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    Deinonychus Common Name: Deinonychus Species: Deinonychus magna pede Time: Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild By the time you hear the scurrying claws of the Deinonychus, it's often too late. Superior hunters, they leap from a hiding place and pounce on their prey. The Deinonychus is an agile climber as well, jumping from wall ledge to wall ledge as it seeks high vantage points to lie in wait. A hungry Deinonychus tends to be fearless and will hunt prey much larger than itself, latching onto a dinosaur's back with its sickle-shaped claws, then starting to feed before its victim is even dead. While it likes its meat fresh, a Deinonychus isn't above scavenging a carcass if no other food is available. Domesticated Raising a Deinonychus in captivity requires an ample food supply, as they have a fast metabolism to match their high activity level. The Deinonychus is also fiercely territorial near nests with eggs, even if the eggs aren't its own. This makes breeding successive generations a hazardous process. Unless raised from eggs, they cannot be tamed; the hunter instinct of a wild Deinonychus is so strong that it reflexively pounces on a would-be master. When will this creature make its first appearance on the ARK? Find out more soon! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark All the best, Studio Wildcard
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    It's that time of year again, ARK: Survival Evolved is celebrating it's 4th birthday today! It's been FOUR YEARS since we first entered into Early Access on Steam. Hard to believe it's been that long, isn't it? From humble beginnings waking up naked on the beach to saving planet Earth from giant roaming Titans, it feels like we have done it all. And we have loved each and every moment of development, meeting you at events, hosting streams, and watching your content. Thank you so much for all the support you've shown us over the last 4 years. The past year has been a busy one for us. With the help of our vibrant community, we have been able to achieve quite a lot! Today we're taking a look back on all that's happened in the world of ARK in the last year. Things started out strong with the release of ARK on mobile! For the first time survivors were able to hold ARK in their hands and play on-the-go. If you haven't tried ARK on mobile, you can check it out for iOS and Android. Later in June we launched our ARKaeology event, where survivors were greeted with new stunning dinosaur skins and dig sites to unearth dinosaur bones and goodies. With the announcement of our third expansion pack ARK: Extinction coming later in the year, June was also the first edition of the Extinction Chronicles which included the TEK Rex as well as the first piece of corrupted armor. July, August, September brought with it a new TEK dinosaur each month, and one piece of the corrupted armor for survivors to collect. Our modding contest was launched in September, awarding big cash prizes to support our talented ARK modders. October was the final Extinction Chronicles that brought with it the TEK Quetzal and the final piece of corrupted armor to complete the five piece set. In October we participated in TwitchCon and gave influences a sneak peek at the Extinction orbital supply drop game mode. It was the first time survivors were able to get their hands on anything to do with the expansion pack. In November we participated once again in the Extra Life campaign raising money for sick kids charities. Together we raised $76,000+ over the course of our 25 hour live stream on Twitch. On November 6th ARK's third expansion pack ARK: Extinction became available for players to experience! New titans and bizarre element-infused creatures roam the desolate planet Earth and gave players a totally new experience unlike anything before. At the end of November, ARK became available on the Nintendo Switch! December borught the holiday season and with it, the return of Raptor Claus who had a new guest along with him this year: Gacha Claus! Romance was in the air during February with our cheeky Valentine's Day event. In March of this year we were finally able to get the kibble rework and Structures Plus into the hands of players under the name ARK: Homestead. April brought with it the return of Eggcellent Adventure, an event in which players must collect eggs to decorate and craft skins and holiday themed items. In May we announced our most recent mod contest, which just opened for entries! If you're a modder, definitely check out the mod contest and you could possibly win big cash prizes! Last but not least, Snail Games’ open world, voxel-based sandbox survival game PixARK launched for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One & Xbox One X, and PC on Steam this May! Thank You! On behalf of everyone here at Studio Wildcard, thank you for joining us on this journey and for being an awesome member of our tribe! We don't plan on slowing down any time soon, and the year ahead is shaping up to be another great year for ARK. We hope you join us. Keep on surviving!
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    You mean I have to do something myself to protect myself from people griefing me, Like I have to put in some amount of effort. Pfffffffffft screw that noise, it's much easier to just cry about it and allow my tames to get drown until something is eventually done about it. - Ark community 2019 I dont know why so many people are so lazy with their tames and can't be bothered to either build an enclosure for their tames or they build one but are too lazy to put their dinos away when they log off.
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    2 things needing fixed on this post. I'm gonna lose my job!
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    It's Just A Game Get a grip. Games are not real. These pixels don't have souls. They are not important. The real life people you gather around you also decay and get deleted. They are what matter. Pay attention to them more than your cyber fun time. You loose something in a game go hug someone in real life. Don't even tell them why. Just say, "Cause you're what matters."
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    Nope pls finish things before you send them to my computer. I don't get to send unfinished work, and I don't want to receive it either.
