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  1. Highly doubt it
  2. Server Wipe

    Bravo, However. My point from is remove 600 servers and concentrate resources into creating a load balanced solution whereby you're not having 700 pathetic budget hosted servers. You want 100 servers as an example ballpark number that function. The only way to fit 700 servers of players, dinos and entities into 100 is by wiping. Am I right?
  3. Server Wipe

    If you're going to take 700 servers down to 100 for example. Yes, you would wipe. Pretty sure I know my occupation thanks Otherwise please explain your thinking behind this. I'm interested. This is not about making '4 boys happy'. This is about making a sustainable environment for players to use. You don't take a development environment which is essentially a test server and place it live with every pre-existant buggy code and known exploit. That is a clear bad use of core and branch management. I stated this will be a tough PR choice for Wildcard as a brand. Wildcard also reserves the right to change their decisions about wipes. Whilst exploits will always be in existence. It's time for a spring clean. At the end of the day. There are perhaps better ways Wildcard could look at optimising some of these core issues that they have been presented with through their EA stage. Wiping the servers would allow them to iron out most the issues.
  4. Server Wipe

    That is the part where people forget that this is an EA game and Wildcard holds the right and rightfully so to wipe. The PR aspect of it is a given but under no circumstance should ever weigh a rightful decision for a developer. I don't believe a negative review because the game studio released the game and wanted everyone on an equal playing field is something the weighs a decision. It will you're right. But for most, it will not. In relation to your statement about people will continue to dupe. Yes, they will. It's impossible to patch every loophole. But wildcard should work on their current vulnerabilities and patch them. But at the same time, it's more fool the dupers who want to literally take away every aspect of the game away.# Would you rather they released the game with duped items already in existence and with everyone already having a piece of the cake? Or would you rather they have to bake the cake and then distribute it? Of course they should make them cakes harder to bake and distribute but unfortunately, like I said, you can never patch everything. No company has ever done it and I doubt they ever will. Perhaps it just needs more policing. But that's up to wildcard to figure out how they want to approach that and how they want to justify resources to address it.
  5. Server Wipe

    Wildcard is preparing for the release of ARK. I'm sure this is super exciting for them. In these coming months, Wildcard will patch, fix and nerf any exploits that otherwise weren't necessarily important during the 'Early Access' stage of the game. Whilst to many, ARK is already a finished title with man excellent features. We have to remember that this is ultimately one of the biggest 'BETA' testing opportunities whilst still bringing revenue to continue development. Development is not cheap. Hardware, Staff and other overheads will simply not pay for themselves. I do applause Wildcard for approaching this in the way they have and cutting the 'Pay to Win' microtransactions. It's refreshing and I believe many will agree. I myself have racked up a good 2500 hours in ARK and at first, I felt angry and annoyed at nerfs and the possibility of losing so much work all because Wildcard wanted to release their game. However, There are issues with this game and they do need addressing before going ahead with the full release. 1) Hundreds of servers with little to no player or community 2) A lot of duplicated items/ dinos and more. 3) Previous exploits that have caused issues and ongoing issues. As a developer by trade myself. I believe starting a fresh when ARK goes 'Live' can allow for more positivity than negativity. 1) Concentrate on quality of server hardware and pump funding into better servers, greater optimisation and Load Balancing servers where needed. 2) Currently, we see dinos and items and 'Being Nerfed'. Everyone has an equal playing field if everyone starts fresh and will learn to know no better. 3) For many it will bring the survival aspect back to Ark as now, ARK is more about feeding dinos than playing the game. This will not get better by leaving people how they are. Now. Will people leave ARK if Wildcard wipes the servers? Yes. Most likely. I mean I can understand why and I understand the PR challenges Wildcard as an organisation will face doing this. But for the greater good and the future proofing of this game, It's best to do this now than any point after release. I also don't think it's a bad idea for a small fee per month for those who wish to play official servers. Wildcard is still an organisation that HAS to be profitable and self-sustaining. Otherwise, where is our game and our continued support down the line? I don't see this as a microtransaction. I honestly see this as pillar to support the game in the future, Let me know your opinions and why. I'm really interested if people agree or disagree with my thoughts ^^
  6. We have many interests for this run and I'm not sure it would be viable at this time to reserve you. Please watch out for future runs. Rex Saddle does not matter for dragon with it doing %damage Thanks
  7. Ah that's just to do brood beforehand
  8. That's right, we've done it on easy for testing and now this will instead be an alpha run
  9. So I've heard rumours that you lose your tribe once you've completed the TEK cave. Is this strictly true? Can anyone advise as this will weigh my decision
  10. Trying to move locations with a raft.

    Just use a raft if you need to move across the water. Will be the safest method for you.
  11. Water Spawns

    It's pillared, pillar ceilinged and foundation.
  12. Water Spawns

    We have a big water pen that's surrounded by Metal behemoths. It's then walked down to the bottom to prevent anything coming in. There are foundations down in the water as well. But for some reason. Mega Piranhas spawn in the water which causes everything to get tangled. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop them?
  13. Amanda wayyy too many babies haha!