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  1. The command only affects wild dinos. Its common in sp to do the command occasionally to get the spawns going again.
  2. More than likely the cave in that area is way over spawned with creatures. It was a long time problem on the center map. I haven't played that map in a long time so I dont know if it was ever resolved. The way to fix it was just a temporary fix by doing the Destroywilddinos command. After doing the dino wipe the lagginess will be fixed until eventually the overspawn becomes too much and the map will become laggy again.
  3. What I do when resources stop respawning is set the resources respawn slider to 0. Then start the game and travel around the map to make sure the resources have reset. Then exit the game and reset the slider to whatever you want it at. I set mine at 3.5.
  4. If you can manage it, I'd say go for the thyla. They can climb walls and ledges and they can take a lot of fall damage. They are also good for taming Rex's because you can use a weapon while riding it.
  5. Your game should automatically save to the cloud and every time you restart your game it syncs with the cloud. There have been glitches in the past with the auto save but not recently and especially not with the Island map. Are you connected to the internet while playing? One thing you could try is to use the command, Saveworld , then exit and restart and see if your progress has saved.
  6. I finally found some time to test it. The LB+UP arrow still works but doesn't show a crosshair, so you have to kind of guess where you want them to move or attack. The LB+Down arrow has the crosshair and will attack the target the crosshair is on but it won't move the dino to a location.
  7. Mine is also showing this different version number.
  8. Unless it's changed, it should be LB+up arrow.
  9. I would say to play singleplayer for a while to learn the basics and then try online.
  10. Under settings there is a slider for platform saddle structure limit. I just put in 999999999 and have unlimited platform saddle structure limit. I'm on xbox singleplayer so I'm not sure if it's the same for pc.
  11. The easiest way I've found to tame a giga is to place 3 metal dino gates (not behemoth gates) and one or two large bear traps in the center. Then agro the giga and lead it into the gates. When it steps on the bear traps, quickly run up and place another gate and box it in. Then you can stand back and tranq it. Be careful not to place the gates on too much of an incline because it can step over them.
  12. Also from what I understand, the dinos are grouped in size ranges, not by individual species. So for example, if the beaver is grouped in the size range of another species and the map has more of that other one, then the beavers will begin to disappear until you go around and kill everything and balance it out. Again I'm not 100% sure.
  13. From what I understand, the hibernation system was designed to improve performance. Instead of the game having to track every dino on the map, it only tracks those dinos in the area where you are. I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, the Destroywilddinos command will remove all dinos from the map and slowly begin the respawn process. The fresh spawn will take about 5-10 minutes to be complete. You will have beavers and gigas and thylacoleos and anything else that was missing.
  14. Dino spawns have always been an issue in singleplayer due to the hibernation system I believe. Whereas on a server the maps are more populated and that keeps the spawns active in most areas. I know you dont want to do any cheats but at least do the Destroywilddinos command occasionally if you want a good population of dinos.
  15. Maybe you could use cheat ghost for building, it might be slow enough.
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