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  1. Up to this day I still can't stop laughing to the kangaroo "before-after" , what when and how did that face even existed
  2. how does one get such dino mutations, sadly I play on ps4 so I cant get the ones you got, or i'd offer something for that giga

    1. Ashelia


      It's just random chance lol, you hatch multiple eggs at the time I'm you will either get monstrosities or cuties 

    2. EtheralBorealis


      fair enough, they're very nice

  3. Hello, im interested in your theri with pink belly mutation =) I have a male theri with 380 base melee can provide you with an egg with another 145 female that we have, and if you fail to get the melee we can give you another one till you get it :Jerbhi:

    1. Ananons


      Sure we can do this ! 


      Are you PVP ? if yes we can do this :)

    2. Ashelia


      Aw, no im on PVE Q.Q

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