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  1. Happy birthday ARK but this is the worst birthday party ever. Entire post is about past, not a single mention about what future is bringing. Why you didnt activate some new event with colors to celebrate birthday? by new i mean just re-activate old event like u were doing for past 3 years? 2019 is the worst ARK year. Even u listed that there used to be 3 events and new dinos in month of june and this year absolutely nothing and content is at the moment needed more then ever.
  2. all june events skipped this year / lack of content In the past years we had 3 different events in this month, Anniversary, ARKaeology and Extinction Chronicles. Events we had this years were all very much alike, green, red, pink colors were all part of events this year 2 or 3 times. Yet some colors were not part of any event. I feel like the game is dying. There is not much left to do, on officials everything is already breeded to 300+ lvl, farming and boss dinos highly mutated in hp/dmg. Bases are fully upgraded to TEK. There is no more goals left in the game. Game is starving for content and there are simple and quick solutions devs can do to keep us busy/entertained while they work on bigger things (mby new dlc, new dinos or a map) For example just make some of unbreadable dinos bredeable, just relase event with new colors so that we can breed new things.
  3. at what time exactly is auto-decay being turned back on?
  4. Id just like to say that some colors are forgotten in events and i wish u guys balance that. Purple dinos were last time in game over a year ago in Extinction Chronicles event, and since extinction is relased that means this year there will be no purple color, and red we had already 3 times this year, aswell as green..
  5. this is critical. tames take longer to tame and breed then building a base yet tames will starve and base will survive empty
  6. I don't understand why did u mark this post as [SOLVED] when nothing is solved. Not using colors because it casuses game to stop using CPU is not solution. Its something thats needs to get SOLVED for real. It needs to get fixed by the devs not by us removing paint. But I honestly doubt this has anything to do with paint anyway. game for some reason using only 30% cpu and running at 7 fps couple of minutes later, same spot in base, game is suddenly using 50% cpu and runs at 25 fps
  7. So paint is causing game to stop using cpu how it should sometimes? Normally my cpu usage is 85% and fps in worst spot in base 22, then something causes it too drop to 7 fps and cpu usage is 65. I tested this by literaly going afk , moved game to secondary motitor, started browsing, looked on another monitor and saw it dropped, i did this 10 times trying to figure out what is causing it but couldnt figure it out. Base is painted a lot, i would need 2k soap at least to remove it all.......
  8. And here we are, entire month has passed since valentines update brought this issue into the game and still nobody talks about this problem. The problem seems to be CPU related. There is something that causes game to stop using CPU entirely and its stuck at ~ 65%, exiting and reconnecting does not fix it. However closing game entirely does fix it.
  9. Disappointed that there is no purple color as part of this event. Not a single event has purple color appart from that one when exctinction was releasing, which will not happen again. While red and white were part of event 45 days ago..... I think you guys should distribute colors so that there is repeatable event for each color.
  10. Not having any of this things is ruining the game for me. Guess its kinda my / my tribes fault for building in the city in the first place, but I still think it's boring and should be changed. I miss night, I miss fog, and rain, thunders, sunsets and sunrises..... I wonder if anyone else feels the same and if there is a chance that dev's change this?
  11. I love kibble rework because it will save us some slots in tribe, and at the same time I don't like it because so many dinos will be pointless to tame now. Basically this will reduce what we need to do in game. Normally I like new tasks, new content, this will do completely opposite. This is replacing taming different dinos with boring farming of red sap, mejos and other ingredients, taming low things isn't too fun either but it is little bit more fun then farming. Cryos were all we really needed to deal with kibble farms. I like structure+, but I don't expect it soon. Not everything thats listed here. Knowing WC, half of listed things will get postponed up to a year from now.
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