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  1. I agree with the legs looking nude. Wolves need to have that bushy fur all over, not just their main body. Loving the bright yellow eyes. Adds to the intimidation. However, the constant snarl look isn't necessary, specifically the wrinkled nose part. Let that part relax, but keep the mouth/teeth how they are. Lastly, maybe it's just me, but I feel like there's just a liiiiittle too much forehead room. Maybe raise the eyes up juuuust a little, but it's not a huge deal. Overall, SPLENDID job on the Direwolve. It's been one of my favorite creatures in ARK and I'm glad to see it finally g
  2. I figured something like this would happen, and I'm both glad and saddened that it turned out to be the case. I'm glad because it'll keep all the duped bs and such that has infested all the servers (PvP and PvE) from infecting the new servers, but sad because in order to stay connected with the growing future community (new players are not likely to be joining a legacy server), I will have to start over on a new server. I have every intention of keeping my dinos alive and my base up until the server is marked for wiping and re-purposing, as I wish to keep them immortalized in Single Player w
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