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  1. Wildcard gives us 2x because of the pandemic...none of them who are complaining now, are thankful because of that. Now they are crying up bs because of one week. Sony also postponed game release and ps5 event. All these things are truly not enjoyable for no one. But there's a real life out there. Some people seem to forget that, or even haven't had any real problems in their life.
  2. Of course it's nothing more then self control. on the other hand there's a kind of comfort we all have in certain way.
  3. I basically agree. But...be honest: your next shop is 20 miles away. 1. You have no car, no train , nothing, just your feet. So you'll walk. 2. You have the possbility to take your car or to walk. What do you choose? I think to have the possibilty is the "problem".
  4. Ahh you know that also with a pro you havent the issues and bluescreens? Well i could confirm, you also have. I didnt criticize your opinion(because the issues arent to deny), just your kind of crying and handling with people. Why are you playing a game if it or the company isnt compatible with your attitude? and i wasn't abusive to you, as you do. just for your calm down, I also have to work for my money...dont worry about that.
  5. the whistle bug is annoying... a minor not so important bug, but: some of colored structeres are changing the colour everytime I'm logging in (examples industrial forge or cooker, ceilings and so on)
  6. Yep, I also had that at the weekend. But he has to pay attention. If he leaves island (downloading character on another server), and has to join again on the island, he has to overwrite his character there AND then, he' will be kicked out of the existing tribe on island. If there's no other tribemember to let him join again, he's going to lose everything. Because he has no access anymore. It's a little bit ridicolous, that duping your character is a reason for being banned...without any evil intention of course.
  7. I hope for a bug, it's annoying if you dont want "follow one" and you have to do another command.
  8. Right, i do. It would be a lie, if i would say, Ark has no issues etc. But i'm not complaing and crying...you see the difference? I understand that you (and wait, i think we all) paid money for the game. Have you also played other games, which have a duration from 20-30 hours, and also have the same price? I think, you do and i also think you spend more then 30 hours in Ark... And of course they have to work on issues, but the devs arent work for free. Every company has fix costs. And there are so many video game developers, who sell additionally ingame currency to cover costs(i dont like that). So Wildcard brings out new content. Thats it. As long as I have fun, i'll play Ark. If I'm grumbling more then I have fun, well then nobody forces me to play it further. jm2c
  9. @Caxtren87full ack @Zapp2020 you play since beta? then you should know what it means to play ark...losing stuff, dinos, investing a lot of time, lags etc. You accept these "unwritten terms". And you're still playing? Why? 5 years? seriously? I also play since early access on PS4, playing more then 5.000 hours...but didn't play on valguero and extinction until now. I started again at zero with my girlfriend four weeks ago on island. As always i dont hurry with new maps, i want to enjoy and not stress myself being one of the first on new maps pillaring and having everything foremost. So I'm relaxed with the new DLC and happy if other maps are becoming emptier Have fun everyone
  10. They said it before release, that by and by all legacys would be taken off. Everybody have had the choice to begin new (now one year ago). So, sorry m8, don't complain. I think also it would be a kick in everybodys ass who decided to begin new, after spend so much time on the early acess servers.
  11. I generally didn't understand, why they are not taking more or all legacys off. There are so many officials which have tame cap. There's imho a need of more servers. The announcement of WC was at release, that finally all legacys would be taken off by and by. I'm playing on PS4 and there are for example less officals SE-Servers on PVE then legacy PVE of SE....couldn't understand it. Sorry for all legacy players, I also was one of you since release of the EA. Understand also how much time you spent.
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