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    after 2 years i collected the materials to start building my base which is now 20% done. finishing the base could take half a year. its not a super large building but it will be a beautiful one. i did not even finished the first stage of basilo breeding yet, im at 27/40 mutations. i worked on this project since day 1 and similar in new pvp official where i also play, i just started combining tek raptors and we are working on a new expansion for breeding. also here a breeding project here can take half a year if not longer. like others said, pro wipe people just want to see the world burn, they are slackers, they achieve nothing and are jealous at others hard work.
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    Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ??????? What an intriguing discovery survivors, can you guess what this creature is? Jen Has Ascended! Jen has been with the ARK team since the beginning days of Early Access and has been critical in the overall development and success of ARK. At the end of the week, Jen will be ascending into a new opportunity - closing one chapter and beginning the next. We will always consider Jen a part of the Wildcard family and are appreciative of everything she’s done for the studio and our products over the years. Join us in wishing her luck wherever her future takes her. The Mother of Parasaur’s will truly be missed! Mod Community Updates and Developer Podcast In case you missed our separate announcement post last week, submissions for our latest mod contest opened this Friday, May 31st. Check out the current entries and don't miss out on your opportunity to win an ARK Collectors Edition by voting on your favorite entries. In other modding news, sponsorship applications close on Wednesday night 6-5. Since the mod contest is underway, we thought it might be a good idea to check on some of the modders who have transitioned into roles on the ARK development team. Since launch, we've hired over 30 members from the community for various roles. Hosting is Cedric, accompanied by Dave, Jackson, Zane, and Josh. Listen to their experiences in the mod community and the different perspectives of becoming official mods and working for a game development company. If this podcast format is something you'd like to see with other topics in the future, let us know! Note: The goal was originally to post a video format but we had video issues while filming and decided to use the audio and do a podcast format instead. The Great Migration! Once again it is time to remove some of our lower population legacy ARK servers on PC, Xbox, and PS4 from our Official legacy network. Over time the ARK population has migrated from legacy to non-legacy and in its wake left many servers with low populations. Here is a quick breakdown on how this process works: Taking Down Low Pop Servers With calculations based on sustained player-count as well as popularity of game mode we will be removing lower population legacy servers, most of which retain a 0-4 player concurrent population. These servers will be taken offline on June 11th. Any existing server that is not considered a low pop server and is not taken down at this time will still exist on the Legacy network. Legacy servers will continue to remain on a separate cluster from the new cluster, which means you will not be able to transfer anything between Legacy servers and the new servers. Servers Up for Deletion Below is a complete list of the LEGACY servers that will be deleted come June 11th. You have from now until then to move your belongings onto a server not present on this list. Please click one of the links below. They are separated by platform (PC, Xbox, and PS4). How To Move Servers If you are unfamiliar with the process, you are able to upload your items, creatures, and player through the Obelisk terminal, supply drops, as well as the Tek Transmitter. Survivors are advised to use Cross-ARK immediately to relocate their belongings onto a server that is not included in our take-down list above. Server Saves of Deleted Servers We will make the save files available as soon as we can. We will host the PC files which anyone can download and then you are welcome to re-host the save file for your own use. We'll include a link to where you can download server saves in this post when they are available. Nitrado will also be able to provide the saves for use on Nitrado servers for console, as they have done in the past. Evolution Event! Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 7th of June at 1 PM EST until Monday the 10th of June at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates That's it for this post! As always if you’ve got anything to share you can find us at: Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark All the best, Studio Wildcard
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    Why would I feel the need to switch to official servers if our legacy server is going to be shut down? After more than 6k hours of playtime I'm not going to start from scratch again. I'd rather ditch the game and move on.
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    "ARK hasent released an update or patch im happy with so ark is dead" They've been working on meaningful stuff like mesh holes and bugfixes..like everyone wanted for years. Get outta here with your youtuber hype crap
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    Legacy days (3+ years ago), kept a Giga egg for weeks thinking we could raise it. It wasn’t fertilised but we didn’t know that was a requirement.
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    Whole other amazing game if you play single player or unofficial communities.
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    There's always games people claim will "kill ARK" each game has come and gone yet ARK is still here going strong. This mindset wont work. Im sure I speak for a large chunk of the community when I say we would rather them focus on their current content than add new stuff that needs to be worked on, like they have been. The 'new' dev team has been going leaps and bounds to fix issues. So far so good.
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    IMHO, the game doesn't need additional "modes", as much as it needs the existing modes to be fundamentally fixed. PvE: Make a proper land-claim system that prevents players from spamming pillars. PvP: Stay on top of ORP loopholes/metas, and work on rolling out ORP to more servers. Offline raiding should be heavily discouraged.
