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  1. Yes, you can still get mutations. Having twins with the higher stats are actually very good to keep as your base breeding pair.
  2. I think they just look small if you're on a flier or another dino, but if you're on foot they are pretty massive.
  3. I had to use 20 standing torches for the Deinonychus.
  4. I agree, it would be nice if they could gather berries to feed themselves but they don't. They only gather thatch and a little wood. I always put a stack of berries on them before taking them out. If they did gather berries then it would become annoying always dumping the berries if you're trying to gather thatch. Bears and beavers are what I use to gather berries usually.
  5. Well, technically you need to start on the Island and do all the bosses in order to enter the Overseer cave and arena. Killing the overseer will allow you to Ascend and unlock the other maps. However I think they removed the locks on the other maps so you can play them without ascending. But there are other bosses on the other maps and I think the Extinction map has a special ending as well but I haven't done the King titan boss or whatever it is. But yeah, there is definitely a story to follow if you collect and read all the notes.
  6. I played ark on the xbox one for a few years, mostly singleplayer. I was pretty use to crashes and rendering issues, however once I upgraded to the X I've only had a couple crashes and the game looks much better. I also got a Sony x900e, 4k hdr tv to play on. With the enhanced graphics and hdr turned on, Ark really looks fantastic compared to how it looked on the One. I don't know how that compares to the S though.
  7. Omg, you're right. I forgot I'm using singleplayer settings.
  8. Giga Hearts Can you collect giga hearts from breeding and killing baby giga's, or do they only drop from wild giga's?
  9. If you find a lvl 150 and tame it, there is something called "taming efficiency" displayed as a % which will add levels to the tame depending on what meats or kibble you use to tame it. If you tame it with its preferred kibble and get a 100% taming efficiency it will add 74 levels and the tame will wake up as as a lvl 224. After that it can still level up another 71 levels through experience. I think its 71 more levels.
  10. Unless it's changed again, this was the in the patch notes a while back.
  11. I'm on the xbox one x and it's way better that the xbox one I use to play ark on.
  12. And no, there's no new commands. There was speculation that they would add those options to disable the ground clutter and light blooms but nothing's ever happened with it.
  13. Those commands use to work on console but they were disabled a year or so ago on consoles. I don't know why. I use to use them regularly.
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