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  1. We have many interests for this run and I'm not sure it would be viable at this time to reserve you. Please watch out for future runs. Rex Saddle does not matter for dragon with it doing %damage Thanks
  2. Ah that's just to do brood beforehand
  3. That's right, we've done it on easy for testing and now this will instead be an alpha run
  4. So I've heard rumours that you lose your tribe once you've completed the TEK cave. Is this strictly true? Can anyone advise as this will weigh my decision
  5. Just use a raft if you need to move across the water. Will be the safest method for you.
  6. It's pillared, pillar ceilinged and foundation.
  7. We have a big water pen that's surrounded by Metal behemoths. It's then walked down to the bottom to prevent anything coming in. There are foundations down in the water as well. But for some reason. Mega Piranhas spawn in the water which causes everything to get tangled. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop them?
  8. Amanda wayyy too many babies haha!
  9. Stimberries / Stims yes very useful for the swamp cave with certain dinos
  10. Please can you clarify your question? If you're asking if this is possible, I would say it's perhaps possible... But extremely unlikely and would perhaps take years of breeding to get that high.
  11. Leaving the TEK transmitter on look awesome. But does anyone know if there are any issues like degrading durability because of this? I'm interested if I can just leave mine on.
  12. You got to pin brood, it's the easiest way. We only finish with such little times as these rexs sucked for melee haha! Like 400% each.
  13. v256.61 * Ended the "Eggcellent Adventure" event.