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  1. Metal Nodes in Aberration

    I'm curious, do picks work on those nodes?
  2. Is my rock drake good, average, or bad?

    Those stats should go up after imprinted.
  3. Is my rock drake good, average, or bad?

    I typed in your stats in the app.
  4. Is my rock drake good, average, or bad?

    I don't know about the stats, but I wanted to say that I use the Survive Ark Companion App to check my stats. It does a good job of showing the % of stat levels- good, average, bad.
  5. Nameless also drop ramshackle picks and hatchets... I've not gotten a crossbow from them though. However, I've got ascendant crossbow from a surface drop. Also, I'm playing singleplayer Xbox with max loot quality set.
  6. Not able to summon Broodmother/Goriila/Dragon

    I'm on Xbox single player and I also tried to summon the broodmother on aberration but it didn't work. I ended up traveling back to the island through the obelisk and defeating the (easy) broodmother with some Rex's I had on the island to unlock the tek replicator engram.
  7. Will I be trapped in Aberration

    Just tame yourself a couple good spinos and build a ramp system up to the surface to get to the obelisk. Of course, I only play single player so it may be more of a challenge on an official server.
  8. I've got them up to 30k health and 800 melee. It's way overkill though.
  9. Crafting Element

    Update: I'm now getting 3 element per craft. I guess whatever was preventing 3 before has worked itself out, thank god. The grind for element will be a little easier now.
  10. Replicator??

    I play singleplayer and I had to travel back to the Island and defeat the (easy) broodmother to unlock the engram. I had planned on doing it long ago and plenty of Rex's ready but I just never got around to fighting bosses. I'm glad I finally did it.
  11. Crafting Element

    Yes that's correct. When I initially began crafting element, I researched how to do it and even the wiki said 3 element per craft. I was bummed when I was only getting 1 element. I figured it was a wiki mistake because even the ingredients were different on the wiki page. In my game the node wanted 5 blue, 5 green, 10 red, 20 ore, 50 gas, 8 batteries. After the update I was excited to try it because the patch notes said 3. The only difference is now the node takes 15 blue, 20 green, 10 red, 20 ore, 50 gas, 8 batteries. So essentially, I'm now using more gems for 1 element .... ugh.
  12. Crafting Element

    The charge nodes have been recharging fine as I make my rounds so at least I don't have that issue.... yet.
  13. Crafting Element

    Well that sucks, I've been grinding and only ever get 1 element (before and after) the update.
  14. Crafting Element

    I'm curious, do you mean 3 craftings before the charge node goes offline or 1 craft which yields 3 element?
  15. Crafting Element

    Can anyone confirm if they are getting 3 element per each craft in the charge nodes?