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  1. To you guys who love this nerf, please answer me. Do you guys think its right that my lvl 252 wyvern should only be able to fly for 30 seconds and do 2 special attacks? sure, it only took about a week to find a lvl 185 egg, and only took 4 days to raise with no sleep. totally worth it now!!
  2. Upcoming Patch v256 Discussion Thread

    Please fix Wyverns and Quetz!
  3. Upcoming Patch v256 Discussion Thread

    I agree But you didn't mention wyverns... The main reason people buy the scorched earth dlc is because of wyverns. And now they are completely useless, not only do you have to pay extra to get it, you need a good argentavis to be able to get milk & eggs, finding a good egg may take a couple of days, and raising it takes 4 days. is it worth it? not at all... 2 special attacks and your out of stamina... well done wildcard!!
  4. It was a fun game,really enjoyed it untill now. Time to try conan exiles
  5. New Notes and Hairstyles?

    I'm also curious to see how they look like!
  6. But this never happend before, it's after the new patch.
  7. Gathered items being removed

    Happends to me aswell
  8. So, i just raised 5 baby wyverns everything was fine. 6 hours after hatching they were juvenile with over 2500 food points. so i went to bed. 5 hours later and they are all gone, no death messages or anything. they did not starve to death either. This also happend to someone else on the server, anyone else having similar problems? I really hope they fix this, it was high lvl wyvern eggs too.
  9. PVE killings

    Did you have your dino's on agressive? did you have a fence around them?
  10. red belly mutated therizinosaurus

    They look awesome!
  11. Put them on solid ground, no foundations or ceilings. we had the same problems yesterday.
  12. Hair and Scissor Longevity

    I wish there was a way to save your current hairstyle's