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    Pfft. If the game was fixed, it wouldn't be ARK. That's part of the experience.
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    Bah. Already tired of all the whining. The cheapskates just need to mow more lawns. The game is incredible value for the $$$.
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    Man it sounds like PVE is being punished for PVP crap AGAIN. Wc I sure hope you will STOP nerfing fun stuff because fools of PVP. You create cool creatures then take away or so limit it to a point one wishes to avoid taming. I love this game and it is sad to say one of the worst parts of the game is the devs. You are hands off till cheating pushes you to respond then you over do it. Can you please make it up to us by some major TLC of all our old beloved dinos. Like ptdon, allo or even megladon
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    well, here is the rub my man. 50 dollars for 5k+ hours of entertainment comes out to... cheap we all agree we want the game developers to do things and stuff, and make more game, and fix more game. for that they need to make a living wage and they need to be able to put money back into the game. They currently are maintaining official servers at cost and paying who knows how many people to work at their company. if 50 more dollars for 2+ more titles is too much money for you maybe you should not be spending money on video games my friend. so, yes you are going to have to pay for the game you want to play so the people who make it can afford to keep doing that.
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    Took some time away from the dev kit to work on my solo series (on a server, not in SP). Saturday, I leveled and tested out the gamma overseer crew on the beta/alpha megapithecus and succeeded. So I decided to prep up for the actual tek cave + overseer fight on sunday. Sunday, moved the crew at the entrance of said cave. Went in with 16 rexes (20k hp/550% dmg, 80 saddles), 3 theriz (same stats as the rexes) and 1 yuti. Took me about 45 mins to clear it (3/4 of the stuff can be sniped and dragged into the lava). Lost a single rex to the lava... stupid pathing IA. The actual fight was surprisingly easier than expected (despite losing 14 dinos). Here is what you should know if you ever want to do it solo as I did : - Ignore the defense units, unless your dinos are stuck in them. - Ignore the drones, they hardly do any damage at all. - Level your dinos into damage more than hp. The dragon phase will still take its toll no matter the hp of your creatures. Beta overseer is next!
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    I tend to disagree here. Alliances are needed on PvE, just as much as they are on PvP. For examples; to share lands with neighbors, to ally with other tribes for boss fights (yuty buff, daedon, etc.), alliance chat, etc.
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    I've done trading before, with some of the biggest traders in Ark. And there have been times when the trade was for a large amount of desired resources. Since there is a transfer limit of 50 stacks of anything at one time, and weight being an issue, sometimes using an alliance as a means of trade is the only reasonable course of action. In such cases I've been invited to an alliance to ease the burden of trading. Many people have and have been honest in their dealings. This is a fairly common practice in trading although going forward it probably won't be. You're right, it's not a bug. It's a horribly designed mechanic that can be exploited. And it's not ignorance about not knowing enough about the alliance system, it's being part of a community and how that community functions through a trade system that is also horribly designed. Instead of snarky comments perhaps show a little bit of freaking empathy for a person who just had thousands of hours wasted and potentially had an amazing game ruined for them. edit: Poppet, if they're still playing send my sympathies. Sucks it happened to them when they've always been fair and nice traders.
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    It is amazing how many people just want to b*tch and moan. I have purchased 5 other PS4 games since I first bought ARK. The COMBINED time spent on those other games is what I normally spend in 2 two weeks on ARK. $100's of dollars in other games that I played thru once, and have no desire to go back to. Yet I keep coming back to ARK. I wish other things I enjoyed provided such an amazing Entertainment value : Investment ratio.
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    What exactly can be proposed? What are you guys able to do? Ideally the only thing that would need changed are cave entrances and or out right disabling certain caves. I think cave building should exist on PVP official. It allows smaller tribes to gain a foot hold on official, and is also very important for end game breeding due to the large amount of 0/0s (low level female dinos used to breed) needed for mutations/end game breeding. With that said I think a base line for caves needs to be; adjusting caves entrances. No more crouch, crawl, etc entrances (think Island Ice cave, Aberration shadow cave, Scorched Earth central cave) The only reason for these entrances to exist was to limit which dinos you can use in a cave for PVE, but with the addition of cryo pods you can use basically any dino in any cave. For this reason alone I think most if not all cave entrances will need a TLC/rework. The most balanced caves for PVP are the newest and ironically have building disabled... All of Extinction caves have wide entrances big enough for lines or racers, gigas, tek rex, etc. This is how all the caves in the game should be modeled after IMO. I don't know what to do about certain caves like Center Ice Cave, this cave is without a doubt the strongest cave defensively, it also happens to be the largest. Although this cave doesn't suffer from the small entrances like the others, it does have a unraidable drop down location. It's impossible to push, this part of the cave will need to be reworked entirely or this cave will need to be outright disabled. It's too strong. I think it's important to address the reason why metas exist like they do. People have always built in caves, even in legacy, even in classic PVP where there were no teleporters, titans, etc. I believe these to be the reasons why; Choke points less turrets needed less ammo less farming/maintaining less players to defend Dino storage/breeding 0/0 females no worry about griefers sniping/killing your breeders baby raising no worry about griefers sniping/killing your babies And obviously also not being able to get attacked by titans plays a huge part of current cave meta. But caves have always existed, the difference now being that they're becoming main bases because they can fulfill that purpose due to cryo pods. But the main reason for cave building for end game has always been for breeding. I ask if you guys completely disable cave building that you introduce something such as a cryo breeding station, this isn't my idea it's Valors. He suggested something like a cryo fridge but that would allow you to store females able to breed. You'd be able to cryo the stud and place him in the breeding station and then it would produce the eggs and or cryo'd mammal babies? Doing this would allow people to breed in a land base without needing tons of space like current caves. Obviously you can balance this however, required tek powered, maybe consumes shards like a cloner? Also have to feed cryo'd breeders, etc. This would remove more lag from official servers even further just as cryo pods did. The bulk of the remaining dinos on Official servers are now breeders, introduce cryo breeding and this means even less entities taking up server resources.
