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  1. Markdh31788

    Tek Suit causing Geiger Counter ticking sound.

    Think they did remove it but missed part of it as far as I’m aware it only works in singleplayer which with everything they have going on that still being in singleplayer wouldn’t be much of a priority compared to other issues that affect the game as a whole
  2. Markdh31788

    Tek Suit causing Geiger Counter ticking sound.

    He said somethin like they took a pass at it but couldn’t get it to work properly so they removed it
  3. Markdh31788

    Tek Suit causing Geiger Counter ticking sound.

    Not 100% sure was a couple months ago believe it was a reddit post
  4. Markdh31788

    Tek Suit causing Geiger Counter ticking sound.

    Because it was mentioned before and Chris said it was a bug that they had tried to implement it in the past but couldn’t get it to work properly plus something like that would definitely be in patchnotes if it was in fact intentional
  5. Markdh31788

    Cryofridge not charging cryopods

    To recharge a Cryo pod the cryo chamber has to be powered and the pod can’t be holding a tame. Recharge rate is slow 1 day recharge gains 1 day use but again it has to be empty to charge.
  6. Markdh31788

    Tek Suit causing Geiger Counter ticking sound.

    Pretty sure it wasn’t an intentional thing the suit stopping radiation is a bug.
  7. Shoulda left him as banned and just followed through and search yt and ban everyone posting how to mesh and vids of them meshing others. Put some fear into meshing as it stands now ppl aren’t afraid to mesh because if there’s knowbody online knowbody can prove it not to mention orbit doesn’t show names.
  8. Markdh31788

    Dropping Dinos on Bases: PVP

    Wouldn’t really work on most big bases as ppl keep a few neutral tames or velo out. Would also require you to sit above it to keep it rendered otherwise they wouldn’t do anything till the tribe was online in which case they could easily deal with the wilds
  9. Markdh31788

    Mindwipe Tonic glitch

    The issue is your mixing console info and mobile game. On console you can mindwipe every 24 hrs that’s not the case for the mobile game.
  10. Basically you can’t use or show there username
  11. Markdh31788


    Go to a ledge without any reapers agroed to you wait for the drop go invisible glide down to the drop dismount grab drop remount. Only things that agro to you on the surface while invisible is the seekers of you have a light on or nameless if you don’t have a light
  12. Lol don’t necro and midwipes can be used every 24hrs no cap on them now
  13. Markdh31788

    torpor issue

    That’s normal in the future instead of stims just get to a safe area and dismount its torp will go down it’ll start gaining again when you mount it again though but saves from finding berries and don’t have to risk it passing out
  14. Markdh31788

    Lag should be #1 priority to get fixed!!!!!

    Lol they can’t fix lag because as lag gets better ppl leave more dinos out or build more which negates the improvement. Ppl are happy with there lvl of lag they stop building WC reduces lag ppl build again and get to the same lvls of lag
  15. If other ppl are near your base it renders your tames as well and they’ll drop pellets. Likely what’s changed is knowbodys coming near your base now