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  1. Yea, the soakers they have now make auto turrets ineffective. It's heavy and teks to stand a chance and hundreds of them. That could of been as simple as a gasbag. It is difficult to play solo. You definitely need a rat hole if you play solo. Figure out how to get to 100 and get heavies should be step 1 or play the guerilla way. Multiple cache's. Tames more than breeds. Living off the loot from your own raids. That seems to be the most effective solo method.
  2. Player ID is based on your Ark implant for the specific character. It's the Sample #
  3. There are commands to transfer imprints. Check the ark wiki, look up console commands (should work the same as I transferred imprints on a few dino's on my private server)
  4. There are official cluster servers that are smaller. (Think called cross cluster) All of normal official can transfer to other official's in the same game mode (PvP/PvE) despite region besides a recent change to Asia servers. (What I read not experienced firsthand).
  5. I like it. Gives everybody an equal chance. Bobs and more advanced players alike. Only need a prim rod and sap. Well done WC. What else you going to do between imprint timers?
  6. Did I say that or did you quote a small section to fit your narrative and ignore the rest of the content? This thread is old. I said what I said with clarity. Nothing further to be gained from this convo 4 months after the fact by someone who only picks a small sentence and ignores the full context.
  7. Our biggest server issue is the extreme lag when someone spawns into the always over built city. That can sometimes crash the server and it often causes disconnects if flying through it (less likely if moving on the ground). Much more stable than a year ago so like Ab, they have made improvements.
  8. Imprint scales with maturation rates so all should be well
  9. I would nerf all the previous dino nerfs. Restore the dino's to their intended and glorious functions. Fast Flyers, Tank Tuso's, Mana Maniacs, Godly Griffins. The way Ark was meant to be!
  10. For future reference. If you fish they sometimes give you prime fish as loot. Just fish the coel.
  11. This may not be accurate. Last year they reduced consumption to a third. It may be the same with this. When they do 3x all encompassing breeding it includes 1/3 of food consumption and 3x as fast mating cool down, usually.
  12. It is not. This has become a common occurrence and WC has impossible and undefined demands of what constitutes as evidence. Even video showing the kite is dismissed on most occasions. The only thing you can try to do is make base defenses. Turret towers with plant x and heavy turrets. Do a 100 and get at least 1k bullets in each. ORP protected walls. You need a secondary character to do this. Aggressive/Neutral dino's. Giga's are preferred defense. Even with all of that it may not help. The only true safe way to avoid corrupted kites is to just not build or keep anything of importance on Extinction. What platform are you on and what is the character name? Send me a private message so you don't violate the forums name and shame rule and this post can stay up.
  13. Check on YouTube. Look up Nooblets or Phlinger Phoo. Look between 3 and 4 years ago for good tutorial video's. You can also Google Ark Wiki which has alot of good info. https://ark.gamepedia.com/ARK_Survival_Evolved_Wiki
  14. If they could set the time on a server by region that could definitely be fun. The only issue I could see is the possibility of some bases never getting breached. I've seen pushes that take 12-24 hours or more. If weekdays were time locked but weekends 24/2, I think that could work well.
  15. Locking in a time would be frowned upon as Ark has a global player base. 17:00-23:00 is the early morning, middle of the work day, etc. in other places. This reason (exclusion) means it is not fit for official servers.
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