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    Couldn't help myself and spent some time again in the dev kit on the test map... Here is the current progress : Next step, custom dino spawns & drops! Land creatures of the starter region will include (Creatures not seen here will be part of the harder regions of the main map) : + jerboas
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    as a PvE player, I'm not too fond of the snow owl changes, though considering how easy they made big creatures to tame, I do think they're fair without making the snow owl pointless. other than that though, it looks pretty good.
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    I dont think its expensive, personally I wish more companies did monthly memberships for better quality games. Not many hobbies give this many hours entertainment for so little investment.
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    hey my man, developing companies often have different teams working on different things and putting all the teams on one thing does not yield better results, especially in programming. It is entirely probable they have different people in the office working on this and different people working on bug fixes and other QoL changes for the game. I don't really know what you mean by a wasted year but you can't expect them to work for free. They have overhead costs, people to pay. once sales start dwindling for the old stuff they are going to have to put all the people who don't work on engine stuff to work doing things that continue to make money. They are owned by a parent company as well and there is no telling what snail games requests of them. I understand that you are upset you don't have a constant window into what everyone on their team does on a daily basis to assuage your fears that they are not working on what you want to work on. You are going to have to trust them, or you are going to have to vote with your wallet with the new expansion and not buy it. New content pushes are great because it allows you to "have a vote" again on what they are doing by refusing to pay them for doing things you don't want. I know this all sounds a bit rambly but i feel like one of my everyday struggles involves explain these concepts to younger humans and they are so basic that i struggle with explaining them. That is my failing.
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    Give me everything for free, and give me my damn participation trophy too! - signed a generation of gamers under 30 years old.
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    You should increase your fiber intake.
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    If you bought a season pass to attend your favourite sports games, would you expect it to last for more than one season before you have to pay for the next season? If you don't think the new content is worth the expense then DON'T BUY IT. Good grief. So many unappreciative and unreasonable people here.
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    This is definitely how you hold a crossbow. I have perfect form. I have returned to Ark to seek the vengeance that has been denied me for lo these countless days*. Let they who have wronged me know that my wrath is vast and all-consuming. Here I am playing Caveman Barbies with a skin taken from the mangled corpse of a raider who I bludgeoned to death and ate. It's all gone a bit Colonel Kurtz here on the mountain. *Eleven.
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    Improved the wyvern trap after hastily constructing one on a time limit last time I was on. Raised it higher and added a small stone hut nearby with spawn point, narco arrow storage, generator and remote keypad for the trap gate. Explored the wyvern trench and saw an event coloured 170 wyvern floating around, dived into the trench and nabbed its egg. Not on until Monday now when I'll be hatching and raising it
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    Just wanna say, I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone's adventures, goals and progress on this thread. It kinda helps because I don't have the experience/courage to try and play online yet and this is where I can learn from experienced players trials and errors. Today I played on my Island singleplayer and upgraded my shack to be a smallish/practical wooden base with an attached medium sized dino garage, dodo cage and main house for smithy's, storage and forges. I have built on the farthest South West point of the Island, inland a little, on a ridge. I was thinking that I could use cliff sides rather than having to build walls around everything. Below the ridge has Rex, terror birds and raptor spawns but it seems that the ridge itself doesn't spawn the Rex's or terror birds so I have put aside walling in my base. Besides, most of my defenseless dinos can fit in the garage only leaving Theri and low lvl expendable Stego outside. I spent a loooooong time thinking through design, gathering mats and building the base only to use it for a little while and then realize I will have to upgrade it from wood to stone or metal and redesign for industrial forge and other crafting stations (metal seems a little overpowered building material for a single player world base that isn't next to giga spawns). All I want to do is explore, tame and kill but it seems like I spend most my time gathering mats, building and occasionally losing a mount and getting into a dying cycle of trying to retrieve my stuff. Kinda wish there was a machine I could drop mats into and it just spit out a functional well designed base. My long term goal is to breed strong Rexes and defeat all the island bosses to officially call myself "experienced" in Ark to eventually be a useful edition to a good tribe on PVE server. I'm also trying to be as vanilla as possible so that I will experience the full game with all of it's difficulties and still be able to beat it. I have bumped up a few things to make it feasible on a singleplayer world but I try not to touch the settings as much as possible. Also, NO creative mode
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    I've been focused on breeding a number of creature lines to combine stats lately. Managed to combine four 40+ stats onto a single Griffin, but it also picked up a mutation. Normally I wouldn't want the mutation at this point... but its a melee damage mutation with what I think is a really nice color mutation. Private server with several mods running to allow Griffin breeding (obviously). The Griffin is such a fantastic flyer with the classic treatment and some nice stats. The color is a bonus. Love this Griffin.
