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  1. apparently you have no idea about the problem here you have a description that I can help but don't help https://help.serverblend.com/en/article/my-server-is-not-showing-in-the-ark-survival-evolved-server-list-lxntow/ There are typically over 25,000 ARK servers online at any given time. The servers shown in-game are chosen randomly and based on other unknown factors. Your server may show up sometimes, and not others. we want to be fixed
  2. about the fact that many of our servers are not searched in the game, game search engine
  3. Petition to Wild card !!!! Petition to Wild card regarding in-game server search engines, I demand to stop discrimination our servers, we create private servers that are not displayed in search engines we've been creating it for years on linux and windows, this has put us in a losing position for years. we try to deal with it as much as we can, a lot of your customers are playing with us, could play more if your search engine will be fixed, and you would stop ignoring our servers and posts on this topic, I am asking users to sign this petition maybe the wild card will finally solve this prob
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