
  15. Rintrahhh

    Ice Cave Strategy help

    Also, even with my structure there, every time I enter under the crouch way there's always a few yeti, or bears or dire wolves spawned there to clear. I use a good pump shotgun for those.