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    @d1nk Actually no, I was sitting on the trike. That's basically camera mode fully zoomed out. @SnowboundGem I cut some down but not all, yeah. I like the natural look. For a smaller base like this it's very doable. Usually I end up with larger animals that knock everything down though, so it makes little difference... After a rough day at work I was quite excited to come home and relax by hopping back into Ark. Yes, I do find parts of this game to be rather relaxing. I mean, I've been building a lot and rarely encounter anything even slightly dangerous on my little island paradise. I was also rather inspired to work on something after watching a YT build. I had thought about using a cliff platform, until I saw the required materials for the platform smithy. Not happening at my current level of resources. So I basically ended up doing a kind of poor man's platform instead for my workshop area. Then I built a gateway and some pillars and traveled down the hill to the spot close to where the beacon drops. A 115 trike had spawned down there and I've been keeping my eye on it, debating if I wanted to tame it or not. Decided I might as well. It didn't quite work as intended but I got my trike. Naturally we went around punting dilos and anything else we could find to get some levels up. During the course of our short foray across the river we killed no less than 3 sarcos in a row, netting quite a lot of prime actually. Are you think what I'm thinking? Yep, I stripped down to only my most necessary gear, loaded up and took the ptera north to carno point. I scouted out the argents and quickly homed in on the highest level, a somewhat respectable 90. It ended up being a rather involved chase but I got the bird down. The actual tame was quite uneventful. Then we flew home, where I ended up grinding narcos for a bit to get the level I needed to make the saddle. Care to guess what I did first with my brand new argent? If you said go find that alpha raptor I saw previously, you would be correct. We hunted it down and killed it for tons of levels, a mastercraft crossbow, mastercraft pike, ramshackle pick and tons of prime that will likely be wasted. What was the second thing I did? Flew to the redwoods mountain and loaded the bird down with crystal and metal. Flew home, made another forge, whacked all the metal in the two of them and made some sparkpowder to light both. Made a trough also since raw metal is no longer a precious commodity. So this is about where I'm at now: Obviously the next step is to build a proper taming pen now that I can do it properly and go after the utility trifecta: anky, beaver and doed, in more or less that order. Yes, I did cull the original trike. And I am keeping the mostly useless ptera, at least for now. I am a firm believer in the rule of 2: always keep 2 of anything that flies or swims, just in case you lose one and need to go and retrieve it.
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    Actually, in 2025 June 17th will be on a Tuesday. but that's a long time to wait.
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    So, I've been contending with this server admin over the mating timers since day 1, pretty much. New new friend has been chatting with me and brought up the idea of moving servers. I'm open to the idea if I could just find one with the mods and multis I like. The big one for me is flyer mods are a deal breaker, full stop. The flyer nerf was how long ago now and we have griffins and rock drakes and manas and cryopods and tek everywhere, there is 0 need to continue to abuse a massively outdated mechanic. Anyway, he left to go check out a server while I bred my newly grown base bloodline pair. Bred them, 2 day mating cooldown. Popped the egg, male spino. I got him to juvenile and logged because honestly this is ridiculous. What's the point of playing on an unofficial if you're still going to get bottlenecked by official rates? It's so incredibly frustrating. Took a bit of a breather and eventually logged back in...to single player. I wiped all of my data, updated my mods and started fresh. Yes, I have a backup save of my Island map so I didn't lose anything irreplaceable and I'll always have the memories and screenshots anyway. The Island, single player Spawned at Cragg's Island, that hilly area toward the front. I don't care how many times I do this, I really do enjoy the beginning bit, the initial struggle to survive and the sheer unpredictability of early game. Plus, when you first stake your territory and go full Harvest Moon on the rocks and trees and plants, just clearing it all out. I built on the second hill to start, with 2 dodos when one couldn't fit everything. An early raptor kill netted me a pike, which was great. Grinding metal on normal rocks kind of sucks, but I have rates up enough that it's not tear your hair out aggravating. Made my crossbow and immediately tamed a trike. Super low level but it doesn't matter, his only purpose is berry and thatch farming. Got ambushed by a sarco, took it down for some levels and prime meat. Went after a ptera to take advantage of said prime, unfortunately the choices were all low levels. Found a nice 135 but it happened to be near an alpha raptor. No thanks. Took the next highest level, a mere 25. Killed a couple turtles for keratin, made the saddle. Then a slow, dangerous flight to the redwood mountain to collect a small amount of crystal and metal. Success. Left for the afternoon to hang out with a friend. Came back, melted the ingots down. Tamed a seagull mostly on a whim. And through the entire day I was building. One thing I've never built but always wanted to try is one of those huge, sprawling, ridiculously intricate bases with all those crazy things like stables for individual animals and whatnot. My builds are big but not sprawling like that and usually lack a lot of detail work. I'm the type of person who can build a castle but the interior would look like a warehouse, you know? All business. So this time around I'm taking my time to assemble things as I need them and to build all of the interconnected elements together. So it will be a bit haphazard and slapdash and unique to the events of this playthrough. Here's what I've built so far, it's been awhile since I shared any screenshots: Obviously still very much in progress. That huge stairway down to the beach is for my raft, I do have one built and it's only slightly out of the frame. So I still need to build the actual pier at the bottom. The gazebo started out as a temporary hut for the dodos, they're still in there pooping out eggs. Need a proper home for them since that's more of a travel area now. Plan to move the crop plots a bit but first I need more space for the compost bin. Wherever the dodos end up, I'll probably build a kitchen and move the bin to that area. It won't be too far, I want it near the crops. They are indeed empty but I always place them early so they can fill with water by the time I'm ready to plant. Also need to design a better workspace area and material storage. And of course none of my animals or myself really have any dedicated areas to stay. I was going to make a perch where the icthyornis is now but then I decided to do that giant staircase down instead. The most important thing is space for the ptera since it can't defend itself or anything. The trike is pretty weak too and should be protected when not out farming, so he could use a stable. If you're wondering why I'm building in wood, this area isn't all that dangerous for one. And for two, this is not my main base. Since I can build wherever I want I decided to set up here near the obelisk for easy transfers and relative safety. This is essentially the starter base that I will probably abandon or use as an outpost once I've got some better tames. All in all, much happier to be back in control of my Ark experience again. The one thing I don't like about single player is the lack of community, but maybe I can find people to chat with on Discord while playing, who knows.