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    Jeez, i know this is a video game forum with some younger members but damn, $35 isn't that much money. I spend more than that to take my wife and kid out... For lunch! Now if i can find a way to keep my family entertained for thousands of hours for the 100 some odd dollars that the game and all DLC cost I would have it made. Lets say all the employees at WC make 40k a year(some will make much more if they are skilled) and have 50 employees. If they take a year to make both DLCs they already have the payroll cost of $2,000,000. That is before all other expenses like advertising, studio rent, computers and equipment, tax etc. It is what it is. They can't pay their bills and employees with steam reviews and free modded maps. And those maps we get for free, they cost money too with server rentals and the in-house team having to put their hands on it to make sure its good enough to put on the official network. Moral of my rant is businesses HAVE to make a return on their investment.
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    This is a very interesting point for a couple of reasons; The first is that insiding should not be complained about on pve, due to the tribe ranking system. If this is used appropriately, it will protect your stuff from inviting people that you may not neccesarily trust into the tribe. Although insiding can occur between two trusted parties due to a falling out, I presume that's not what you were referring to here. The second point is that with this exploit now being more commonly taken advantage of, I find it puzzling that someone you may not know who is invited into an alliance, can take away everything you own with less chance of defending yourself than if you invited them into your actual tribe. @invincibleqc In the same way that alliances weren't designed to be used as a trading tool, it also wasn't designed for this issue at hand. The key difference is that creating an alliance for trading is not breaking any code of conduct and does not harm anyone if both parties are genuine in their desire to trade. I feel griefers and trolls having access to this exploit is unacceptable and while "alliances should have your back in a war" is a good counter argument, it's not enough to satisfy this issue. I feel to resolve this issue they could either add governance options to an alliance similar to that of the tribe options, or create a new system itself... Perhaps a standalone trading alliance as poppet suggested above? Pardon the pun, but Ark is always evolving, in the past the only reason this exploit was used was to kill your stuff and take your items and resources. However when Wild Card introduced cryo to combat the tame cap, they also gave this exploit another reason to be used. And in the same way that Ark evolved to deal with the tame cap, I believe it must now evolve again to deal with this.
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    Or: What they should be gaming with: What they are really gaming with: And:
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    But... it was winter when I purchased the season pass, so I should technically get everything that release during winter. Also, don't forget that I recently purchased Valguerro so I'm entitled to everything that gets released in the next decade.
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    Original season pass gave you The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction. How much more can you expect for that price? Not to mention for free they gave The Center, Ragnarok which included the Griffin and Ice Wyvern and Valguero which included the Deino. You want more free content now? How does anybody turn a profit ever if people just expect everything free?
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    Try to think urself what ur typing here. They just showed small part of whats in the 1st DLC . Its REVEAL trailer not the trailer of finished DLC and its 1st of 2 included in the price...
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    Spent a bit of time on Valguero the last couple of days. Raised up myself a couple of procoptodons for use as weight roos. Took one out for a spin to do a small metal run. Went across to our old base where there is some metal nodes and harvestsd them up. I moved towards one of lakes to look for more nodes and lept into it for fun. Instantly regretted it as I spotted the baryoynx that I landed next to, I didnt know they spawned there. It instantly dismounted me. I managed to get myself and the roo back to shore inbetween stuns before it killed me. Respawned, grabbed an allo and rushed to save the roo. Made it back in time and saved it and got the metal back to base. Started my contribution to the base expansion. We have the basics, but I started work on the stables. I went with my standard barn design but I made an adjustment and made the barn taller than normal to allow larger dinos into it. I had hoped to start work on our blueprint library but I ran out of time tonight.
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    PS4 - Unofficial Cluster I worked from home yesterday, so I was able to play over my lunch break, and then again right after 5pm, as I didn't have to worry about my normal 71 mile commute. So with the extra time, I really got a lot done yesterday. My primary base is on Ragnarok, along the Beaver streams south of the Green OB. When I first joined the cluster this area was pretty well populated with bases. But over the last 2+ months, some of those bases have been removed due to decay/inactivity. So I recently I decided to move just bit down the way, as there is a larger section available now. My old base and the beginnings of my new base are just on the edge of rendering from each other, so not far to move, but still it has been time consuming and boring. I've moved all of the big dinos (rexs, Tek rexs, giga, wyverns, Velanosaurs, Thylas) and cryopoded a lot of the others. I've got my owls, ptera and Tapejaras parked on the roof. But I feel like now I should build a large barn next to the base to hold the medium sized dinos, and to double as a breeding area. I'm torn. part of me wants to build it, but I don't want to add to lag, by making a big building. So for now, I'm just lining up the dinos inside a large dino leash surrounded by plant x turrets. Eventually I got bored, and needing a break, I went off in search of some more event colored thylas in the stone desert area. After killing and clearing out all of the thyla spawns, I finally got a few event color spawns, but they were all either copies of what I already had, or as is the case of the beautiful neon yellow thyla, engaged in battle when they rendered, and before I could even get set up, they were killed by their enemies. I then decided to fly over to my buddies base along the east side of the desert, south of the Red OB. He has been going crazy with his Deiny breeding, and has 5-6 color mutations already, plus the magenta one from the eggs I gave him. But he was offline (both of my two best "friends" on this cluster are in time zones 2 hours behind me, so we don't overlap much, unless I stay up late.) So I took off to do a fly around the map, as I really have been spending a lot of time on Extinction at my owl breeding base, or on my new Valguerro base. I noticed a few big bases are gone, including two guys who did a ton of breeding and selling on the cluster. Too bad, as they had some good dino lines. As I enter the redwoods not far from the Red OB, I notice a Quetz flying nearby. It is a 406 level (max level for normal dinos is 420 on this cluster) so this is a high level, and a male. I already have a high level female, and a low level