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  1. Did it get hit by accident and lose taming effectiveness? Also, a number of narcos you use will effect this
  2. Aye, that's what I meant, I heard the bosses in The Center only drop little Element. Do we know what stats on rex's would be good for the hard bosses yet? I have 372% base melee 10.5k hp base stat rex's now and wondered if they'd be strong enough with 100% imprint bonus stats + max level stats on top to do the bosses (if we took max amount of dinos) End stats would be around 650% melee 25khp or higher
  3. Does anyone know when the Center will get this update? I also feel like there's a lot of aspects of this update which really aren't that applicable to PVE servers. I also worry about the amount of chunks/entities that the suits cause. With the already lag, what does this create?
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