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    Aberration Completed the reaper taming trap tonight. Finished up the holding pen, this just involved installing a few heavy turret beside the trap. I then loaded up the drake full of structures (took a few trips) and went down to the border between the purple and red zone and installed the trap there. There probably is better locations but I wanted a relatively safe place to teleport from. Shall see how this location goes for just now. Put down a pitfall trap and got the teleporter down, had part of the teleporter separated to allow safe use. Then of course I had to test the trap, decided to test the whole process actually. Went into the red zone and lured the first queen I could find, a lowly level 15 but'll do. Got it the short distance back to the trap and successfully into it. Cryoed the drake and hit teleport to the holding pen. Success ! Just like the simulations, the queen was inside the holding pen above the ceiling and I came out below the ceilings and didnt get stuck in any foundations. Next I trailed out the next stage. Used the heavy turrets to bring her health down as low as possible. It took a few attempts to get the impregnation right the first time, the door ways get in the way, you have to be inside the trap with her o . O . Again success, she impregnated me and the trap kept her from burrowing. Worked out that the maturation time is about 20 minutes so plenty of time to do a few things. Hatched up a few megalosaurus to kill off to gain experience for the king. 2 megas is enough to hit max experience. Let the king kill me when it hatched to load it up with food. I then reapated with another impregnation round before killing the queen, got a few glands too. As expected both kings came out with different stats, one had slightly higher melee and stamina yet both had the same health, a few other stats were different but not fussed about food and oxygen. Am just in the process to see roughly how they raise and what time they take, although I didnt keep a notice of time. So far all both have asked for were cuddles and a single walk. Annoyingly they seem to wander despite not on wander so I had to craft up a few dino leashes.
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    I'm sure I can't be the only person who has caught themselves think about the real world in ARK ways. I know I play too much ARK when in real life: - I try to get a better look at something, and my brain instinctively tries to hot key my spyglass. -I see a huge rock along the side of the road, and wonder how much metal I could get out of it. -I see an a cool animal, and wonder what its stats might be. Any others?
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    Ha ha! I had this conversation last night on ark. My father visited me so I put my controller and headset down for 20 minutes. When I came back a theri had eaten my 210 wyvern that I'd left outside. It was black and dark purple, absolutely gorgeous. When my tribe mates asked about it (from the tribe log) they were shocked and in disbelief at how calm I was, but my dad doesn't visit often, so it was worth it 👍
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    WC made a big error in allowing Legacy servers to continue beyond the Early Access. They should have been removed as soon as EA finished like any other game does.
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    I can't imagine any collective group of words or tribe names that could hurt my feelings enough to openly complain about it. Everyone is so easily offended these days. They can't answer everyone's tickets fast enough because there are so many people wasting their time.
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    Because they don't care about consoles. That's 3 useless crunches in a row now. 2 about auto-decay and one about Legacy. The same repeated answers about, no plans to bring anything to console, how hard fixes are, or that they are aware of problems. Nothing new. -Jen- disappears for days on end dodging our questions then updates about her "cool new tattoo". -Ced- Seems to be doing good with communicating, but again no definitive answers other then a proverbial, "Maybe" If this company really care about their customers, there would be a lot more communication. They would try to quash as many rumors as fast as they can [I.E. the additional Maps that people talk about] They would make updates for consoles come out a lot more consistently. [By making a constant submission process to Microsoft maybe? Like every other Friday, and update us when they don't submit anything...i dunno] Switch implementation is non existent anymore. I understand they are a company and have a lot of shizz in the air to juggle, but their community leaders suck plain and simple. I will be surprised if consoles get anything more than "Quality of Life" updates anymore. Get your act together Wildcard.
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    They do have that list. The servers that are not Legacy.
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    Lot of irony in this statement. "Official servers aren't for the weak and you should play unofficial but I want things easier and special mods 😢" Lol. Sounds like you need unofficial. Anyway, this is going nowhere. You're the type to keep cluttering the ob thinking you run the server and I'm the type that'll keep sending dino's into the fights if they are in my way or knocking them out the way with a wild diplo. It's worked for my years on official. Enjoy your time in Ark. 😃
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    People have been saying this for years but the data doesn’t back it up.