colored male, but this male will be a better mating partner I'm sure. So after a few attempts to dino gate it, as it flew low across the ground, I am attacked and unseated from my owl by a thyla. After fighting it off, and re-grouping, I find the Quetz "flying" in place in a waterfall. I quickly dino gate it, and then fearing it may drown when KO's I craft up some stone foundations, and layer the area below him with them. Then I tame his up, and the foundations worked perfectly! I cryo the Quetz, and start to fly off again on my owl, when I noticed flashing blue out of the corner of my eye. I turn and look, a TEK QUETZ! (I love TEK dinos, and prefer them over their normal counter parts) I check and it is a level 470! Which I believe is the highest or very close to the highest for Tek dinos on this cluster. and so begins my 1 hour saga in my quest to tame the Tek quetz. - more thyla attacks - terror birds attacks - wayward wyvern attack - pissed off megatherium attack - dismounting from owl midflight and falling to death (I had accidently transferred my element to his inventory earlier, and my tek suit ran out) nearly an hour later, hope seems to be lost, as the Quetz has vanished, when I lost sight of it during one of my mishaps. As I begin flying back to my base, I see a neon green horse just begging to be tamed (my buddy loves neon green dinos) so I tame the horse, but not before it nearly runs me into a pack of allos. One of those allos is a event colored masterpiece of cyan, pink and bright green. so I eventually tame it too. With all the new dinos cryopoded, the owl and I are flying home, when there it is! The Tek Quetz. And it is flying low across the water. I wait until it gets on land, and I try to dino gate it, but it just walks up and over them!? However he soon duplicates the error the regular quetz made earlier, and amazingly, flies right into a waterfall, and hovers there. this time I dino gate him in and once again place foundations underneath him to prevent drowning. A few close calls waiting for it to tame up, as a carno and wolve came flying down from above, but thankfully agro'd on me, and I managed to perfect tame! Finally back at the new base, I added the new guys to the group, and then logged off for the night.
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    Slynn (SP) Grind City (Extinction) I set up my initial base by a lone City Terminal located on a platform with pillars supporting a metallic roof. After testing, I found I could place foundations on the roof, so I decided my permanent base would be constructed up there out of metal and S+ Glass. The initial plan was to get the outline of a foundation completed. By that time, I had built up a couple thousand ingots and had a little under two thousand paste. I manufactured the metal foundations, and Mortley (Snow Owl) helped me ferry them up there until the metal ran out. After that, I brought Anka out of storage and went on a metal run around base. I soon realized that my single S+ forge was bottlenecking ingot production and crafted two AA: Mini Forges, which would eventually be joined by two others. Since I’m not aware of anything like an insect cave to get bunches of chitin from on Extinction, I also decided that I was going to need snails for paste. I placed four large crop plots on the roof of my base, erected some pillars, and installed some S+ glass ceilings. Afterward, I ran some pipes to the nearby stream, and Picasso would be proud of how they turned out. Next thing would be tracking down the two dung beetles that I’d seen wandering around the area. While I was getting them, a level 145 tapejara landed nearby, so I got her as an impulse tame. The two beetles eventually joined my dodos inside, and things were getting kind of cramped to say the least. That led me to expanding my current base to include a pen for dodos and other small dinos on wander. Once that was done, I enjoyed being able to get to all my storage and crafting stations without tripping over things. I planted the veggies once there was enough fertilizer to start, and then turned my attention toward tree sap. I watched a video that stated the best bet was to tame a gacha that was able to produce it. I looked through my small stable of gachas and none of them had that option. So Mortley horked up a bunch of pellets and off we went to the Ab zone. I tamed two gachas without issue then ran out of pellets while taming a high level one, so I called it a day, and we headed back to base. Talk about lucky, one of the gachas is able to produce oil, which I needed, and the other is able to produce sap. So I put them to work, one after another, as they’re both males. I also noticed the raw metal in the forges was getting low, so I flew around on Mortley and mined some more. After that, it was time. Time to tame a Queen bee. For some reason, I really dislike doing this, and I’m not sure why. Anyway, seeing as I didn’t own any ghillie armor, or bug spray, or ammo to break the hive, I went on a crafting spree. Afterward, Mortley and I manage to find a hive that is relatively high up in the city with no dinos around. Score! I set up a firing position far enough away so I won’t attract bees, spray myself with bug repellant like I’m going out on the town, and start firing. The hive eventually disintegrates, and I see the queen. She’s about twenty feet up the side of a structure. I grapple to the side of the building and raise myself up. When she’s near, I see the tame message briefly, but then it goes away while I’m spamming the “E” button. I try for a few seconds as bees start piling on me despite my armor and bug repellant, but it’s just not working. Releasing the grapple, I drop and take the fall damage then make a break for it. I slaughter the rest of the bees over by Mortley, and I’m at one-quarter health. So yeah, that could have gone better. I eat the rest of my food, but that doesn’t heal me up much. So at this point, I’m thinking about heading back to base and healing up when Mortley smacks me in the head with one wingtip. “Dude! What was that for?” Mortley puffs out the ice-blue feathers on his chest, points to me with one wingtip, points toward the queen with the other, and screeches loudly. Hmm, I’m pretty sure I just got punked by a snow owl. Reluctantly, I take out my spyglass and look over the queen bee again. After a bit, I notice a small ledge that if I were standing on it would put her just above head height. Plus, the ledge is about fifty feet long, so I could get up on it undetected. “What the heck,” I decide. Mortley gives me a hoot of approval as I plod off, focused on the queen. Half a minute later, I grapple and start rising. When I disconnect, I find myself balanced on a ledge that is a few inches wider than my foot. “Here goes nothing,” I whisper, and then proceed along the ledge as quickly as I can without falling off. I get to the queen, and just as the surrounding bees go on alert, I manage to feed her a rare flower, taming her. I grab her and then in my enthusiasm manage to fall off the ledge. Luckily my crossbow is still out, so I’m able to grapple to the wall instead of slamming into the ground again. After that, it’s back to base. I pull up a foundation, place the beehive, and then put the foundation back. After which, I throw some rare flowers in there, and we’re making honey! Very . . . very . . . slowly. The rest of the evening, I kept the forges full of metal and made more foundations as I could. I managed to not only complete the outline of the new base like I had wanted, but I also managed to fill it in as well. After that, I had enough honey to make three cakes and tamed my first snail. Gumo is now wandering around that pen with the oviraptor, dung beetles, and stationary dodos.
