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  1. Estemmenosuchus

    Tame cap

    I know im preaching tto the choir but are there any plans to release new servers?
  2. any chance that this could be turned into a x3 event like there was a month ago?
  3. Estemmenosuchus

    Making the hyaenodon more relevant

    They could be used to kill mobs in swamp cave with breeding and Good saddles
  4. Estemmenosuchus

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

  5. Estemmenosuchus

    Titan vs Fire Wyvern

    Just go after one with a high dog lighting wyvern
  6. Estemmenosuchus

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    I say it as meh joe berry
  7. Estemmenosuchus


    Gather resources to get boss Rex eggs then raise em during breeding event
  8. Estemmenosuchus


    Aberration is good for pearls anglers can collect a lot at once
  9. Estemmenosuchus

    Why buy Scorched Earth if Ragnarok is free?

    Phoenix is really the only thing that is exclusive to se
  10. Estemmenosuchus

    Aberrant dinos dying for radiation, why?

    Yeah but mushrooms brews suck only last 2 mins
  11. Estemmenosuchus

    How to get much oil in aberration in early game ?

    Try killing killing trilobites during event
  12. Estemmenosuchus

    Taming a Titanboa

    Best to use wyvern eggs or drake eggs as they are readily available
  13. Estemmenosuchus

    What dinos are these?

    looks like there could be a terror bird or pelagornis in the background
  14. any word on a breeding event havent been able to get many coloured dinos due to this
  15. Estemmenosuchus

    Alpha Carno matchup

    Going it alone against it with a prim saddle will get u killed id say try and hit drops and find a better quality saddle for ur allo or tame a decent rex