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  1. Ark: Aberration

    Disagree. Weather allows for additional challenges, upkeep and gameplay. It may be at times inconvenient. But Aberration is built around the extended storyline of ARK and it looks like the weather has a particularly important role in this.
  2. @kickstarter? bottom line....MORE SERVERS

    Wildcard is a business. If you think the $30 you paid for the game is going to support developers salary's, overheads and server bills. You must be floating in space.
  3. Server Caps

    A monthly wipe is yet another option that ignores the point here. The code for ark is Buggy Lazy Old I understand this. I've been a developer for years. I understand there's always going to be buggy and old code. Though, Wildcard shows very very little effort to show resolve. Why? Honestly, their lack of continued revenue other than new game purchases is frightening. This is no long-term solution. Why will subscription servers be beneficial? It will allow additional money to feed wildcards development time to ensure that optimisation and QA are up to the highest standard. Otherwise, how do you expect them to carry on their support? Here in the UK, a developers salary (depending on location, role, experience and other factors.) is around £28,000 - £80,000 a year. I expect this to be no different for wildcard. You have to think how many game sales that take to fuel 1 dev. Then take into consideration of other overheads. Building, licenses, asset creation, other staff (Artists, support, Marketing, PR, HR, etc.) How can anyone possibly imagine that they can carry this on to keep the game afloat? I'd say. 75% of the players who will play ark have already bought the game. That means their money will start drying up and drying up pretty quickly. Sure a DLC is coming out which buys a portion of time. But it's a very short-term plan.
  4. Halloween Event?

    Yup this is pretty lame
  5. Server Caps

  6. Server Caps

    Many people including myself would be quite happy to move and start over to have improved stability. This is a solution in the sense it would allow developers time to be funded through other means rather than just DLC and the main game itself.
  7. Server Caps

    The point of a paid server in the eyes of a developer is slightly different. As I mentioned above, Wildcard is a business. Although they made a good amount of money through the creation and early distribution of the game, they have servers to pay for, staff and other overheads. You can't sustain this purely from DLC. If more resources were dedicated to a server with the extra funds going towards R&D and asset optimisations; we would end up with a game that we all loved that had more optimisations. I guess you could say it would allow them to breathe and take their time a little more too. It's like - for example. You can't expect to buy a website and not pay for hosting Sure free hosting options are available. But not always ideal.
  8. PC VS PS4?

    That is onboard graphics and therefore will run horribly.
  9. PC VS PS4?

    I mean I don't know how old your PC build is to say what card you can support. But I'd be looking at a GTX 1060 at least for a smooth gameplay.
  10. PC VS PS4?

    Will not run ark
  11. PC VS PS4?

    What graphics card?
  12. PC VS PS4?

    Controller is supported on PC, just never hear of anyone using this PC is fun but requires a good computer to run it,
  13. PC VS PS4?

    What's a PS4 ;)? PC, in my opinion, has a richer community. Though, I do feel it's taken much more serious. Mouse and Keyboard feel much better.
  14. Server Caps