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    Slynn (SP Character) in Slynn City (Extinction) I'm on call all day today, so figured I'd play some single-player in case I had to quit suddenly. Anyway... Anka, my anky, and I are motoring through the ruins of the city in search of element dust. Meanwhile, Myrtle, the dark-furred otter draped around my neck, is taking in our surroundings, and occasionally emitting a chirping noise when she wants more fish. But now, she issues a low growl instead. Immediately on alert, I scan the area and see a dull colored ichthyornis circling just ahead and to the right of us. Needless to say, these winged-abominations are on my *Beep* list, one recently having filched a stack of narcotics from me. So I dismount Anka and bring my crossbow to bear. Crouched, I make my way slowly through the bushes toward my prey. The bird changes its course a little but hasn't noticed me by the time I'm in range. Raising the weapon, I take aim a little ahead of the target and pull the trigger. Thwack! Myrtle makes a satisfied grunting noise as the dead Ichthyornis arcs toward the ground and lands in a heap. I rise and head for the corpse not wanting the meat and hide go to waste. Halfway back to Anka, something slams into my back, knocking me forward. My riot armor chestpiece saves me from any real damage, and I manage to stay on my feet and begin running toward my anky. A quick glance over my shoulder as I'm almost there reveals a gleaming enforcer in close pursuit. I leap into the saddle, commanding Anka to attack. The enforcer attacks before she does, though, one of its sharp limbs scoring her shell. I hold on as she wrenches herself to the left, flinging her tail forward. The spiked ball at the end smashes into the enforcer's head, crumpling the metal and releasing a shower of sparks. As she brings her tail back for another strike, the enforcer takes one stutter step to its left and collapses. A few seconds later, the lights on its body dim and go out. "That was a close one," I say to no one in particular. Of course, I hop off my mount to salvage what I can from the robot. I'm going to need a lot of materials to craft my ascendant enforcer from the blueprint I found a couple of days ago. I eventually discover that doeds are much better at getting dust than ankys are, so I'm able to farm up the 9000 I need in one sitting. The only thing I still need after that is oil, and Mortley (Snow Owl) offers to help. We go on a robot-recycling rampage and obtain what's needed fairly quickly. Luckily, my base is close enough to a City Terminal that I can pull the materials to it, so I craft up my new Enforcer. Sparkz, level 120, joins the team. I decide to go kill some corrupted dinos with him to get some nodules and level up. Things are going great, and then I see a corrupted giga noggin in the background of a nearby hill. Retreat! Sparkz and I decide it's a good time for a break and head directly to base, not passing Go.
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    We're on an Island ark for the overseer boss fight, you look out the main overseer window slightly to the left, there's another Island ark. That makes at least two of them. Nevermind the uncountable amount of island ark's you fly thru on your way to scorched earth in the ending cinematic.
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    I just installed S+ mod, and wow I'm super impressed, auto open close door, electricity are ranged based, no more cables everywhere, and the demolish/pick up gun is super useful, even the lamp is auto depending on day or night time, it also has no stand and can be put on wall or ceiling. I usually hate using mod and prefer vanilla because if I get too dependant on it I would miss it when playing online on official server, but since I'm going to stay Single Player for quite a long time, I'm trying a few mods and I'm converted, I think I can't play without mod now , it makes Ark more enjoyable and remove all the inconveniences. The S+ on official server is too limited compared to this, it's about time to advance and implement all of its features. And some other mods are also very fun to have.