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    Movie ends 5 minutes after starting because the bob gave up 20 feet from spawn complaining theres nowhere to build. Proceeds to post on forums in blind rage
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    If they are too close to the ground (ocean floor) they will not eat. I had some starve this way. Also breeders say placement in water required for mating, even through they were in water. I suggest a completely enclosed underwater box for them. That way they cannot escape.
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    Welcome to another edition of Fanart Friday! We regularly showcase some of the incredible fanart and creations from the community in this weekly series. You can view the artwork in a short video format on our social media accounts along-side this post, which servers get a closer look at these works of AR(K)! Want to see your video, art, screenshot, etc, featured here? Tweet it at us and use #FanARKFriday and you could be here next week! xxPyrospiritxx - Glowtail TehShadowdargon - Megalosaurus Slugg-o - Allosaurus MayaPatch - Thylacoleo MasterLuBu - Learning the Food Chain Hallowraith - Furry Friends FluffZee - Manticore DolphyDolphiana - Rock Drake and Griffin cfowler7 - Riot vs Titanoboa Blue Dragon - Aberration Comic
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    If you are cheating you should be dev wiped.
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    Island-Single Player-PS4 After my last post, I almost had another disaster. I decided to explore on my ptera. So I get close to the center of the map and am looking for potential tames, low level spino and thero, but I see a raptor pack with a 130 in it. My plan, land on a rock in the middle of the water, kill the low levels and tranq dart the 130. Well, as I go to land on the rock, my ptera misses its landing point and nose dives for the water, throwing me off, and what does it do? Goes and lands right with the raptors I try to run up to it and jump on but I am immediately pounced and killed. I respawn back at base and jump on my other ptera. Best advice I ever saw on here, keep two of every flier and swimmer, it helps in situations like this. I race back with my other ptera, and make it in time. My ptera is tanking but the raptors have eaten my body, I do however spot a bag on the beach that had my longnecks, 200+ Ammo, etc. I jump down, grab the bag, hit follow all, and go back to base for the night, armor completely broken. Only stopping to collect metal and crystal on the way back. Dodged a major bullet. Fast forward to today, take my ptera out Bc I was looking to explore more and get some polymer. Run into a 75 Spino along the way and tame it, using the “rock” method lol. Was able to get prime fish meat because this location has a crap ton of salmon, so pretty solid tame effectiveness. Absolute beast of a spino. I go back to base and make the saddle and just take the spino out towards the winter biome. Run into a 120 sarco and tame it as well. Found a beautiful 140 argy, but that’ll teach me to try tranq’ing it without trapping it. Extremely low torpor and it flew up to the sun. Just been crafting as much gunpowder and gasoline as I can. Overall, pretty efficient.
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    Dates are fixed Thanks for pointing out my error.
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    Part 2 of the Long Night (*NEW* Now with less Arya!) When i got back on made those two Tek Helmets, threw one in Saltires vault then went over to Extinction to knock out another Titan. This time brought a new guy and another server member. We got shafted on loot so i gave it to one of the other guys. Only one tek bp last time we got 4! Hopped over to Aberration and went on a mission to hit some surface drops. Only really been twice before quickly but this time I stayed out the whole 90% night. Hit 3 90% nights like this. Over 20 drops and the only good loot was a jm roll rat saddle and two premade asc saddles; Megalo and Spino. Threw the megalo saddle on Saltires body then hopped over to the crafted character i made on Ab. Hes been sleeping in a Tek Pod gaining exp, threw on the grinder and before i knew it he was already level 60. Maaan.. crafting element is so much easier with crafting. It makes it the same speed as stone walls! Made 150 element then logged out had a pounding headache Today is Reaper day! @AngrySaltire and I are heading down to the Rad zone in our best dressed looking for a chick to knock us up. Hopefully we wont spend too much on drinks.
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    Originally, I was planning on going after my next set of eggers, but then I saw, "The purdiest Tech Quetz dat I ever done seen." It's blue, black, and silver combination will hopefully make all my neighbors jealous. Unfortunately, the only thing I've ever tamed a Quetz with is an Argy, using the grappling hook fly here method, so I needed some Argys! And I say some, because I just know something will probably go way wrong at some point. So, spares come in handy. I crafted a taming pen and loaded it on the Chudzitanic, before setting sail. Two days later, I brought the boat to a halt at the safe islet by carnivore island. Construction began immediately. And soon, my taming pen was ready to go. I tamed two Argys that came out at level 230, and one burner that came out at 115. "Shhh! Don't tell him he's a burner. He thinks he's an integral part of the plan, and is proud to be leading the charge." (If I pull this off on the first try, he'll be retired to some place plush.) Deconstruction of the taming pen was made quick and spiffy through the use of the S+ dismantling gun. There were only two miss-clicks during that time, and my lawyers are handling the fallout. Then it was back onto the Chudzitanic and time to sail for home. Normally, I hug the coastline and don't cut across deep water, even in the inlets. Unfortunately, "The Captain," may have been drinking and decided to hurry things along. Therefore, um . . . he cut across an inlet as the seabed dropped below the onrushing boat. Buh! Yep, Alpha Leeds! The Chudzitanic survived the initial hit but couldn't make it close enough to land before the second. *Visions of stone and lumber sinking into the depths* Fortunately, though, I had decided to keep everything valuable on me, including the soul-spheres holding the Argys. I probably broke an Olympic record swimming for shore, and there's a small chance I might have flicked off the Alpha Leeds while doing so. *Shrug* As soon as I went feet-dry, I pulled out my teleportation clicker and started clicking like crazy. *Poof* I'm back in base, minus one boat that probably could have been better named, to tell the truth. (Or not!) Everything is stowed away, and the next step is to go after that Quetz. But not today, of course....
