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  1. bronxxx

    Transmitter question

    k thx for info
  2. bronxxx

    Transmitter question

    oh this was meaned for pve.. but if you mean pvp, well this sounds a bad thing
  3. bronxxx

    Transmitter question

    Hi Guys, is it possible for other non-tribe people to use my Transmitter? Like coming form an other server and transfering items directly in my base. kind regards
  4. thx for info. Just wasted artefacts today to clear the Obelisk after warning that ppl.
  5. Will the offlilne protected dinos die when the boss fight is lost ?
  6. Hi guys, who knows what will happen with other player's dinos (offline protection), which are standing on the Obelisk platform, toegether with my rexes when starting a Boss fight ? As far as i know they will also get transfered into the boss arena as far as the dino is allowed to enter (no flyers etc). Or will offline-protection Dinos be excluded from the transfer ? Any info on that would be very helpfull, thx.
  7. bronxxx

    Fighting Iceworms

    Best thing I could suggest is to craft several Flak armor pieces and switch them when the old one is going to be destroyed. take like 50 hp potions and you should be fine.
  8. bronxxx

    Provide option to NOT open explorer note popup

    +1 on that. The ESC key is fastest solution, however it still will show up for short time.
  9. bronxxx

    pve Rex stats for boss killing

    Some part of info i can give. - Of course rex saddles work even when not mounted. - Yuty stats are not important as far as I can say. That only means that Stamina for the buff is needed but is easy achived by putting just small points into stam as stam stat raises fast. Rest goes into HP. Dependend on the boss you will try to stay away from dmg with yutty and just giving the buff, as if yuty dies also the 25% bonus will be gone and is not worth risking small extra dmg attacking with yuty. = push some stam, rest into HP to stay alive for buff. - For the Rexes i suggest using dododex and checking the points of the stats. Everything above 50 points should be fine. 60 points are nice. As far as I know dmg 414 is max as a base stat which is about 63 points into dmg.
  10. bronxxx

    New "fog"?

    I compared this to my main pc and brothers pc, mine has good gpu and is set on all epic, while the low settings on brothers pc is showing alot of fog. Didnt tested on every single setting.
  11. bronxxx

    Best spot for finding Ovis?

    Always bring like 6 Sweet Vergetables with you, so you can tame more at once as they often spawn in flock
  12. bronxxx

    Therizin bug? can t farm Fibre official pvp

    Maybe it depends on the Map, at least on Ragnarok the Fiber farming is very very low compared to Scorched Earth legacy server for what I noticed.
  13. bronxxx

    New "fog"?

    What I noticed was that on high settings this fog is not visible, only on low settings.
  14. bronxxx

    Servers Not Pillared?

    Everyone wants to reserve a location for further building, by now the only way to do that is placing pillars. However some people are placing pillars just everywhere - hopefully this gets limited soon.