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    On Valguero server Day 1 of the mission - I had never tamed one of those horse-apes (AKA: Chalicotheriums) before, so I figured I'd give it a shot for a change of pace. First thing on the list, I needed to brew some beer, so I enlisted the help of Dodo Mike. He's actually a dodo and a whiz at home brewing. Perhaps you've tried one of his Pale Beak Ales or his latest Pro-Hop-Todon before? Anyway, I crafted the barrels and jars while he gathered the berries, thatch, malt, hops, etc. We had two barrels going by the end of the day. Day 2 (Noon) - There was enough for two cases of beer when we checked, so we figured we'd down a couple to check them out. Day 3 (Morning) - Soooo hungover... I look in a nearby mirror and see a kitty clown face painted on my face. Yah, Dodo Mike and I are not beyond pranking each other should one pass out early. "Nice one, Mike." "Serves you right for passing out first, you *Beep!*" he says before laughing. "Well, I also woke up first, so you might want to check a mirror yourself," I reply with a chuckle. Four seconds later, "Auuuuughh! You *Beepin* *Beeeep!*" The scissors were right by me when I woke up earlier, so I gave Mike one of those Lion cuts that people do for their dogs. Day 3 (Mid-afternoon) - We start making more beer. Day 4 (Morning) - "There's a little over a case ready," Mike informs me. "Want to have a few?" "No thanks, Simba," I shoot back. "*Beep* off," Mike replies. Day 4 (Afternoon) - We've got our ghillie suits on (Mike looks like a shrubbery), Vash is loaded up with supplies, and we're off to the Great White North. Thirty minutes later, we soar over a male and female Chalicotherium, both high level, and right by each other. Of course, they're being attacked by wolves. Vash lands heavily and snaps up one of the wolves in his jaws, before tossing its limp form off to the side and going after another. Meanwhile, I hop off, draw my railgun, and begin firing. Mike helps by hurling insults at the attackers. "Hey, you mangy little poodle *Beeps!* Get lost!" We take care of the wolves, and I pass out a beer to both Chalis. Vash is keeping a watchful eye for predators, while what appears to be a small bush is drinking a beer and lounging in his saddle. Pausing between sips, the bush opines, "Man, it is *Beepin!* cold out here, and this salad-suit ain't helping." "Well, you can take yours off if you want, but I need mine so I don't aggro the Chalis." What seems like an hour later, the teetotalling horse-apes still haven't accepted a second beer, and Mike is done with his fifth. Kind of funny to see a bush pee on another bush, though, when he hops off Vash to go relieve himself. Unfortunately, the Chalis have wandered farther from each other over time. So when I go to check on the male, he's being attacked by more wolves. Argh! I fight those off, using railgun and tek sword, come back, and wolves are attacking the female now. ARGH! My wyvern and I dispatch those, relatively quickly, but the Chalis HPs are getting kind of low. Speaking of which, I head back by the male, and see him go down amidst another pack of wolves. Jeepers! I start looking around for a tour bus full of wolves, cause this is crazy. Returning to the female and my cohorts, she finally accepts another beer. A short while later, believe it or not, more wolves show up. ARGH!!! After they've been handled, Vash says, "You know, I can carry one of these back to base where it will be safer to tame if you want." Mike and I look at each other with stupid expressions on our faces, until he lets out a loud burp, and we both lose it. So anyway, Vash flies us and the Chali back toward base on one of the starter islands. We drop her off on one side of the island and go land on the other, before taming starts again. She tames up, and we end up taming two others the same way. There is a friendly fire incident, though, during this time. Someone has a small wood base on the island with a tek para and ptera parked outside. One Chali gets too close, aggros on the para, and the *Beep* hits the fan. Both the parasaur and pteranodon are attacking the Chali. Somehow, a nearby bronto gets aggro'd, and I watch in horror as damage numbers pop off the base as it swings its tail. I run back, hop on Vash, and we launch into the sky, while Mike is holding on for dear life and trying not to spill his beer at the same time. We go in to pick up the Chali and end up grabbing the para. I swear I start hearing the Benny Hill chase music in the background about now. I eventually get the Chali out of there, while the para and ptera are in hot pursuit. Luckily, the bronto calms down at least. The para loses interest when it gets to the beach, and the angry ptera just disappears at one point. Blah! So I move the para back by the wooden base, and figure I owe the owner mats and a new ptera if they log back in.
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    Finished the store room in the Fort I'm rebuilding on Valguero. Spent some time hunting for Deino eggs, 79 being the highest. Not sure why I can't find any decent eggs, so many 8s and 13s. Then just went exploring, found the base of the other person who has joined my server and left them a box with some goodies to welcome them in. More exploring on the Argy, found, fought and killed an alpha rex for the xp. That was a slog on my bird, doesn't have great melee Eventually scooped up an event parasaur and anky, dropped them in my Fort and knocked them out to tame. Didn't need the para but was a cool colour. Then started incubating the Deino eggs but had to come off before they hatched.
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    What you're seeing is an error in the JS for the Mod Contest Countdown timer script. Nothing at all to do with the new 'mystery' countdown banner I put up. But thanks for pointing that out, i'll let Josh know he needs to fix it
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    Nice to get back on and chill on Valguero after a long week at work. Decided thatbI was feeling left out with everyone on the server getting Deinonychus so I preped up a horse and went out to the white cliffs for a nosey. Had a few close scares, especially raptors which seem to have mastered the art of dismounting instantly. After a few attempts I got my self 1 level 60 and 2 level 20 eggs, pretty useless but alright for a first try. Decided to hatch the eggs anyway to see what popped out. Nothing spectacular obviously but maybe I can breed the lowely 20 female with d1nks 135 male. When I went out hunting for meat for the Deinonychus, I spotted a male 135 allo not far from our base, it must have wandered across from the white cliffs, so I preped up the narco arrows and crossbows, and got d1nks stone taming raft into position. The allo was distracted by trikes and turtles so I started to pelt it with arrows. At which point the allos female companion which I had missed sneaked up behind me. I tried my best to outrun it to lure it into the taming raft but apparantly 150% movement speed isnt enough to out run the allo. So I respawned, got my gear back and then successfully trapped the level 95 allo in the trap. Downed it and moved it off shore so it was safe to tame up, and fed it some mutton left over in our preserving bins. Restocked on narcotics, repaired the crossbow and moved my wooden taming raft into position. Successfully trapped the 135 on the first go, and rushed to down it before it destroyed anything, didnt want to rebuild that raft. Tamed it up with any problems. Now just need to start breeding those two together and we have ourselves good tames that can defend themselves. D1nk just needs to make the saddles and I am not high enough for that yet.
