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  1. That would be handy but I dare say it would eat up server resources seein as it would keep track of every item and display it in one big log or several individual logs especially when you start talking about bigger tribes. If your having issues with ppl taking stuff they shouldn’t easiest solution we use is have an alt setup as an ally bring them into the tribe set structure ownership to personal have them place storage’s/doors get whoever is going to be responsible for that room or storage to set a pin on it then have the alt leave the tribe and ally it it’ll turn those items into ally struct
  2. It’s fine to block caves in pvp because you can raid the base it’s not allowed in pve because you can’t damage other ppls stuff
  3. It’s the predator buff they get. Before claiming your meat eaters set off the buff then you claim it and after alittle bit it goes away same thing happens with normal ones
  4. Add more info like unofficial single player offical stuff like that. If it’s pve it’s probably server tame cap not the tribe cap
  5. If your trying to place a forcefield or tek gen they have a much larger exclusion radius. They are treated as if there max range is the size of the object therefore making the max range the starting point for distance to enemy checks
  6. Meh no different to how it is on ps4 and probably Xbox. Ps4 you can have as many alt accounts as you want they rarely if ever hardware ban ppl so it doesn’t actually matter much when ppl do get banned
  7. Yea they don’t provide support now. Workaround is snap a pillar or foundation to it place more supports pickup pillar/foundation place on next ones rinse and repeat
  8. You can snap stairs or ramps to the vacuum compartment and build off of that as well as the standard using a hatchframe. Somethin that would be nice is a option in the radial to remove the frame of joining compartments and in doing so would get rid of the accidental unlocking and blocking access to things that are in the middle of two cubes
  9. Press whatever button it is that gets you to the hotbar items on the right is on ps4 it’s L1 it’ll stop the fast fly mode gotta do it every time you go back into fly mode
  10. Only thing I can think of as to why it’s that way is to reduce the risk of someone getting those god Stat rolls Which really doesn’t matter seein as you can’t clone them either. If you could clone them it would make sense I mean in there current state they are kinda a glass cannon but not really but if say you got a god roll in HP you could dominate the sky if you had a full gun crew which then means you would dominate the ground battle as well
  11. As far as night goes most ppl play with the gamma slider all the way up
  12. toggle the light shaft and bloom setting in your options menu they added it a week or two ago
  13. Just to add to and make things easier this site is pretty reliable for breeding helps out a lot especially when your solo or in a small tribe. http://ark.crumplecorn.com/breeding/
  14. A baby giga eats 4011 pieces of raw meat to get to juvi that’s eats so not including spoilage. How much you should save up is dependent on how quickly you can gather meat. Once it’s around 1% you should be able to leave it for a half hr to get meat or whatever takes around 420 meat to get to that point.
  15. Try going to a server and instead of creating a character check character download. Sometimes characters dupe and when it happens one is in the ob so it won’t let you upload the other
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