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  1. This happens from time to time in my single player game. When I notice it happening, I do the command Destroywilddinos to reset the spawns. I believe it happens in single player because how the world is using the hibernation system instead of like a server that is running 24/7.
  2. Mine does this also, occasionally. What I do is just pop the battery out of the controller and then back in. Then press the xbox button on the controller to re-activate it. It works every time for me. I don't need to restart the game. I'm playing single player though.
  3. Yeah, it's annoying. I have to do the Ghost command to get to them, then the Walk command to stop the ghosting.
  4. Nah, don't bother. I only play single player so I don't mind leaving traps out, unless they're disrupting spawn areas.
  5. Build taming pens. A simple one is placing fence foundations in a square. Then place doorways on the fence foundations about 2 or 3 high depending on how large the dino is. Then on one side of the square place ramps down to the ground. Then you can get the dino to chase you. Run up the ramp and into the trap and the dino will fall in and you can run out the doorway walls and shoot at the trapped dino. Or a similar cage with a dino gate and door that you can get an Argentavis to chase you into the trap and close the gate door when it enters.
  6. I use to have this problem back when I played single player on the Center map. The problem was being caused by out-of-control spawns in the caves and swamp areas. Any time I'd get near those areas the map would grind and lag. I would have to do a Destroywilddinos command every couple days to clear the overpopulation. I don't know what map you're playing but you could try it anyway and see if the lag goes away.
  7. Make sure that after you type in Destroywilddinos that you click the button at the end of the command bar to enter it.
  8. There's no message or anything that pops up, just all the wild dinos disappear and then slowly begin respawning within a few minutes.
  9. Hmmm, that's odd. Make sure your setting is on 1 and the max dino difficulty setting is checked and "save" the settings? Then do the Destroywilddinos command again. It shouldn't matter that you started the map already. I did the same thing and that worked for my game. Actually, I can't remember if there's a save button.
  10. Also, there's a setting for single player which will scale the bosses for a more balanced fight. Some people don't like this setting because they think its too easy but its definitely still challenging, especially the alpha bosses.
  11. Try doing the dino wipe command Destroywilddinos and see if the new dinos spawn in with values of 5 up to 150, instead of the 2's.
  12. I play single player and built a structure inside the cave to raise and house a yutyranneus. Its a great mount because the roar will make the purlovia pop out of the ground.
  13. If you ever get into a dire situation and you have no other choice and are ok with cheating, you can do the Destroywilddinos command. It will remove all wild dinos from the map but won't affect any of your tames and the map will re-populate after a few minutes.
  14. You could use fence foundations and build up from the ground. Oops, sorry I misunderstood your post.
  15. I play Xbox single player and I didn't have to active the event. I've seen many turkeys especially on beach areas. I play crystal isles though, so it might be a problem with Valguero.
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