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    Now that the XBOX bug is fixed where my Valguero data is no longer deleted, I've been having fun and exploring. I found a lovely spot in the White Cliffs to make my base - 68.3, 68.6. A small plateau by the beach cliffs, complete with a small waterfall and pond stocked with fish. It does occasionally have some Raptors and Allosaurus spawn there, but not often. I admit I'm cheating with this one and force-tamed several Deinonychus, as well as hatched some level 145 eggs. I also have a lvl 217 Tek Rex and level 204 Dire Bear. It started off just a couple Deinonychus, but then I worry that something will spawn in and hurt them, so I grabbed more for better defense. I'm mostly spending the time exploring the map and finding all the neat little spots that aren't noted on the gamepedia wiki explorer map. Waterfalls, ponds, neat scenic spots, good base locations. I'm writing down the GPS coordinates for my own use, might post them somewhere. I plan on eventually building the base up, but so far I just have some storage, a couple bedrolls and store my critters. Loving the map so far. Some areas are definitely incomplete, but it's refreshingly different from the other maps and I'm constantly finding new little spots.
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    Yea, believe it or not its fun progressing through the game, beating bosses, breeding lines and not having the slightest worry about meshing or duped chocolates and meks, you may not like pve but it will always have alot less bullpoop going on than pvp, unlike you i play for fun and enjoyment rather than egotistical reasons, grow up
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    Got back into Valg. I had arrows made from the night before and I wanted to get a tame going finally. Been taking it slow enioying Bob life. There was a nice red Trike near me, kited it into my makeshift trap. As i was tranqing it. 135 trike came over and got stuck in my trap walls - decided to KO it instead. It took chase away when low and i knocked it out on the shore line. Went around gathering berries like mad to keep it out and went to the bathroom right before it tamed. When i got back it got eaten by a shark .. mustve poked itsself onto the shore or something.. A little bummed I start making a raft. Made a mobile taming pen and went exploring a bit. Trying to find a server mates base I died a few times when I ventured into Redwoods then after a long body recovery got back to my raft and spotted a 135 Stego. Got it in my trap and knocked it out (after having to club.it ran out of arrows lol) This time I wasnt taking any chances and rammed my boat up to shore to watch it tame. Finally, Stego tamed and saddled, did a small berry run then packed up my.base (left the trap unlocked for future noob use) and went down the coast to where I thought Saltires base was. Ended up finding it like 5 minutes later, forced myself into tribe and checked out the boats. Nice home base boat, bred up an Equus and while waiting for imprints did a stone run, then just explored a bit. Got two imprints and logged for the night. Ill get up to the base today and start building
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    Wildcard barely regulates official servers.
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    Been a few weeks since ive posted! The whole TEK Cave mess up was weighing on me, I was still playing but mostly preparing for Valguero. Just couldnt muster the will to post my dailies since they were mostly just breeding colour lines, taming random things and just base tear down. Ill run down the few weeks randomly We had our plan, going totally no fliers, I had Ravagers I was combining to start with and we banged out our Thyla line. I caught a new 150 with higher melee so I had to combine it to all 3 of our colour lines. Saltire tamed quite a few event Ravagers so I was making lines of them with my good stats. Two of my real life buddies joined the cluster but were playing on other servers as their main. One came over to Rag to grab something from me and I just tribed him to make it easier. He was hanging out with me all week also preparing for Valg. I let him get some of our breeding lines and I figure he will probably stay in the tribe or join us on another server (Probably not Valg but we will see - he doesnt want to go no fliers and I dont want to risk cross contamination of our challenge playthrough) He's probably the most alike me for playstyle, more grind centric than I am and ive been tribed with him for years, he was also in my first tribes when I joined the cluster long ago. Anyways, the owner decided to put a 3 week no item/dino transfer so our main lines arent of any use yet - they will still be a good boost later though. We are still starting fresh and still going no fliers though! Spawned at the main lakes spawn. Spent awhile exploring the small area I was in and a lot more time than id like to admit trying to kill my first few phomia for some hide. Those tall bushes are a pain! I later figured out they have a whacky hitbox for farming and I was able to get my first shack / supplies going. Went exploring around trying to find signs of AngrySaltire but really didnt make it far. Set up a small shack once i got some hide going. Built a drop box taming pen out of wood close to my base and was trying to get this 102 Tek Steggo into it. Success! This will be a great starter tame. Started pelting it with rocks from the slingshot. Kept having to repair it, 120 rocks later a wild steggo was near and aggro'd to me, like a huge spikey ninja. I was dead in two hits. I respawned trying to lure it away and ended up getting killed, the steggo in the trap broke free and they tag teamed my shack, destroying my bed and boxes plus most of my house. Almost foundation wiped by some steggos, love it. Built back up, re-trapped the 102 tek steggo and went back to pelting with rocks. It was fleeing, almost knocked out aaannd... I killed it. Damn. Went to grind up a forge, mortar and made some sparkpowder to level up to 25. Got some narcotic and arrows, ill get my tame tonight.
