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  1. While I get what your saying the same argument can be made for any of the dlc Dino’s or dlc exclusive gear. As far as resources go ab has better metal ext has better element and better bps genesis is like a happy medium as far as resources from the store you can still farm more on there respective maps genesis just has the advantage of having everything on the one map
  2. If your trying to dispute something a GM has said you gotta file a ticket for it the forums are mainly community and it’s unlikely anyone could provide any helpful info to the matter
  3. They’ve repeatedly said that will never happen and they’ve shot down the idea of premium servers as well both topics pop up every dlc or when they introduce new stuff
  4. The x3 stuff is mostly due to the virus stuff that’s goin on. Farming taming may be easy but hasn’t changed difficult of bosses which lines on the other servers would easily crush plus I kinda feel like they’re gonna wait till they have a patch for the current dupe methods. Wouldn’t be much point in opening the servers for them to be crushed by dupes least for now genesis is kinda a safe haven from dupes
  5. Slot cap duping. Pretty much any mek cryo or unassembled that existed at the time of the wipe belong in the grinder or on the ground because you can’t use it even legitimately made meks don’t work if they existed at the time of the update
  6. You’ve got the concept alittle wrong they “clean” the turtle the turtle doesn’t eat them and bringing a second swarm results in either them not agroing to the turtle or they do and damage the turtle. It’s 1 swarm per turtle and when you lose agro you don’t start over the swarm just stops moving you just swim up to it again. Best way to kite the swarms is to swim backwards using orbital to guide yourself to the turtle your swim speed matches the swarms speed making it easy to not lost aggro
  7. ORP is a type of pvp server that ark already has about 15-30 min (not sure don’t play on them) after the tribe has logged off structures and tames become invulnerable and turrets shutdown so they can’t be soaked offline. Can’t place c4 on anything either till they log back in
  8. Your being treated no different to the rest of the ark community your entitled to nothing but the game as they design it plain and simple
  9. You keep sayin “MY server” yes it is your server to set rates and whatnot as you see fit but the game and how they program it is there’s to do with as they want to. Don’t like the added grind it makes then increase your rates. At the end of the day they can do whatever they want with the game they don’t owe you anything just because your renting a server
  10. Besides if ark were dead as you say then there should be plenty of uninhabited servers for you to build on. If you liked the server you were on just rebuild yea you’ll probably get wiped again but rebuild again gain some respect from the other tribes don’t come to the forums and start calling things OP because you were wiped. If you don’t want pvp go to pve or try out unofficials there’s plenty of them I’m sure you’ll find one that better suits your tastes
  11. 24hr cooldown didn’t stop anything most ppl who scouted had excessive amounts of pts and wyverns. I’ve done solo, small group and been in big tribes doesn’t matter who you are you’ll get wiped it’s part of the game
  12. Official pvp is far from dead and cryos haven’t changed scouting only difference is you don’t need to find a drop or ob to get your scout tame. Only adjustment cryos could use is tossing near enemy structures even that’s not a big deal
  13. He’s talking about when you overbreed your lines and the count goes negative it allows you to continue breeding them for mutations because the negative number is below 20/20 but yea your right either way lvls are capped and points per stat have a cap
  14. Yea when you hit negative it’s counted as under 20/20 so it can mutate
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