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  1. Creature balancing/nerfing/buffing

    very well written list and good job on detail,s. I agree with a lot of what you are saying compys in packs of 40 in particular hit a bell
  2. Tek/Metal/Hide Armour For Creatures

    this man gets it !!!
  3. Tek/Metal/Hide Armour For Creatures

    hmm tek forcefeild saddle specifically made for paracers ... remind anyone of starwars ? tek mortors on mammoths "massive damage hard to aim due to arc of weapon long range slow rof" tek minigun/heavy manned plasma turret for trike? ona fun note more likely for a mod flying jet pack sheep with side mounted rail guns... they do have a saddle slot after all. plasma swords and tek knight armor for gigantopithicus suicide tek armor with remote control for them jump onto enemies face ... OOH OOH AHH AHH "BOOM" and weight reducing storage module for ankys for moving more metal
  4. Improving Weapon Variety

    perhaps attachments as well like flak jacket or automatic fire upgrades maybe extended mags or under barrel grenade launcher
  5. More Dino Armor options

    100% agree chtin and flak teirs would be nice
  6. 100 Round drums / extended mags on firearms

    a bigger clip would give a nice dps boost to automatic items that would be nice for bosses etc
  7. The Plague!!!!!

    dino tape worms: reduced food gain from consumption 50% and doubles hunger loss last until a infusion of water and stim berries is given to pass it dino poison: a rare poisonous plant in the wild if consumed or fed to a dino is will gain torpor and pass out and slowly die losing 1% hp every 2 minutes until a cure of rare flowers and xplant seeds is given
  8. Is Therizinosaurus good against bosses?

    keep in mind theiris main attack hits 2 times with that same base damage theirinzos also take half explosive and fire damage which is what the dragons fire ball and breath are with cakes its regen can depending on the boss be better than the rexs higher hp.
  9. The ark notes giving more then just xp

    perhaps skins and some BPS or whatever could be found as separate items as well in ruins not just form the explorer notes say finda wooden chest with the parasaur skin and a story of how it belonged to a ambassador or something on the ark ?
  10. Tek/Metal/Hide Armour For Creatures

    theirinzosaurs get tek lazer claws and thyleo,s get tek stealth armor with active camo >:)
  11. Nerf the therizinosaurus and the chalicotherium

    if this were a discussion on armor I would care to debate that but since its on theirinzos ill just end it at they have high armor piercing so in the end armor plays a much much smaller role of which formula is correct.
  12. Surveillance cameras

    tek teir is supposed to have something like this
  13. Was I in the wrong?

    they were asking for it big time good job killing the wyvern you cost them a lot more time work than they stole from you so maybe thell think twice next time they wanna raid you.
  14. Nerf the therizinosaurus and the chalicotherium

    both wrong armor now gives 0.5% damage reduction per 1 unit keep in mind theirinzos attack 2 times per a claw attack and ignore most armor.
  15. The Monkey in Charge. (Boss Arena)

    one person on a very high hp rex kites monkey in circles if he has a brain and doesent get hit everyone else can unload with fab:handguns/snipers/assault rifles his hp is pretty low so it wont be hard if you have decent aim.