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  1. Damn. I'm really looking for someone with a higher HP and Melee base rex (prefer over 400% melee base) so we can work more towards this. I'm sure it'll take months with our current stat lol
  2. We're currently working to get as much stats into rex's and well on our way, I've seen others with higher stats but we're not doing bad. With 10340 HP and 374% base melee, what is the recommended stats for 9 of us to take down the hard bosses? We were thinking 20k HP then pump as much Melee as possible. Has anyone succeeded :)?
  3. Did it get hit by accident and lose taming effectiveness? Also, a number of narcos you use will effect this
  4. Aye, that's what I meant, I heard the bosses in The Center only drop little Element. Do we know what stats on rex's would be good for the hard bosses yet? I have 372% base melee 10.5k hp base stat rex's now and wondered if they'd be strong enough with 100% imprint bonus stats + max level stats on top to do the bosses (if we took max amount of dinos) End stats would be around 650% melee 25khp or higher
  5. Does anyone know when the Center will get this update? I also feel like there's a lot of aspects of this update which really aren't that applicable to PVE servers. I also worry about the amount of chunks/entities that the suits cause. With the already lag, what does this create?
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