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  1. Why are you patching exploits that haven't hurt the meta or game play and completely ignoring the issue of meshing. It is so bad on Xbox and I swear you guys are purposely sabotaging your game at this point. You can mesh on extinction! Don't patch our useful glitches if you can't patch the hurtful ones! Get your priorities in check Wildcard.
  2. Can out-range turrets and wipe any base. Most broken thing ever added, Keep working hard wildcard. We need more robots and no mesh patches.
  3. When is wildcard going to start hardware banning and dev wiping on xbox official? Server 62 official was literately hard wiped by under the mesh and recent wars have been fought by stressing networks and cheating.
  4. He means the usual evolution is 2x not 1.5x, The only thing I'm mad about is that there is still not 2x taming.
  5. Ugh, I made 60 veggie cakes with nothing but a cooking pot to tame 10 snails! and its not even going to be 2x before they spoil! the 2x events are literally the only way people with lives can play this game! I also needed it so I could get my megalosaurus egg to juvenile and fill some refrigerators. We also need to tame some bears and spinos this is so annoying!
  6. I LOVE how reporting is only available for PC, I have been dossed offline by xbox players because of ark and witnessed servers be dossed so that players can raid without interruptions. And your not going to punish under the meshing on Xbox?
  7. It couldn't be worse than what my official server is experiencing. Though there was no breeding event I had a 3 day weekend for easter and I hatched a few brontos and due to the lag this event is already causing I disconnected and took so long to rejoin that the bronto starved. I traded a valuable blueprint for 3 fert bronto eggs and now I have neither. Without breeding events ark promotes living in your parents basement in order to get a couple dino's that can literally get killed at any given point by some guy who abuses under mapping.
  8. I contimplated the fact that ark made a 100 turret limit then didn't fix lag at all. Pink was so high on our rag server that I was flying around the map without bases loading in then It loaded me back to where I was and flew me into a base and froze my game where my valentines griffin got shredded by 100's of tek and heavy turrets. If you didn't get the memo fix your game before you make tlc's. Undermapping, dossing, and extreme lag. I tested it with raising dinos, Our server loses an hours time everyday do to lag. Besides that Ive been breeding up tons of 8k hp stegos and boss rexes/ yutys for raiding.
  9. Ark please, we don't need more dlcs or tlc. All I want is a darn fix to undermapping. I can't play the game without fearing for my tames and base being ruined without a preventable solution. The only way we have to defend ourselves is to defend the positions they use to do it but almost anywhere can be used on the Ragnarok map. I just watched a video of a guy showing the entirety of youtube how to under map on island and center. FIX THIS PLEASE!
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