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  1. Corrupt dinos kiting is a huge problem in PvE where we have to set up defenses like in PvP with several layers of behemoth gates with plant X and velona turrets at each layer or have someone stay behind at base 24/7 with Giga and Mana ready to fight. They kite 2-3 wyverns or bring gigas and reapers in the city (sanctuary) and do wipes and then loot bases that can't be defended. We try to fight together to keep each other safe and report, but they just get away scott free for more than 2 weeks now. A lot of people left the server already.
  2. Tried to join the extinction server for 45mim before I somehow got in. Snakes killed everything and eating half the wooden house. Remade a stone house and started to make dino gates with hatchet because I can't afford to tame a gacha or doedi... Only made 3 gate after finishing the small stone shack before logging off because 2 reroll happened in the mean time, having to rebuild every time... My 4h of game time ran out... Tamed 3 dodos 5 dilos and a ptera while farming... Looking out for a trike, but no luck.
  3. Hey, my names Uplinkk, I think I used to play ark with you? the tribe was called iron of kibble or something along those lines... is it you?


    my steam for help remembering - https://steamcommunity.com/id/Uplinkk/

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    2. Uplinkk


      I do believe i left it... i'm sorry haha


    3. Uplinkk


      can I have an invite again, please ?

    4. Paroxyde
  4. If you buy a PC and Ark+season pass on steam now, you'll be able to play with us.
  5. I believe the metalic thing you refer as the beacon equivalent should be the new orbital supply drop shown gameplay at the twitchcon breakfast event. Anyway, they are gonna reveal more stuff tomorrow depending on the milestones set for the extra life stream. I'll probably watch it the full 24h while chilling on ark in split screen.
  6. Where did you find that? I was looking for it for a while and the that twitter post was the best I found.
  7. I thought you might like these photos. The weapon OWW is refering might be the jaeger looking mecha. And from what google translate say with this: https://game.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1145441.html I'd say it's piloted like a jaeger, with someone controlling parts of it while others control the rest. One part is enough for the Titans, all part combined for the King Titan (Kaiju).
  8. Did you factor in summer time? Some country does it, some doesn't... Don't know if any of them does it...
  9. Here are some short answers: -They can't give back ascensions, so, at most you will get 100. However, the case is handled by mods individually and does not have a strict guideline. I've heard of mods kind enough to cheat through ascension to give it back. But also mods refusing to give any level back. Though, I've never heard anything about tek engrams. You probably will have to get them back yourself, but it doesn't hurt to try and ask kindly. -Achievement are stored locally, all achievement stay unless you change computer. -Imprints are lost. They can't do anything about it. But they sometimes (depends on the mod) offer replacements for lost dinos, but with random stats. But I guess you can raise a new batch.
  10. I  sent again this

    Solo Tribe Issue
    Registered Email Address:
    Which server are you experiencing the issue on?
    What is your tribe name?
    Survivor Name:
    Dino Name(s):
    Espania.El Matador,Ginaf,WilliamG and more...
    Item Name(s):
    Hemy5000 Base
    Which platform are you experiencing the issue on?
    Game Mode:
    ARK: Survival Evolved - PvE
    Time of Issue (Date and time in PST):
    2018-07-16 time 1pm
    Ragnarock Highland E
    Steam ID / Gamertag / PSN
    Operating System:
    Windows 10 (64-Bit)
  11. I send this do you think will be much better?

    Steam ID / Gamertag / PSN
    Which server are you experiencing the issue on?
    1. Paroxyde


      Yes, also file it in tribe category. 

    2. Paroxyde


      Wait, are you using the bug report or the ticket submission?? 

  12. Like many days before and many days to come until Extinction : sleeping in a tek sleeping pod.
  13. No need for mods, they confirmed that they are tamable (at least the one in the trailer).
  14. reached the max number of post in 1 day? but that was it! thank you!!!!! Im on pc and the auto updates were off!

  15. I cannot speak for WC but here is my vision of things, call me a white knight if you want. Why charge for 20$? Money. Since when the gaming industry is a charity and profit is forbidden? Main game doesn't generate enough revenue to pay employees: DLC or new game. Are you going to charge for future DLCs? Yes, very likely, but it will be as a supporting gesture like now. Mods that add all the dinos and engram on the core game are already here. Look for the Scorched Earth Tabula Rasa mod. And honestly the official servers population is rather small compared to the unofficial one. How much longer for an official release? It's planned for this December, no idea if the deadline can be met.
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