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  1. Only thing I can think of as to why it’s that way is to reduce the risk of someone getting those god Stat rolls Which really doesn’t matter seein as you can’t clone them either. If you could clone them it would make sense I mean in there current state they are kinda a glass cannon but not really but if say you got a god roll in HP you could dominate the sky if you had a full gun crew which then means you would dominate the ground battle as well
  2. As far as night goes most ppl play with the gamma slider all the way up
  3. toggle the light shaft and bloom setting in your options menu they added it a week or two ago
  4. Just to add to and make things easier this site is pretty reliable for breeding helps out a lot especially when your solo or in a small tribe. http://ark.crumplecorn.com/breeding/
  5. A baby giga eats 4011 pieces of raw meat to get to juvi that’s eats so not including spoilage. How much you should save up is dependent on how quickly you can gather meat. Once it’s around 1% you should be able to leave it for a half hr to get meat or whatever takes around 420 meat to get to that point.
  6. Try going to a server and instead of creating a character check character download. Sometimes characters dupe and when it happens one is in the ob so it won’t let you upload the other
  7. Don’t think you can clone them. I’ve yet to see anyone with a cloned Astro and I’ve tried it myself on land and in the water with no luck even gave ghosting it a shot
  8. The magmas in the volcano and near entrances have always given a pvp respawn timer At least that’s how it’s been on ps4
  9. For the achievement you can just spawn the artifacts 1-11 and pick them up. command is below just swap the 1 go up to 11 best to do it on the island Summon artifactcrate_1_c
  10. Nah it’s instant on ps4 once 1 dies another appears if 2 die 2 appear kill them fast enough and you end up with a pile of them in the center
  11. Lol wish that stuff worked on ps4 we’ve tried to clear them out before but the second one dies another spawns
  12. Get a couple ppl start the mission on beta or alpha follow the tracks one they lead into there base have one person rush along the tracks till they die as long as someone’s still in the mission it’ll spawn the injured and brute reapers inside there base sit back and laugh as it goes on a meat run. Also the tracks do change it doesn’t always end in the same cave
  13. You aren’t saying anything ppl don’t already know still doesn’t make it pay to win though because wildcard has nothin to do with it. The same can be said about literally any game ppl either sell items or accounts depending on the game that’s always been around and against the rules in pretty much every game
  14. They will spawn but the existing drops won’t start to despawn unless rendered so waiting for a specific drop is gonna take along time unless someone else is in that are of the map and grabs a drop or has it rendered long enough to despawn so another can spawn in
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