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  1. Wft. All the purple colored stuff at ma island server is now brown. no legacy server yet and it plays like an alpha. the translation in german is completely nonsense, even google translator is better. and ocean metal platform and hover skiff is broken and not placeable.
  2. Mek Stats Bp question. Hey Guys. I need some support with mek Bp Stats. If i craft a mek bp with 200% dmg and 200% hp, which stats would the mek have then? And what about crafting skill, does it increase the stats in random % like other saddlke bp? I found nothing about it in www or forum Thx
  3. Giga Hp at 100 imprint Question Hi. On official rates, a Giga with 19200 hp comes out at 100% imprint (Giga hp should be double ) with 35544 hp. Higher 17k-18k hp comes out with the same. But It should be the double, so 38400 hp. Does anyone have a idea or can explain the math behind this? Thx
  4. WFT. First a long timer for a boring event and then a timer for a release date.... 5 Month in the future!!!! What a scrap
  5. Wow first timer we got an boring event, and the second timer they announced extinction....for the 6. November! only 5 Months to go....what a crap. Wc timers are so useless....
  6. If the new timer end we will get the new skins for trees as we all wished for a long time ago. And iam so happy that we got these new rexes. bionic skin and tek saddle was not enough, this new wild tek rex was exactly what we need. This will bring back the oldscool charme to ark from the first days.
  7. Pff. what a big joke. i dont give any attention 4 ya announcements in future
  8. Fill the trough and logout play other games:-)
  9. KingScor

    ARK Chess

    Ye its really a nice idea. Wanna play with me?:-)
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