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    Friday evening breeding shenanigans. So since the server will be on 7x difficulty for the weekend, I probably won't be doing any breeding at all. It made sense to do my final round of breeding for the next few days. Bred my spino pair, the argents who were off cooldown, and my mutated yuty again. First, my spino. Popped a male with every stat except weight and got the 0 speed, plus the perfect color combination possible from this pairing. Amazing. Can't wait for him to grow up to breed with the female. Really wish the current male had gotten the HP stat so I could bring him to Aberration. As much as I want to, I am not going to be bringing my main female over because she's also my main breeder for this line right now. I'll be using my backup spino instead. Next, my argents. Two eggs gave nothing. One egg gave a male with weight, stamina and partial colors. However he got an abysmal HP roll from his dad so I'll definitely breed him back to the female for HP before I start working the stats into the color line. The last egg gave me a perfect color, full white female. Yay! Before I start seriously mixing the stats and colors though, I really need to drop my oxy stat, 60 is ridiculous and useless. Scouted around, didn't find any 0 oxy argents. I won't hunt for that over the weekend, would rather focus on high stats while I have the chance. Finally, the yuty egg. Popped twins...both female. Ok then, guess I'm adding 2 yutys to the flock. Sadly they got entirely the opposite of what I wanted for colors and are rather earthy actually, but that's fine. I also scouted around for either a good bronto or a tek stego. They don't need to be super max levels, I just need something better for narcoberry farming. The theri doesn't do a great job, especially for the quantity I need. No luck on either so will probably hold off on them for now. That was about it really. The yutys are still babies but close enough to juvenile that I don't anticipate any issues with them overnight. They just take forever but I don't really feel like cryopoding them and losing those extra hours of growth.
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    Welcome to another edition of Fanart Friday! We regularly showcase some of the incredible fanart and creations from the community in this weekly series. You can view the artwork in a short video format on our social media accounts along-side this post, which servers get a closer look at these works of AR(K)! Want to see your video, art, screenshot, etc, featured here? Tweet it at us and use #FanARKFriday and you could be here next week! Malabar - Wyvern anders_ovesen - Robotic Giga Chamillion15 - Managarmr ChiChoose - Dark Forest Concept DogaKaraalp - Ravager EsthersWorld - Unended Rock Drake Gr33n_DrAg0n - Snow Owl milokamilo - Arica RavenYT_NL - Ice Titan Sail - Amargasaurus
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    Oh! Didnt even notice we broke 200 pages! Congrats SWDYDTIA thread! 200 pages strong and still going!
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    Built my first tri-ramp pitfall trap in a taming outpost not far from the Ragnarok green obelisk. The outpost location has several narrow paths up to it, with three possible approaches, so I thought why not build a pitfall trap with three possible entry ways.
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    Dunno what you are on about, Official PvP can still be fun, I play with bigger tribes, as a 2 man squad with a good friend of mine, and as a solo. I have fun and progress each time, sure I usually get taken out at some point but that is the game, even Massive mega tribes don't last forever and get wiped at some point, doesnt mean it was all a waste, unless you didnt enjoy the time you spent getting to that point, but if thats the case then why would you playing if you dont enjoy the progression. I must say I really enjoy Arkpocalypse for this reason, monthly wipe means players are forced to not get overly attached to their progress, I think the mentality of "oh I should never lose my stuff or it's all over" is a really unhealthy one, when I get wiped I start again and do things a little different than I did before. Sometimes I do better and other times worse, I still have fun. I win some battles and wipe others and lose others and get wiped by others, this is the cycle of ark. Monthly wipe ensures everyone has a more even playing ground, everyone had the same opportunity to start at the same time and you can only transfer from other monthly wipe servers, so non of this "oh let me bring my lvl 450 mana and golems that I have farmed for 2 years and be unstoppable BS. If you get taken out and feel it's too late to start again, no worries just wait a few weeks for server to reset and have another go, This is a much healthier thing for a game like this than feeling like you should never get wiped or lose to another group or else it's just game over and all of it has been a waste of time. This mentality of "If I lose then everything has been a waste and I am no longer having fun" is toxic and harmful to oneself I believe, You will be much happier and enjoy the game a lot more if you learn to enjoy both being on top and being at the bottom, I have fought clans much bigger than me, and sure I have lost to them a fair amount but I still enjoyed those encounters, and sometimes I beat those bigger tribes because I am not afraid to lose and so am not afraid to fight back and try even in the face of stacked odds. as for meshing, yes it is getting a bit better, they are working on it and while it is slow atleast they are doing something. Meshing seems to be less of an issue of the servers I play on than on others from what i have read.
