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  1. So after one of our tribe members left ARK, we took his carnos to easy brood to see how far they'd get for fun. Here's how they held up:
  2. An Unfortunate Disconnection
  3. With my Squid and Mosa Possy
  4. Devs aren't currently replacing lost dinos.
  5. 20 rex's of 100% imprinted 45khp 800% melee is prepared
  6. Confirmed 169 also down.
  7. pve

    OC PVE-169 DOWN Looks like a lot of servers have gone down again for another day. This also happened last night for 9 hours.
  8. Jeuv and Baby Rex's dissapearing When coming back from taming a Bary, my four Juvenile rex's disappeared. I was interested as another member of the server also reported that their baby rex just disappeared. Anyone else having issues? (No death logs and troughs full)
  9. There's typically the Evolution events which give you 1.5x resource gather and XP. Some rare occasions in events of rollbacks give you 1.5x breeding like is active right now.
  10. Unfortunately they would wreck you. You can just about do low level alpha mosa with max lvl plesi's. Highly advise you go for a mosa to do alpha mosa's though
  11. help

    Still stuck.... HELP?!
  12. Been stuck in arena for 4 hours. Can confirm not to go to brood right now/
  13. help

    STUCK IN BROOD I didnt get teleported out of Brood on 169 medium. Please help im stuck here, relogging didnt work!
  14. Rocket BP's all primitive no information In the new update all Rocket BPs turned to primitive with no stats Server 169 Tribe Purple Obelisk