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  1. X4 Event? Is this a mistake or intended? https://imgur.com/a/oB8iEoD
  2. New Update Despawns tamed Titans Tamed the Ice titan on 469 extinction, newest update just despawned it.. nice
  3. trying to put down tek generator in base but says its blocked by enemy foundation or gate despite me being able to put down stone, wood structures in my base fine,
  4. look at that beautiful 1500 ping
  5. 494 has gone offline completely
  6. Our server isn't crashing but the server ping is 255 all the time
  7. they used to spawn all the time but now I hardily see any, have they stopped spawning
  8. Your right about legacy but legacy is gonna be shut down sooner rather than later so you are also buggered
  9. Im trying to transfer out of a server but when I select join a server, it doesn't work
  10. I know im preaching tto the choir but are there any plans to release new servers?
  11. any chance that this could be turned into a x3 event like there was a month ago?
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