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  1. SouthernSamurai

    Ark 2 Mythological creatures.

    How about a marine creature similar to Godzilla? Could be done similar to how wyverns are but perhaps in a underwater cave my idea here was that instead of just different special attacks and apperances they have different sizes as well so keeping in touch with the 3 colors of ark heres my idea "green" acid larger than a rex uses similar debuffs to reapers attacks its special is a melle using its claws to inflict acid debuffs it can jump similar to reapers and boast high hp but lower stamina these could be in a chamber of the cave filled with acid to add a special challenge, "red" volcanic somewhere bigger than a carno smaller than a rex these guys boast natural armor values the ability to climb walls and dramatically reduced fire and lava damage as well as solid melle their special attack is a small high speed fire ball that explodes for aoe on impact found in a deep part of the cave full of lava where you cant large tames, "blue" lightning the smallest about carno sized has less hp and melle but boast good armor very high speed on land and in water a long range lightning attack and a powerfull aoe charge attack that stun all nearby enemys so you can escape is found in a underground lake in the cave. another few ideas were green could be scaled up to be just smaller than giga and gain the ability to grab dinos like karkinos and perhaps get a short range acid breath attack, fire could be made larger than rex perhaps get the ability to burrow or have arena access , lightning could be just larger than carno and perhaps share a sort of stealth mode only when it does not move or underwater? was thinking a special form of algea in the cave could be used as their "milk".
  2. SouthernSamurai

    Megalo need to sleep at Nord...and at South?

    yes they are nocturnal The megalos tamed on aberration map are special and NEVER sleep but only on that map
  3. SouthernSamurai

    Rock Drakes are too weak

    mounted combat is so underestimated and it avoids turrets to load up with some high dmg fire arms and explosives and fire down from the ceiling or sneak behind turrets los and blow bases to hell from weak points in deterred just gotta be creative
  4. SouthernSamurai

    giant octopus

    very nice idea aberration really does need a few more "new dinos" and this fits the bill.,
  5. SouthernSamurai

    Solar power Generators

    you need to read up on battery bank.
  6. SouthernSamurai

    Aberration Tek Idea

    haha I like the surface base idea a lot would be pretty cool to stand in their and watch the world burn awhile around you
  7. SouthernSamurai

    Solar power Generators

    or perhaps these could charge charge batteries "or a special battery of their own" if you place them at special spots on the surface?
  8. SouthernSamurai

    Abberation exclusive Tek armor

    possibly or the original armor could be a crafting ingredient for this or perhaps "aberration modules" like a skin for tek that changes it but a new armor altogether is kind of exciting plus we have a actual lore reason why normal tek wont work on abb so I figure new tek made to work specifically for it is pretty neat I know a lot of people want armor classes "IE scout,heavy,tank,etx" I figure this kinda suits that and abberations theme.
  9. SouthernSamurai

    Abberation exclusive Tek armor

    So normal tek armors darn near useless on abb I know the lore supports it but heres my take why don't abberant survivors adapt and make a new form of tek I am thinking a "default" violet/purple tek armor with a more spikey/clawed look with these features: helmet: flash bang immunity,spore immunity,same vision as old suit but does not offer unlimited oxygen like default. "perhaps it can scan for underground threats?" Chest: built in tek wings allows efficient travel to keep full flight out of the equation players can instead burn element to "hover" basically a slowed fall that lets you turn and look around until you decide where to glide to "it would look like the tek wings are surging when this is on imagine that " tek gauntlets: with a more clawed looking glove these don't let you perform super punchs but for some element you can climb with them "powered lets you jump climb so you can jump across to the other side of tight canyons etc" tek boots: same effect as vanilla. Tek legs: built in zipline rider "need more ideas" full set allows "stealth mode,rad immunity, and a abberant friendly insulation buff as well as a built in hydration system to counter abbs crazy water drain to a normal lv. let me know what you think post if you want devs to add this <3
  10. SouthernSamurai

    Why can't we set up teleporters on aberration

    SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when the soldiers in the games lore destroyed abberations overseer and damaged the ark a lot of tek started to malfunction !!!! So it is realistic for ARK anyways... Merry Christmas!!!!
  11. SouthernSamurai

    Christmas event?

    No event for single players
  12. SouthernSamurai

    feedback Karkinos Issues I have encountered

    megalos are similar to rexs in weight class "in the game anyways" so I assume that's why also it would be to easy to tame one of abberations strongest dinos in bulk if you could.
  13. SouthernSamurai

    What are Nameless

    rock drakes are specifically adapted to hunt reapers so I would say that's a tad out I believe Rockwell stats hes almost certain reapers are mutated rexs and Diana does say a lot of people were on the platform when they blew up the observation station perhaps that's the nameless source or it could be a reference to the dinos "bent by rockwells will" being the reapers and the nameless being the ones he created perhaps he makes them cohabitate since he is still alive he could be bending reapers "mutatnt res" to his will and creating the nameless and commanding them it explains their all hostile to humans that move deeper in the ark "potential threats or challengers to Rockwell" and explains why reapers and nameless tho seemingly not benefitting from living together are working in a almost military fashion I think the nameless are mutated glow pets as I believe Rockwell did experiment on one in the lore so hes repeated this it could explain why the nameless suffer in the light so badly.
  14. SouthernSamurai

    Don't Tame A Crab With A Cannon

    ok you can use catapult but cannon is still a one shot KO and if you line it up right its not that hard to land a hit and you don't have to use a taming pen if you just line up a cannon and kite a crab over to it it will literally walk right up to the cannon by riding a raptor on passive you can run a good bit ahead of iy and just wait for it to line up with the cannon easy money.
  15. SouthernSamurai

    What are Nameless

    I'm leaning towards whatever Rockwell tested on but it would not explain their symbiotic relationship with reapers who as far as I can tell are naitive to aberration.