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  1. i think therizino would be my first choice aswell as it kinda sucks to gather fiber with sickle or moschops. 2nd would be oviraptor for sure to boost the eggs :P. last one would be megaloceros or wolly rhino for the thatch but grinder works pretty good aswell.
  2. Were to find karkinos sadle BP

    there are asc rock golem bps for sure
  3. Greenhouse Viability

    and trilobite killing gives some oil aswell
  4. abberation rock drake easy eggs idea

    i just tested it but actually you dont loose aggro from the rock drakes if you burry for some reason
  5. abberation rock drake easy eggs idea

    i have that idea how to get those rock drake egg easily but i didnt try it yet. so first of all you need to tame a basilisk, according to ark wiki & dododex you could tame it with eggs (NOT ONLY ROCK DRAKE EGGS) or even with cooked mutton. tame on of those basilisk and next step would be to bring it to the rock drake trench (dont forget to put your hazard suit on and bring 1 or 2 sets extra cause rock drakes usually oneshot the suit). bring the basilisk close to a nest and climb up with those climbing picks. pick up the egg and quickly jump down to get to onto your basilisk and burry urself. after some time the drakes should stop attack you and you ll be fine. if someone tests it pls confirm if it works thanks. tldr: tame basilisk and you ll get easy rock drake eggs if it works
  6. Dino Bunny Ears

    you need to equip the skin onto the saddles, thats why
  7. the non tek capable players usually use high weight beavers/thorny dragons. still cant craft all the stuff like that but at least some =)
  8. you need to select "inventory" tab on the top side
  9. Didn't get Teleported to bossfight...

    this happened to me and my friends aswell, it usually happens at broodmother for us and we lost 20 rexes cause of it
  10. slots are still 150, only vault size has changed
  11. Wyvern nerf no stat reset.

    i think you got the information wrong. you only get the levels back if you actually leveled into movementspeed. the speed stat for flyers got removed in general so thats why you got 22 lower level birds.
  12. spawn them in singleplayer and forcekill every difficulty
  13. Squid taming

    tamed several 150 squids and i only use 2 turtles (20k hp each with mc 46 armor saddle). i usually use male and female for the mate boost, rotate them when they low life and put the turtle i dont use close to the taming pen(out of squid grab range) so i get a mateboost going. sometimes your turtles bug out and they are just lost so i would recommend you take 3-4 turtles with you just to be safe.