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    I fear for the captain's safety. I smell a mutiny!
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    I spent time grinding for trap building stuff this morning.. gathered carrots from the farm near 50/50. Created an argy trap and a 2x2 drop trap for anky and doed. Got 2x 145 breeding pairs of anky and argy and a 135 doed. Tamed a parasaur to gather narco berries only because it was right there outside my base. A lystro because i love my little cheerleader. Flew around a lot of the map looking for my starter rexes and a nice pack of allo's. Found some great levels but didn't bring trap on scout mission. Found a cave I saw a reference to on a video a couple of days ago mentioning artifact locations. I think it was nooblets if anyone else wants to find artifacts and feels like checking it out. @d1nk do you want a list of cave co ords for your Val thread most of them are in the vid I saw I can note them all down for you if needed. There were no threats it has an an artifact at approx 33/50 and 3 loot drops a red, blue and yellow. For those who want some quick loot. Sorry I didn't have GPS with me I just remembered the location when I saw the surrounding area at entrance. I will be running it non stop tomorrow to hopefully get some great gear. Managed some pretty good gear so far from normal drops. Still yet to actually explore White cliffs, I've skirted the beach so far. I have seen loads of new Dino's around green ob and tundra area so not needed to explore that far yet. I'm surprised how many beavers are on this map. All in all I feel like today was productive.
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    Had a mod-mismatch when trying to get to my regular servers, so I hopped in my SP Extinction game to pass the time. I already had a small stone base near a transmitter, so I decided metal would be needed going forward. Using the pick on the river rocks isn't too bad, but I decided an Anky sure would come in handy, so I began gathering stuff to tame one. I downed a level 30 and left my tek Parasaur by it, so it'd be easier to find. Meanwhile, I started taming some dodos. Everything was going well, and taming was around 90% on the Anky before two Defense Units decided to spoil it. I saw the damage numbers in the distance but wasn't able to get back in time to help. Both the Anky and my tek Parasaur were slain. I haven't spent much time on Extinction, so I wasn't sure about the dynamic with the robot guardians, and I'm still not sure exactly how things work. But anyway, I decided to attack the Defense Units and managed to drop one before joining my dinos in Ark heaven. A bit later, I went to kill a dilo for some hide, got attacked by insects before reaching him, and I'm guessing my attacking them somehow triggered an Enforcer. Maybe a scout was around? Trip to Ark heaven number two. After that, I decided I'd be a bit smarter when taming another Anky, a level 90 this time, and made a trap. Got the Anky in there and almost ran out of arrows knocking it out, but it finally dropped. Taming was again around 90%, when I ran into my base for like thirty seconds. Come back out, and a spider had dropped in from above and was biting my tame. Arrgh! So I managed to kill the spider, and decided that I didn't feel like waiting for the Anky to wake up. Forty-seven percent taming effectiveness, FTW! After that, I got in a groove. I went to the snow area on my Ptera, set up a trap, and after one wipe of owls managed to find a 145. I'm pretty sure that one closed the doors of the trap on itself, too, it was so easy to get it in there. Back at base, my owl horked up a bunch of pellets and we went off to the Aberration area. It's really cool how they set that area up. Anyway, I tamed three Gachas. I'm using the Dino Storage V2 mod, so I was able to bring them all back to base. No element ones, but got ones with black pearls, regular pearls, organic polymer, and obsidian. So overall not too bad. Before taking a break, I decided I needed a Doed so I could get stone for the Gachas. We flew into the Scorched Earth area and managed to find a 105 Doed after a minute. I dropped him, after running all over the place and fending off the occasional scorpion. (Note to self: I have the pieces for a trap, maybe bring it next time!) I build a wall around him, while he starved a bit, fought off one of those Velas that was a little too close. Owie! Owie! Owie! And he eventually tamed up. So after returning to base, we went on a quick stone run and that's where things are at.
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    Saturday - Played on valguero for a bit hubby settled us in a cave behind the green ob. Quite small but it's a start, was very surprised to see the new Dino living so close to green ob we grabbed 4x145 eggs so close to base. I'm just having fun exploring the map so far. There really is a lot to see. Feel bad for those who are still having issues with the launch of win10 servers, glad I chose to play single player for my initial exploration. Don't think I will be playing the map on servers for a long while as I intend to complete the island and move on to each map ascending each time. Spent a few hours teaching brother in law how to tame and build so now leaving him to it.
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    Explored around the green ob on Valguero on foot for a bit. Saved once or twice by my trusty dilo companion. Tames a couple of pteras but then spotted a 74 Argy. Figured it was a good enough level to go for to get me mobile around the map. Once it tamed up I hopped on, loaded up some gear and took off for pastures new. I ended up in the ruined Fort near the Deinonychus spawn region in the south east. I'm going to plug the holes in the walls and make it my next home
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    Double prime meat for Oz tonight, after he killed and ate a raider while I was stripped and unconscious on the floor. Further attacks are anticipated.
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    You are what is wrong with the gaming community
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    I suggest you find yourself a nice unofficial server where this is not a problem. On our cluster for example, there is no decay timer and people can be away for months at a time without any issue.
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