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    I pet my dog and wonder why she didnt sit down and glow.... And what happened to her meat pack saddle? Look at my rifle and wonder if its damaged capped. Walk into doors because im spoiled with tek doors. Wonder why I havent got a BP yet when ive bern fishing for hours. My wife asks where somthing is and try to pull up my tribe log in my head. Every time i say the letter J i flich like im about to get swarmed by tames. Ask my local restaurant if their mutton is any good for taming 4 ton semi feathered animals.
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    Man I had such a stressful night last night. I was gliding around blue on Aberration, and went up some water fall I hadn't been to before. I had hit an explorer note so was just killing random things. I figure on a Rock Drake my risk of 'getting lost' is pretty low since I can just glide over blue and recognize something and get out. Well, at top of that waterfall I'm swarmed by a bary or 2, 2 crabs and who all knows what. Drakes level 200 so overall not a concern health wise.... but I got knocked off the drake. With so much chaos I could not get back on, crab grabbed me with claw, and it was over. Of course I'm worried about my drakes health as I usually leave it on passive, but did whistle neutral at last second but I wasn't sure if a tame group was set so wasn't for sure it went out. Problem now became I had no idea where I was. So I grab my friends spino he lent me that is the strongest and fastest one I have, and go out exploring trying to find it. Of course I rushed out naked. Hello ice spore field... I fall off dino, and what do I see? A Megalosaurus is hitting the spino, not me (WHY?)! Who seems to be on passive (not sure how that happened, i never set spinos to passive). I panic as I'm about to get my friends best bred spino killed, and log off in hopes it'll stop the attack. I felt utterly defeated. Lose my one and only freshly earned drake AND friends spino all in 1 go? Afraid to login... Schrodinger's cat. I finally get back on, no death message in tribe log! It worked! Or least I hope it's not still being attacked. So grab another spino, and a haz suit this time, as well as food and water to be sure I'm actually prepared this time. I thankfully roughly knew where I died on spino so got there, and he was fine! I'm guessing since I was the only one on server, it unloaded the region when I logged out, saving the spino. I don't understand why the megalo was even attacking the spino considering I never even attacked it. I take the friends spino back home and explore some deep areas of bio lum I've never seen, and thankfully in the end, I randomly stumble upon my drake and previous bulb dog. Sadly had a new bulb dog so had to leave the original lower level behind lol. That was the first body I never recovered the goods from in over a month 😦 Lost a haz suit and some MC tools I think. In the end, all I lost was some items and a level 70 bulb dog from the first death that I couldn't pick up as I had a new bulb dog. Maybe if I don't check tribe log the Schrodinger's cat can apply to that bulb dog and he will stay alive!
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    If you’re playing unofficial, use these following commands: cheat destroyall DroppedItemGeneric_FertilizedEgg_NoPhysicsWyvern_C cheat destroyall DroppedItemGeneric_FertilizedEgg_RockDrake_NoPhysics_C
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    like 90% of all griefing i see on pve could be fixed with 4 walls and a roof.
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    Aberration, singleplayer, ps4 Decided to spend the evening taming Megalosaurus to see if I can improve my stat options. So, I used the last of my gunpowder to make about 300 simple rifle bullets, then turned 200 of them to tranq darts, 130 of which became shocking tranq darts. Also pulled all my Spino eggs to make 30 Superior kibble. Hopped on my Rock Drake and made my way to the Elemental Vault Cave where I have 2 stone traps set up. The first Lv 145 I pull decided to bring a party. While attempting to sort them out he circumvented my trap and dove into the liquid element. Cleared out everything up to the first intersection, where my second trap is located. Look left, look right, no high level Megalosaurus. Went left, climbed the ceiling, and glide into the blue section with the path to the Artifact. Clear that area, reach the artifact chamber, and spot a male 145 Meg. Do some quick contemplation and decide on building a trap at the base of the slope that leads to the artifact (used 4 stone foundations in an L with stone door frames on the outside, with the slope ledge serving as the back wall). Pull the Meg who falls perfectly into my trap (insert evil laugh). He brought an uninvited guest too, though, who I had to dispatch. Knock out the 145, put kibble in, and I wait.. and wait... take a minute to clear the artifact chamber, take the artifact, and back to the Meg to wait. I apparently tamed all 3 of my other Megs during taming events, because this guy took forever (1.5x taming for me. Yes I realize official is much longer - I feel sorry for you, not really 😝). I ended up going through both sets of hazard gear and my lightpet with 2500 charge ran out. The wait was well worth it, though. He stood up with 7872 Health and 405% Melee, well above my current collection of stats.
