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  1. KingScor

    reaper king trade- claiming and unclaiming

    So, i tried it out. Lycan´s right. This is definitely false. Shame on u, Mr. Vaculity^^ I got the Reaper from the gestator, he unclaimed and i claimed without joining any tribe, just like with normal dinos. After i unclaimed and claimed it again on ma Server, no Problems. So thx again for all the useful answers and hopefully this helps another Reaper Noob like me^^
  2. KingScor

    reaper king trade- claiming and unclaiming

    Ok so i will give it a try. Thx u very much for answers
  3. KingScor

    reaper king trade- claiming and unclaiming

    Ah ok. But ur answer stand again Vaculity´s answer.....now iam a little confused..^^
  4. KingScor

    reaper king trade- claiming and unclaiming

    The Subjekt is a adult Reaper^^ So if i wanna buy it, the birthgiver unclaim, change to ma tribe and claim it again and leave ma tribe or i kick him. I transfer him to ma server. so long i understand. But if i have the reaper at ma Server then, how can i trade it to another tribe if i dont wanna have it anymore? Can still only the birthgiver claim and unclaim it then?
  5. KingScor

    reaper king trade- claiming and unclaiming

    yeah, iam talking about a fully grown adult reaper. thx 4 ur answers. so to be clear, if the reaper is fully grown, the claiming mechanic work like for every other dino too? so the gestator can unclaim it to me, i can transfer it and give it away to another tribe easy with unclaim it again? never done before and only wann be sure, because i heard rumors in the past about adult reapers only claimable by the gestator😀 and i find nothingin the web how exactly the full reaper trade mechanic work.
  6. hi there. i doesnt found any goods infos about that so its maybe a noob question, but i hope someone can explain it to me^^ if i wanna trade for a reaper, how does this mechanic actually works? its now possible if the breeder unclaim it and the buyer easy claim it or does both need to join same tribe? and what about if i buy a reaper succesful from the breeder, load it to ma server and want it to trade to another friend or tribe? how does this work? thx 4 ur answers 😀
  7. KingScor

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    WFT. First a long timer for a boring event and then a timer for a release date.... 5 Month in the future!!!! What a scrap
  8. KingScor

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Wow first timer we got an boring event, and the second timer they announced extinction....for the 6. November! only 5 Months to go....what a crap. Wc timers are so useless....
  9. KingScor

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    If the new timer end we will get the new skins for trees as we all wished for a long time ago. And iam so happy that we got these new rexes. bionic skin and tek saddle was not enough, this new wild tek rex was exactly what we need. This will bring back the oldscool charme to ark from the first days.
  10. KingScor

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Pff. what a big joke. i dont give any attention 4 ya announcements in future
  11. KingScor

    Wildcard Meme

    lol nice
  12. KingScor

    The Center: Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is?

    One thing is missing at ur list peter. I think a rework of the bossfights is really important for this map. Allowing to fight every boss alone including dragon. and only as a special and not the only choice fighting brood and ape together. Cause to get all engrams u need to crosstravel with ur char to another map and everyone know how high the chance is to loose the char during transfer. btw peter, do u got any response from wc for ur topic?
  13. KingScor

    The Center: Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is?

    The map got bought from wc so we dont need mr evil knievel anymore, every wc member can do the work. and if iam thinking about it i dont want this mr anymore to improve the map. he have not the special eye for details with love maybe like the ragna dev.
  14. KingScor

    The Center: Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is?

    for me , center is dead for now. first exploring was cool, but no really love for details. center NEED unique stuff and se stuff and mats to stay alive. i only stand on center because of big base that needed hours of time to build. i really would like a renew of this map but i think wc dont do. they spend theyr time and money for nintendo and handy versions of ark.crap in ma opinion. and the next new dlc to get more money. center wouldnt get any attention anymore.