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  1. Markdh31788


    You still can. Did you recently download one of them from the ob? If so it’s the 12 hr cooldown that’s stopping you
  2. Markdh31788

    Snow Owl

    That’s correct it’s the hatch/tame heath that effects how much it heals if your using it for only healing just lvl stam and food (so it doesn’t starve as fast)
  3. Markdh31788

    Glitched drake nest

    The respawn time is normal the fixed lvls is because those drakes are near it likely stuck somewhere find and kill them it should fix it
  4. Markdh31788

    Almost all Server at Tame Cap.. Event = Useless joke

    Tribes can tame cap servers can’t be capped in pvp otherwise that would be the defense method. if it’s tame capped raiders can’t use any tames
  5. Markdh31788

    Item transfer timer

    Lol it’s needed trust me. Some Ppl will always take the easy route and dupe instead of grind. You might think it wouldn’t be an issue if they are doing it on pve but to dupe you have to roll the server in doing that you can cause others to lose characters and obviously progress and it’s one of those things when someone does it they keep doing it
  6. Markdh31788

    problem with managarm

    If you press jump and it doesn’t jump don’t keep pressing it. When it lags and doesn’t jump if you keep pressing it it’ll “catch up” and end up jumping out of the map killing itself and you. To reclaim your stuff sometime you can reach it by flying up to the barrier and grappling your body doesn’t always work sometimes you’ve jumped to much and are out of reach
  7. Markdh31788

    Managarmr Deletion

    If your on console that’s the next patch that parts from the pc patch notes
  8. Markdh31788

    Recent "Events" in game.

    Events on unofficial servers aren’t started by wildcard they have to be started by either the company hosting the servers or the server admins. If you have issues with events starting you could write the company hosting the server and see what they can do
  9. Markdh31788


    Meshing isn’t something that’s exclusive to ark only games you can’t mesh are the old 2D ones every game can be meshed the only reason it’s big on ark is the gains vs loss and the games not limited by time or matches. There’s AAA games that get meshed and there devs can’t fix it and don’t try to and even games with a kill barrier can be meshed just takes more time to do but those games are usually limited by a round/match timer so it’s not worth the effort to do it
  10. Markdh31788

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Imprints are 3x as well they’re tied to growth time
  11. It is being fixed for pc in the patch that comes tomorrow it’s in the community crunch that was put out earlier today
  12. Markdh31788

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Should be safe to toss them out as long as you do it in the first day or two of the event. They’ll take 4 days to grow as long as they grow during the event imprints should be correct they get messed up when you pop before the event or they finish growing outside the event time
  13. Markdh31788

    obsidian at volcano only giving stone.

    Doeds don’t harvest obsidian that was disabled along time ago on pc and consoles. If it is/was working for you then it was a bug
  14. Markdh31788

    NEW Breeding Calculator!

    For multiple babies/tames on troughs lol it’s been around for awhile guess ppl have forgotten about it http://ark.crumplecorn.com/breeding/
  15. Markdh31788


    Extinction kill barrier does effect dinos and due to its layout doesn’t add much size to the map however adding a kill barrier under that map the would be effective would nearly double the map size because you have to put another layer of mesh following to contours of the maps