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  1. 197 Center has the same problem.
  2. I think mythic creatures can be solved if we look more into them. Centaur can be a good fun ride, Minotaurus is maybe not rideable, or just for females, but thats a different thing lets not continue that line. Phoenix was a really good idea, and Unicorn too, so i can accept this kind of creatures implanted into the game.
  3. Your Welcome, soon hatching  tham, i hope we get male and female too. 

  4. thanks for ur business 9_9


  5. Did you guys talked about some mythic creatures ? I am thinking like Pegasus , the flying horse. I could image like a temporary summon or temporary tame . It could be like hard to find , rare like unicorn and easy to tame, just hard to go close to it and when you tamed it than you can use it for a one time fast travel. Like when you hop off from it, it flyes away. I am nothing about like the titanosaur it dies or something just fly away and you can't cage it with anything, and has a cooldown on taming, you can'T tame it again for like some hours. It needs some more thoughts but would be good for fast travel and for some awsome flying creatures.
  6. Future Tech Ideas

    tech Imprinting machine
  7. It is like Hell today, can 't do anything
  8. Server Caps

    My only fear is that this post is useless, untill its proven and reacted by a WC Team Member. I am a little bit negative to WC now days, since Snail Games "own" it or i don't know how exactly it works out. One thing is really annoying, players are forced this way to move from servers to servers to be able to breed and tame. A week ago Ragnarok players started to move to my server, because tame limit reached. My biggest fear has become reality. My server is becoming too populated and i have no time to fill up my 500 dinosaur. Why? I don'T want to tame 300 Dodo just to keep slot, thats useless. For 1 tame maybe i should need to kill 50 dodo. Why? Tame limit doesn't stop the dino transfer, so other players can simple download to my server even after my tribe cap or the server cap. 2 simple months and the servers are full, why don't you open some new servers? You can mermge them when they become unpopulated, but now the game is Popular and need space to play. Please take our note and be so kind to react and act something. I totally aggree with the post, and i am not angry with Ragna players because they come to me server. Simple i am Angry because they are forced to do this if they want to play. I am sorry i don't want to hurt anyone 'S feeling, but this game is still unfinished and yet out. "Put it back to early acces for a few more thousends of years please. " Thats all i can add, i have lots rage that i try to hold back, but some might split.
  9. Can't find otters or ovis

    They made them rare spawn i think
  10. Most Creative Dino Names

    My Very First Raised and 100% imprinted Giganto name was Sexually Freak. She was a female! Was boring to raise!
  11. Day One! Launch & More!

    Why can't you simple start PVE Eu servers maybe. I want to play.
  12. Day One! Launch & More!

    PLease start EU Region too!
  13. Ascension

    good question, but there is no announcement or detail about it yet. What could they mean by it? What shall Ascend? Characters, Dinosaurs , world or even gods?
  14. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I Hatched 1 ankylo, 12 rex , 1 bronto and i feel sorry for my self:D since we wont have breeding event, we just wish for it