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  1. 1 Event left to introduce a Pachy chibi. I hope it comes through for the Winter Wonderland.
  2. Transfer times should be the same as every other new map. Around 3 months to bring stuff in. That hasn't really altered much in the last almost 4 years (only counting since official launch).
  3. 3x breeding encompasses raising. It's Easter event. Black isn't an Easter color.
  4. That doesn't make them money. That would be poor business. SE is the prime example of that. Everything was put on Rag, people stopped paying for the map even when they tried to make the map an easier experience. Drakes and Reapers still make Ab a viable purchase.
  5. While I'm not overly bothered by the delay, as it is expected at this point, this comment from you is pretty dumb. I paid money to someone who promised me a working game. That contract entitles me to voice my concerns when they are not holding up their end of the deal. That's called consumer rights. Feel free to keep your displeasures to yourself but if I want to voice mine, I've paid for that right.
  6. Events usually end at a specific time so if the next imprint won't be before event ends, cryo it immediately after the last imprint you'll definitely get during the event. Even if the event ends up running a little longer, better to not risk it.
  7. Tame a Procoptodon. Smaller, Faster, and Better Weight. Trust me here.
  8. Mammoth sounds awesome but Stego seems wasteful. They already had a strong role in both PvP and PvE. This leaves the Megalodon as useless as ever, the Quetzal trumped as a farmer enhancement by the Argy, Karkinos, and Hovercraft, and the Bronto a distant memory in PvP and the same berry gatherer in PvE. That's first take, however. Hopefully I am wrong and the Stego does expand its capabilities for both game modes.
  9. They have the altered servers in the form of beginners servers. Believe they wipe every 3 months or maybe 6. You can transfer out but not on. Should cover everything you are looking for.
  10. Sounds like an amazing update coming. Pay no attention to the one's whining. You'll never be able to please them unless you pay them to play your game. They are crying about 2 TLC but fail to realize the Dunky is getting a TLC too. Crying before they even know what the major TLC entails. Pathetic. Crazy on the reduced mating timers but in some ways it makes sense since those dino's output doesn't match the investment anymore since other's can do it better often. Giga's still king so makes sense there is no breeding changes. Looking forward to everything you covered.
  11. They can give you boss engrams for Island and SE with proof on implant. They can give you full levels with proof on implant and Ascensions run again prior to appointment (so if you were 133 and ran Overseer and Rockwell again prior to meeting they could give you 133 levels). They do not ascend. They claim they can't despite the command existing for single player and unofficial admins.
  12. They released a patch for that, that day. There are some bugs yet with Ascension but that particular one was fixed quickly and I know many people that have Ascended through Overseer, Rockwell, King Titan, and Master Controller since that patch with no issues but it does upload your character like a server transfer so the risk is always there.
  13. Support is not for server issues. You have to fill out an outage form, located in the platforms bug section, for server issues. Support is for in game things like griefing, cheating and other exploits, etc. Your point still stands though. Support just isn't up to snuff. They say because they lack the people but it's more than that. The biggest problem with support is to many arbitrary decisions based on "internal policies" that change with no notice and no documentation for us to track. A friend could get one answer while you get another for the same type of issue a week apart. That reeks of laziness at the least and corruption at the worse.
  14. Looks good. I haven't been a chibi person but I definitely want a Basilisk chibi. Keep up the awesome content while fixing what you have been. Genesis loot tables should be near the top of that list. Looking forward to what's next.
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