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  1. I disagree that the map is a failure. It is a success as evidenced by the new player records being set by Wildcard. It seems most of the complaints provided were based on user error and unfamiliarity with the map and game. I have spent 40+ hours on Genesis and over 6k hours in Ark. I am familiar with all of the Genesis biomes and have a presence in each. HLNA is a neat addition to the Genesis series and missions are a lot of fun and mix up the gameplay. HLNA is easy to use and the ability to teleport both dinos and your character to different biomes more than makes up for the fact that the biomes are not connected. The HLNA store is great for when you’re starting and takes away much of the slog of the initial grind. Genesis biomes are not easy for new players. If you are a new player with a few hundred hours, you’re going to want to team up with some other players to get established. If the only place you’re considering living is on a turtle, perhaps the survival genre is not right for you. The Bog’s fog and rain are persistent, but they pose no problem for even a last generation standard gaming PC. If you’re experiencing frame rate issues with your PS4, my best advice is to place the PS4 in the nearest approved garbage receptacle and invest in a PC. If you plan to continue playing Ark, you will thank me for this recommendation later. If you need any further help in your Ark survival, please feel free to message me. Good luck survivor! —Dragon RedDawn
  2. I know this won't be Ark: Survival Evolved, but I am excited to support Wildcard and VR. As an early adopter, I know VR games aren't going to be perfect. But if I can immerse myself in the world of Ark and look up and touch the dinos I have seen through a 2 dimensional screen for so long, I am 100% on board!
  3. Great fix - the Ark community thanks you!
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