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  1. Submit a support ticket and your photo here https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us?mobile_site=true
  2. Like @Aylana314159said, you do need to do the fights to unlock the engrams but you'd be surprised how easy it can be, depending on your goals. The easiest set of fights to unlock the majority of tek are Scorched Earth Alpha Center Alpha Ragnarok Alpha I believe those 3 will get you 95% of the engrams and all are pretty easy to solo depending on your strategy and dino lines. Check these forums and youtube for more detailed info on what to expect/bring to a fight.
  3. Will the temp tamed Dodorex be transferable? Would love to take it to Extinction and do some purple drops with it. Follow up- if it is transferable, can we transfer many into the same map?
  4. Your best bet is too either visit the ark wiki or check youtube. When I set up my unofficial I used those two resources to get the command lines I needed to alter all my ini files including being able to get a character all the way to level 135 with no ascension.
  5. Eat rare flowers and you can lure a tape into a trap.
  6. Absolutely. I am not interested in them dedicating any part of their creative team to an overhaul of characters and specialties within a class. I'd prefer their creative team focus on dino tlc's, creature and map development, and furthering of the story. (Specialties relating to the perks you detailed for a class. It's extra calculations thus extra coding)
  7. No thanks. Characters are fine. They don't need niches. I didn't buy nor do I play this game for character development. I play it for dinos and story development, which it satisfies.
  8. I almost always used a Griffin for solo tame. You can also try the owl freeze with dino gates. You do the owl bomb over top of the Quetzal, all the way to the ground then spam dino gates over it before it takes off again. Tape and Argy methods are described above. Finally you can use one of those methods on a lower level quetz, then build a quetz trap on that quetz to tame a good level later.
  9. They nerfed Mana's hard but they are super agile. 1k stam was the problem. In PvP they usually level that stam to 6, 7, 8 or even 10k. The damage is already hatching 649+ so I'm sure there are a bunch of 13k hp, 8k stam, 1200 melee with 150+ saddles running around. Likewise, Meks do tremendous damage but are mostly to destroy structures. If they are suiciding the Meks with 50 or more, they can wipe your base fast. There are successful tactics against both, of course, but your bred Spino wouldn't be one of them.
  10. This is true but they will give you the option to download that legacy save so you can rent an unofficial server and transfer the save to there so you can keep that going if you choose.
  11. Possibly but the game has rules for player conduct as well as the systems the games are played on. So depending on the words spoken/written, they could be in violation of those rules. Of course enforcement of those rules is a different matter but they are written so are subject to action if the studio/system choose too.
  12. Wow. This is pretty vital info. I've tamed 20 or 30 Ab Megalo's and bred them. Never knew that mechanism affected the Ab variant.
  13. Or Augmented Extraordinary Kibble? Old class should still work, though I haven't tested it in awhile, but Augmented could lead to lower TE.
  14. The cave meta is bad enough. At least being able to cryopod a soaker in gives people a chance to raid. They should just disable cave builds then I'd be on board with disabling deployment in caves on PvP.
  15. Not sure on specific stats but crafters can increase the quality for mek, mek attachments, and tek armor and weapons.
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