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  1. There’s nothing you can do any tame 450+ gets wiped on reset or if it’s in cryo cannot be deployed. Your theri is gone nothin you can do with it other than look at it in its cryo
  2. Yea you can use cliff platforms on genesis
  3. The issue is they don’t snap to anything only workaround for it is to start or end them on cliff/tree platforms it seems to count that as snapped to it
  4. Lol should remove his yt name and send it if you talk to someone your only gonna get him more views and others will start using it
  5. Just wanna put it out there if you put turrets on your roof at a tp zone that’s a dev wipe waiting to happen it’s the equivalent of putting turrets on spawn points on any other map
  6. If it’s your opinion and your not open to a discussion about why others disagree then there’s no point in posting it in the forums. As far as difficulty it’s endgame content it’s supposed to be difficult
  7. Those who are doubting it due to not finding it in unofficial/singleplayer there’s a lot of Dino’s that don’t currently spawn on single or unofficial that being said the brute version would be a seperate spawn code they are similar to alpha Dino’s.
  8. Shoulda left him as banned and just followed through and search yt and ban everyone posting how to mesh and vids of them meshing others. Put some fear into meshing as it stands now ppl aren’t afraid to mesh because if there’s knowbody online knowbody can prove it not to mention orbit doesn’t show names.
  9. Imprints are 3x as well they’re tied to growth time
  10. Should be safe to toss them out as long as you do it in the first day or two of the event. They’ll take 4 days to grow as long as they grow during the event imprints should be correct they get messed up when you pop before the event or they finish growing outside the event time
  11. For multiple babies/tames on troughs lol it’s been around for awhile guess ppl have forgotten about it http://ark.crumplecorn.com/breeding/
  12. Adding a kill barrier under the map would nearly double map size because it would have to have the contours of the map and it would require them to move the boss arenas
  13. Lol if you do that for glowbugs I’ve got a tip for ya build a 2x2 bola the glowbug then Grapple it take it inside your building. Do it with enough of them and you can mass charge with no effort seein as they don’t despawn. You can build smaller but you’ll want to have an airlock (1x1 entry) to prevent them from getting out on accident
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