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    I did a lot this weekend, possibly the most productive for the last 6 months. I finished my 277 100% imp Yuty only to be given an egg between 303 and 313 haha - i hate raising Yutys. I also got another Daeodon baby out and came out at 259 (only started a few weeks back so progressing really well). I then realised I'm missing a big Melee stat, and Stam stat so should be breeding out close to 280 in the next week or so. I had no further progress on my Pteras - so many eggs now and nothing new to show for it. oh well, Ill keep on trying. Then I had some good news... out of the blue, Alpha Tek cave run - starting in 15 mins. (It was midnight so I was debating whether to go or not... damn it, lets do it!) So quickly grabbed some Asc Flak, an Asc Shotgun and Ammo, a few canteens and some Prime Jerky, podded a pair of my 100% imp high level Rexes (30k hp and 1700 MD) and went off to Island. Met up with everyone at the lava entrance in the volcano and 19 of us proceeded to work our way through the caverns. Giga after Giga and we make it through to the first 'bubble'. Upon entering, I lost 90% of my HP and had a broken bone icon - quickly ate some jerky and nothing... jerky is not good for replenishing HP - I had rushed my preparation, but luckily 2 friends dropped me some burgers and medical brew. Entered the final cavern, 5 of my tribemates (across server tribes) were all around me and we worked as a unit jumping on each boss and then working on adds as and when we could... it was going rally smooth and then I got kncoked off my Rex and were separated for what seemed like an hr (possibly 45 seconds) running in and out of adds until someone pointed out a standalone Rex on the other side. Managed to jump on just in time before a defender clobbed me from behind. We were just getting the last boss down when some tribemates were knocked from their Rexes and a tribemate made a few shots with his shotgun to finish off the boss as it was nearly dead... a slight lag and another tribemate walked in front of the shotgun... 4 of the 5 tribemates ascended from the ARK on Alpha... one died valiantly and sacrificed himself for the greater good. 1900hrs in and I have ascended off the ARK at Alpha. Thanks WC
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    I’ve been in bigger, moar better, more alpha tribes than both of you. You know it’s true cause it’s on the internet.
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    THis stuff about new players cant get going is total bs in my opinion. I started this game about 3 months ago or so now and at the time had never really even played survival games. At this point while im still learning I would say I can handle myself and am fairly experienced. And how did I get to this point you ask? I allowed myself to fail, I got raided many times but never gave up, I used every set back as a learning experience for my next attempt. I met a$$hats and helpful players along the way, I learnt a lot from both types. The PvP extremists who kill every bob on site taught me how to PvP, the helpful players gave me tips and tricks on how to be more efficient and how to better spend my time on a sever. Pretty much it comes down to this, what do you want out of the game? do you want to just have a stress free non competitive environment to learn in and try things out without the threat of other players messing with you, in this case there are plenty of PvE servers, and no they arent all just packed full, it is really easy to find a low pop server, in fact majority of the servers have small populations. Find one login and enjoy If you want to get into the whole PvP game and want to learn how to go face to face with aggressive PvP tribes, well then you gotta be prepared fall, many times, that is the only way to learn. No one just plays for the first time and is good at PvP. You have to fail to learn, and it can still be fun doing so. My advice find a friend who you can fail and learn with, this helped me a lot. ME and a buddy got the game around the same time and learning together was a lot of fun, and yes we got raided countless times, we got screwed over and screwed ourselves over many times, but thats the game, the one thing we didnt do was throw our hands up in the air and say F this I'm done with this. You cant expect everything to just go smoothly as that isnt ark, even setup experienced tribes get wiped all the time, they still make mistakes they lose PvP fights, thats the game. To fully get the most out of ark you must embrace the failure and understand that to become a good player you must first be a bad player and be ok with that. Dont get overly mad or upset when others kill your tames or raid you as it happens all the time. Just have the balls to pick yourself up and try again. after you have some experience with the PvP join a tribe and learn as much as you can from them. The best thing you can do is have a positive mindset, understand that you will fail, and thats ok as we all did when we were learning. Something I found was useful were Arkpocalypse servers, they wipe monthly and so there are no real year old Alphas waiting to mess you up. Everyone you meet on an arkpocalypse server started fresh on wipe day and will start again the next month. It lets you get used to the early game. Try join one around when it wipes so you can get a fresh start and then just spend a month learning. It's also easier I think knowing that all your tames and base are going to be wiped in am month anyway, so if some tribe comes and raids you it isnt as bad, it was temporary anyway. Just stick it out and you will get there :). Ofcourse if your idea was to be able to jump right in and be able to setup compete and deal with PvP like a pro without having to fail first, then this isnt the right game, in fact most games are like that, failure is how you learn to succeed.
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    Throw it in suggestions Interesting how some forum mods jump on constroversial topics and close em but not other threads violating the same Good luck
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    Fear evolved... Killer turkeys... Back when events were actually events not just a week of pretty things.
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